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  1. i haven't seen all the original Justice League eps, but they did Superman vs. Doomsday in the Justice league series!? did superman actually die? *has the last comic and huge book of "Death of Superman"* those comics were amazing.. i remember at least one doomsday episode in justice league unlimited where doomsday escapes the "secret US government agency" and battles superman in an active volcano. at the end superman sends doomsday to the phantom zone.
  2. there are already a couple of doomsday episodes which unfortunately, do not repeat the events that took place in the comics. \ the original justice league episodes were good, but i'm really liking justice league unlimited now. the characters and plots are excellent! i love how they involved the the greek gods into some of the episodes. one of my favorite eps has to be the one that involved a super atomic powered mech ravaging an entire country. supergirl, mr. atom and green arrow took it on. that thing straight up scourched the land with atomic blasts and even presumably killed mr. atom. that was some great action. Booster Gold: *helps old woman cross the street* Old woman: Why thank you Green Lantern. Booster Gold: I'm not... *sigh* You're welcome ma'am.
  3. Mibu's review: s.CRY.ed i saw the commercial and i'm really looking forward to seeing this anime. ^__^
  4. I've heard the same thing, but nothing has been officially stated that I'm aware of. Last I heard was that InuYasha is in the same boat that Berserk is in.. waiting for more manga to be finished before continuing the series. Its been what, 5 years(?) since Berserk season 1 was finished and they're just now talking about season 2 for it. i could see the same being true for inuyasha, but i wouldn't expect anything new outside of another movie or two within the next couple years. *shrug* (EDIT) Whait a sec, this sounds familiar.. *checks* ahh.. (/EDIT)
  5. lmao, luffy kills me. X'D
  6. i've never seen it but it sounds very interesting.. looks like funimation has the license for it.
  7. ah i see. *refuses to read movie description* btw, does the movie trailer have spoilers?
  8. i don't know much about the plot, but after watching the first episode, i do like the blood and violence. the animation style is pretty unique too. it gave me the impression that the scenes were being filmed instead of animated if that makes much sense.
  9. luffy is so honest about everything.. luffy: "oh, that was me, i knocked him out." zolo: "i hope you have a plan luffy, these guys are about to attack.." luffy: "sure i have a plan hee hee he ha!, *picks up zolo* RUN!" X'D
  10. lol, i actually posted info about the FMA movie back in January. i like those new links tho.. *must finish watching series first*
  11. just a heads up for everyone, Samurai Champloo will be on this Saturday at 11:30 pm EDT!
  12. *revives old topic* i saw a commercial for this for the upcoming Adult Swim lineup.. holy crap. the animation quality and action looked amazing!
  13. be sure to check it out! its pretty good.
  14. "What are you doing!?" "You know those bubbles you sometimes see on your eyes.. well I see a couple of em right now and they're goin' everywhere." and the drunk teacher kills me! X'D
  15. i like zoro's voice too.. and nami's grows on you after a while too.. but Usop's english voice.. my god. good news! they'll be releasing all the One Piece dvds, uncut.
  16. it won't be that bad, although it feels like they are editing out more adult language.. and i remember the first time i heard the english opening.. X'D i love the next couple episodes. luffy is freakin hilarious! X'D on a side note.. the amount of episodes i've seen on saturdays should mean they won't have to repeat any episodes on the saturday night block for at least 4-6 months.
  17. CN has the broadcasting rights.. i think viz is going to do the dubbing.
  18. *turns super saiyan and breaks all of DX's scouters* daha!
  19. X'D i wonder how much is actually edited out tho..
  20. i'd love to see a Bleach RPG. its one of my favorite animes right now. Off Topic: btw, lady added some bleach avatars today.
  21. i like how the series' intro opens: i looked up some info about one piece and its one of the biggest animes in japan.. over a hundred episodes, 5 or more movies.. massive manga. ^___^ i still don't know why they translate the letter R into an L tho.. Zoro is Zolo in the series just like Kirara is Kilala in the english version.. now kilala is one thing, but the name Zoro is significant. ;
  22. X'D heres the FAQ example for anyone interested: Go to register an account (use your real email), log in and when you see a pic you want to add, right click it, click properties, then highlight the Address (URL) and right click the highlighted part, click copy.. then follow the instruction as per the link above, or click the "Insert Image" button when making a reply and paste the url in it and the forum will do the code for you.
  23. is it over??? the episode last weekend showed coop destroying the main glorf ship. is that it then? i'd hate to see the series end that quick. \
  24. i don't know why the hell they moved megas to miguzi. they are setting it up for cancellation just because its only 12 episodes.. by airing it daily, within 2 1/2 weeks the series will go into repeats.. the ratings will probably drop after that.. then.. guh, i hate CN. they better not screw over Megas. yay for the new episode tho!