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  1. just a heads up for everyone, Samurai Champloo will be on this Saturday at 11:30 pm EDT!
  2. *revives old topic* i saw a commercial for this for the upcoming Adult Swim lineup.. holy crap. the animation quality and action looked amazing!
  3. be sure to check it out! its pretty good.
  4. "What are you doing!?" "You know those bubbles you sometimes see on your eyes.. well I see a couple of em right now and they're goin' everywhere." and the drunk teacher kills me! X'D
  5. i like zoro's voice too.. and nami's grows on you after a while too.. but Usop's english voice.. my god. good news! they'll be releasing all the One Piece dvds, uncut.
  6. it won't be that bad, although it feels like they are editing out more adult language.. and i remember the first time i heard the english opening.. X'D i love the next couple episodes. luffy is freakin hilarious! X'D on a side note.. the amount of episodes i've seen on saturdays should mean they won't have to repeat any episodes on the saturday night block for at least 4-6 months.
  7. CN has the broadcasting rights.. i think viz is going to do the dubbing.
  8. *turns super saiyan and breaks all of DX's scouters* daha!
  9. X'D i wonder how much is actually edited out tho..
  10. i'd love to see a Bleach RPG. its one of my favorite animes right now. Off Topic: btw, lady added some bleach avatars today.
  11. i like how the series' intro opens: i looked up some info about one piece and its one of the biggest animes in japan.. over a hundred episodes, 5 or more movies.. massive manga. ^___^ i still don't know why they translate the letter R into an L tho.. Zoro is Zolo in the series just like Kirara is Kilala in the english version.. now kilala is one thing, but the name Zoro is significant. ;
  12. X'D heres the FAQ example for anyone interested: Go to register an account (use your real email), log in and when you see a pic you want to add, right click it, click properties, then highlight the Address (URL) and right click the highlighted part, click copy.. then follow the instruction as per the link above, or click the "Insert Image" button when making a reply and paste the url in it and the forum will do the code for you.
  13. is it over??? the episode last weekend showed coop destroying the main glorf ship. is that it then? i'd hate to see the series end that quick. \
  14. i don't know why the hell they moved megas to miguzi. they are setting it up for cancellation just because its only 12 episodes.. by airing it daily, within 2 1/2 weeks the series will go into repeats.. the ratings will probably drop after that.. then.. guh, i hate CN. they better not screw over Megas. yay for the new episode tho!
  15. and now that helios has met up with starbuck, are they going to escape with caprica's pregnant boomer? and adama! holy crap i was not expecting that! but with the president in the brig, apollo in handcuffs, and starbuck on caprica, who is going to take command!? i'm guessing it'll have to be apollo..
  16. lady knows who it is but won't tell me. \ season 6 stuff..
  17. is it just me or is the rave-alution (sp?) and explosion attacks pointless? i don't see how they do any damage to an enemy.
  18. bloodlust was excellent! although the ending was a bit odd..
  19. that would be hilarious! X'D
  20. the creepy thing is.. he'd probably give commands to soldiers while tapping one of the girls. *with what they've shown already, i could see this happening* lol.. what a difference that would be from the old baltar and his rainbow bright sidekick. X'D
  21. classic baltar! X'D its shocking to see baltar get so much sex in the new series, because whenever i hear that name, i imagine that picture you posted. X'D instead of a super high chair, he'll probably have a haram.
  22. part 1 of the season finale will be on next weekend. a cylon Base Star! holy crap, we're going to see some action!
  23. yes, what the hell is wrong with them.. they have a cheif of security for a reason. he knows security. and how "vital" is tayla to the team? come on, theres no excuse to not listen to your own chief of security when it comes to matters like this. who watched atlantis? that one scientist died in the satelitte.. i was not expecting that.. do you think the season finales of sg1 and atlantis are going to connect? i have a feeling that zpm from the past is going to make its way to atlantis thru the stargate (or aboard the prometheus) to activate their shields and defenses.
  24. i'll help her of course.. (unfortunately helping involves me shoveling for about 10 minutes, collapsing into an allergy attack and then landing on the dirt i was upturning, thus screwing up my shoveling work and then putting lady's back out by having her help me back to the house..) i suck. ;_; aside from the allergy and asthma problem i think i'll be able to do more work in the garden this year. *plans to stay away from lettuce and plant more peppers*