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  1. the series ends but doesn't end? any idea if the producers are going to pick the series back up?
  2. i never owned a single manga until just last year.
  3. i heard that CN updated their schedule and the new season of Megas XLR is going to debut on October 16th!
  4. HK is Hong Kong, basically some companies in hong kong grab entire anime dvd series, make direct copies of all the dvds (minus the special features usually) and then burn the entire series on about 2-4 discs or more and sell it for about $20-$30. the quality sometimes isn't as good, but mostly its pretty damn similar at a fraction of the price. hell, half the stuff on ebay are HK dvds. Orphen DVDs 1-6 are all on sale for $4.99 a piece at rightstuf until thursday! we just ordered all six. heres a link to dvd #2 if you're interested:
  5. thanks, I just added it to the list.
  6. Movies/OVAs Vampire Hunter D (HK) Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust Yu Yu Hakusho: Poltergeist Report Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz Battle Angel Inu Yasha movie 1 Inu Yasha movies 1 & 2 (HK) Ninja Scroll (Tape) Totoro Escaflowne the movie (HK) Cowboy Bebop movie (HK) Weis Kruz OVA (HK) Neon Genesis Evangelion movie (HK) Series: Speed Racer * Cowboy Bebop (HK) Dragon Ball GT ^ Slayers Slayers NEXT Fushigi Yugi (HK) DBZ (Tape *) Ronin Warriors (Tape *) Gundam Wing Outlaw Star Gasaraki Trigun (HK) GTO * (Will have the rest once the next boxset comes out) Yu Yu Hakusho (HK *) Inu Yasha (HK *) Weis Kruez (HK) Full Metal Panic (HK) Escaflowne (HK) Neon Genesis Evangelion (HK) Fruits Basket (HK) I think thats everything.. if I forgot some we'll add them later.
  7. and to think there are no weeds in those pics. if anything we should prune some of those plants.
  8. the kids from totoro... they were cute in a frightening way.
  9. yes. i was dissapointed in that as well. i hoped to at least see a still frame of kirby looking happy. \
  10. thats a good story. gotta love kuwabara, hes a great character.
  11. i checked CN's schedule and it shows season 2 episode titles starting Saturday, September 11th with: Ultra-Chicks and Sep. 18th with: Return hopefully this schedule won't change, we all know how CN likes to screw everyone over.
  12. i dunno.. but if they don't make anymore eps, i wouldn't mind having this great series as a reminder of how they could have had a franchise. \
  13. aww... i thought it was good.
  14. i feel sorry for kagome.
  15. miroku, sango and kagome. *gasp*
  16. yep, puts even me to sleep. thats what happened to lady too! X'D
  17. lady beat grandia extreme.. i was dissapointed in this game. the voice acting was horrible and the plot sucked balls. if at the end of the game, the characters have to repeat the events of the game because even they are confused, then that game sucked. and thus grandia extreme.
  18. yes! krillin would own! X'D but out of the two listed.. i'd probably say Hiei, because yu yu hakusho isn't over yet and you know hes going to be much stronger by the end of the series.
  19. umm... i dunno about that. i wonder if the deca force sword will get stronger as the series progresses.
  20. i don't know the last two. ;
  21. did you know that FFX-2 has a new game+ option? you can carry over all your stuff to the new game, dress spheres and all.
  22. you really need to put time into that game to accumulate all the attacks. *remembers the long hours myself*
  23. i remember playing some old kings quest games for ridiculous hours just to talk to every single person and click on every single item and combination of items and how many ways i could get myself killed... i was lonely. \
  24. Lina all the way! But I think this picture shows off her hair better.
  25. my old games of FF6 and FF7 toppled over 99 hours of game play and stopped.