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  1. Sledgstone

    4kids editing

    just finished watching all the arlong park battles.. the editing job they did on that was worse than i thought.. i think a 1/4 of luffy's fight was omitted. i suppose i should actually rename this topic from 4kids editing to Toei editing seeing as how the edited dvds coming out actually have toei's name all over them. i thought 4kids had the full license, but for some reason toei must have had it first and made the edited version.. but if thats the case, then what the hell is up with the edited version only dvd crap? i was under the impression 4kids was releasing all their properties in a unedited version like funi did with yu yu hakusho.. but if toei is releasing the dvds instead, then i suppose unedited one piece dvds will never come out.
  2. Sledgstone

    Ronin Warriors

    I always thought Dais's armor was freakin sweet.. thus he made it into the original header for the forums. Classic AC theme can't be beat.
  3. Sledgstone

    Ronin Warriors

    i never watched ronin warriors on toonami, the original airings were on fox i think.. it aired around the same time frame as sailor moon. i remember watching mystery science theater 3000, then ronin warriors, then sailormoon everyday that summer.. (i can't remember if the shows were in that order tho.)
  4. Sledgstone

    Ronin Warriors

    i need to buy this series on dvd. i always had plans to make a site for it and everything. *relishes in my ronin warrior fan days* the first sigs i ever used on AC were Ronin Warrior ones. all the admins back then had the custom rank: "Dark Warlord" Anubis was my favorite.
  5. Sledgstone

    4kids editing

    Zoro is definitely spelled Zoro in the anime (as per my sig) and Luffy is spelled Luffy on the wanted posters. the translators need to get their stuff together.. this reminds me of inuyasha.. in the english dub, Kirara is Kilala and in one episode they come across another cat demon that looks just like her.. amazingly enough, this new cat's name is Kiroro in english.. you'd think if they were going to translate R's into L's they'd at least stick to it. thanks eva and kuwabara! i took a bunch of screenshots from movie 5 and pieced all the images together.
  6. Sledgstone

    4kids editing

    mwhaha! now my sig reflects the truth! its even spelled Zoro in the anime. *curses 4kids*
  7. Sledgstone

    One Piece episodes (Cartoon Network)

    Now that Usopp has joined the crew, where is Luffy and the gang headed to now? Please use this topic to discuss the current episodes airing on CN.
  8. Sledgstone

    4kids editing

    the 4kids theme song for one piece is hilarious, but yeah, it has nothing in common with the actual theme from the show. and the opening scene that goes with the theme was completely chopped up too to go with the 4kids rap.
  9. Sledgstone

    cylon baby

    well there goes my theory.. it looks like she ran off to save her own ass. (edits) damn! i think starbuck is prego with a cylon baby!
  10. Sledgstone

    Saturday morning episodes (4Kids)

    Mr. 5 was flipping his explosive boogers this morning! X'D "You should know better than to mess with a man that picks his nose... *flips booger*"
  11. Sledgstone

    Merry Go

    what trees are growing on the Merry Go? i guess they are namis, but i must have missed the episode where they got them. anyone have any info about them and their significance?
  12. Sledgstone

    One Piece sigs

    your ISPs must be screwing with you.
  13. Sledgstone

    Merry Go

    ah, that makes much more sense now.
  14. Sledgstone

    fushigi yuugi

    i started watching some episodes again today.
  15. Sledgstone

    The Old Man

    adama is going to be pissed. and seriously, you'd think they would have spaced boomer by now. in the first season they had an issue with cylons constantly locating them after jumps and it was because they had a cylon on board..
  16. Sledgstone

    Lt Ford

    yeah, they should let the guy go roaming free. and if they think hes a security risk because he'll divulge the fact that atlantis is still intact, then they might as well stop exploring because they'll walk into the wraith eventually.
  17. Sledgstone

    Merry Go

    the trees that are growing on the merry go... heres some screenshots:
  18. Sledgstone

    Teen Titans

    those are some good points. i wouldn't mind seeing a good starfire saga.
  19. Sledgstone

    outlaw star

    gene's manwhoring cannot be beat! *remembers ep 26*
  20. Sledgstone

    Beautiful Anime Boys

    bubbly naked inuyasha!
  21. Sledgstone

    Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends

    Bloo's facial expressions kill me!
  22. Sledgstone

    cylon baby

    i think boomer's baby will be a unique creature. the powers and possible knowledge of a cylon, but instead of just being an individual like the other bio-cylons, the baby will be completely disconnected from the cylon hive mind, a complete individual. i bet the prego boomer went to get a ship.. starbuck could have probably squeezed helo into her cylon ship, but boomer wants to ensure her and her baby's survival. because boomer has broken away from the other cylons, its just as dangerous for her to remain on capricus. maybe she'll get a nice ass ship she can use as barter for an asylum.
  23. Sledgstone

    Stargate Atlantis & the Daedalus

    that Asgard kills me! X'D hes constintly getting pissed! X'D
  24. Sledgstone

    Stargate Atlantis & the Daedalus

    i'm getting flashbacks of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. it looks like the Daedalus is going to be specifically atlantis's battleship. i wonder how this will advance the series.. more action and battles maybe? or will they use it for more space exploration?
  25. Sledgstone

    Teen Titans

    i was wondering about that too.. these last episodes were great! i wouldn't mind seeing new episodes either, but i'd love for another season to be one ongoing saga with some ultra baddie again.