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  1. the gum-gum is pretty damn nice, but i think i might go for ame-ame (sp?) fruit. water powers/regeneration. i'd never die! but then again.. the power of the fruit el drago ate was pretty nice too.
  2. *edits spoilers out of the title and puts spoilers in tags* i thought more ppl would have seen the movies. ; we watched movies 3 & 4 last night. movie 3 was a little dissapointing compared to movie 2, but it was good nonetheless. oh, and you can see the quality improved nicely for movie 4.
  3. this topic is killin me. X'D
  4. oh, it gets worse.. the dvds will have the "yo ho ho" opening too.
  5. then join the AC Family.
  6. i can almost see that blob from rave master bouncing along with the words. X'D eppy told me there is something called blood in his HK episodes.. alot of blood.. it sounds like 4kids really kiddied the hell out of one piece. i wonder how good their un-cut dvds will be.
  7. i posted pics of my peppers in the photo album! links to pepper pics:
  8. i think i'll pick up the HK at some point.. Yo ho ho! X'D
  9. did anyone else notice how CN/Adult Swim screwed over One Piece fans? last saturday, ten minutes into the second episode, they showed a commercial for next weeks episodes that was completely laced with spoilers. the spoiler/commercial gave away the ending for the episode we were currently watching as well as gave away the entire outcome of next week's eps. wtf.
  10. that opening kills me. X'D
  11. the only things we won't plant in the garden is stuff not suitable for the area, like orange trees. but now that you said that, i don't think i'll plant any chillies.
  12. you have the beginning dvds of the last saga. the feng shui episodes were like Slayers Try to me. they didn't really need to be made. \ the kyoto/shishio battle was definitely the best of the kenshin series. and to me it set the bar. unfortunately no final battles could live up to it. Shougo, the black knights, their fights with kenshin were just not that good. \ and its a shame too because i really liked the black knights saga.
  13. those clematis flowers are quite transparent and very pretty. oh, and so many irises. i'm going to weed my peppers this weekend and maybe mulch them. then i'll post a patheic picture of my little patch.
  14. i've seen a couple eps of DN Angel and it looks promising.
  15. i thought it was pretty odd and didn't cover that much in the first episode. but as long as it doesn't turn into another lain i'll keep watching it tho.
  16. lmao! now thats a weakness! X'D
  17. man.. i need to get justice league on dvd so i can see these eps. Off Topic: yes she is. sizzlin.
  18. we worked most of yesterday in the garden.. lady mowed the entire lawn (tractor is fixed, yay!) and we planted some more plants. a rubarb, cherry tomato, vinca, ferns, mandrake, foxglove and we got a little fuschia. attached is a pic of the fuschia flowers.
  19. New Episodes of Justice League Unlimited start this Saturday! oh sh*t! i need to see some Doomsday vs. Superman action!
  20. i can't wait for the new episodes! *sets reminder timer on AC Calendar*
  21. i haven't seen all the original Justice League eps, but they did Superman vs. Doomsday in the Justice league series!? did superman actually die? *has the last comic and huge book of "Death of Superman"* those comics were amazing.. i remember at least one doomsday episode in justice league unlimited where doomsday escapes the "secret US government agency" and battles superman in an active volcano. at the end superman sends doomsday to the phantom zone.
  22. there are already a couple of doomsday episodes which unfortunately, do not repeat the events that took place in the comics. \ the original justice league episodes were good, but i'm really liking justice league unlimited now. the characters and plots are excellent! i love how they involved the the greek gods into some of the episodes. one of my favorite eps has to be the one that involved a super atomic powered mech ravaging an entire country. supergirl, mr. atom and green arrow took it on. that thing straight up scourched the land with atomic blasts and even presumably killed mr. atom. that was some great action. Booster Gold: *helps old woman cross the street* Old woman: Why thank you Green Lantern. Booster Gold: I'm not... *sigh* You're welcome ma'am.
  23. Mibu's review: s.CRY.ed i saw the commercial and i'm really looking forward to seeing this anime. ^__^
  24. I've heard the same thing, but nothing has been officially stated that I'm aware of. Last I heard was that InuYasha is in the same boat that Berserk is in.. waiting for more manga to be finished before continuing the series. Its been what, 5 years(?) since Berserk season 1 was finished and they're just now talking about season 2 for it. i could see the same being true for inuyasha, but i wouldn't expect anything new outside of another movie or two within the next couple years. *shrug* (EDIT) Whait a sec, this sounds familiar.. *checks* ahh.. (/EDIT)