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  1. i'll have to add that link to the FAQ. X'D
  2. *shrugs* i don't think they'll ever say. that way they'll never run out of baddies with super powers.
  3. flash showed so much power in his speed and vibration attack, he sped his own fists in vibration to the point that it seemingly destroyed the very atoms of the nanomachines. damn! think about it, braniac/luthor absorbed the nanomachines technology that owned the entire justice league and flash took him out all by himself. its about time flash got some recognition on the show!
  4. those things are all true! damn cats! X'D and the brown star is the worst! and i don't know about other cats, but ditto loves to jump up and sit in a chair as soon as you are heading for it. or when you get out of it. you could get up to get a drink and ditto will steal your spot. X'D
  5. I loved this episode! flash owned! and i thought he ran around the block, but he went so damn fast he circled the globe a couple of times. at the end there.. i think he went so fast he broke thru time..
  6. (double posts because i can) way to go sanji! he won that big ass tuna, iron chef style! X'D :chef: Kaga approves!
  7. ben browder and the search for the holy grail. X'D i didn't see that one coming. but i hope vala hooks up with daniel by the end of the season, he needs too release some stress. X'D and holy crap. atlantis was getting pummeled by 12 hive ships! BSG.. very good episode. but we need more coverage of starbuck!
  8. the saturday night episodes on CN are at the krieg saga now. the saturday morning eps are already past the arlong park saga.
  9. good point. (edits post) are these updated trailers?
  10. yeah.. he was pretty pointless. btw, the next time they show hawkeye...
  11. hell yeah! i watched most of it too. i'm really looking forward to the new episodes.
  12. the ultimate bishie, Nuriko from Fushigi Yugi.
  13. *finished watching series* hot damn!
  14. ignorance is still ignorance regardless of age. X'D
  15. *pummels multiple people* i remember your "I'm not Merrin" sig where you spelled Marron wrong! X'D mmmmm...
  16. lmao.. whoops.. i forgot. X'D lady actually took the screenshot of kouga for me. she even adjusted its coloring too.. she put more work into my 4 minute sig than i did!!! X'D
  17. i usually got ideas for sigs from multiple images that looked good together.. then i'd think.. hey, i should edit them and put them all together in a nice image. once you figure out layers and how to crop around images good to change their backgrounds, all kinds of possibilities will open up for you. and once you get the hang of accomplishing certain effects you'll start getting more ideas when you come across good source images. one of my favorite sigs i've made: 3 different images, cropped/edited, 3 different fonts (font effects are simple as hell, a quick click of the mouse button), overlaid ripple effect, at least 9 or 10 layers. quite a bit of work. probably took 10 hours. this one: multiple source images, drastic editing, etc.. took hours upon hours. probably 9 layers. 6ish layers, editing the backgrounds out of all the images is what takes the most time of course.. ichigo here is only 2 layers.. the pic in the back has its background intact and the closer face shot is cropped from another picture (i removed the background, etc.) then i added a border and a font. and now that i'm a lazy bastard, one of my most recent sigs is: i took a screenshot, didn't bother to edit out the background, and the only work i put into it was a 1 pixel border and a simple font. took about 4 minutes. X'D so basically, my advice is, the more work you put into your sigs, the more pleased you'll be with your work. beginners often start by grabbing a single image, cropping it down to size and then put a font on it. once you get the basics of that, start trying to remove the background from a character, and then putting it in the foreground of another pic. once you can accomplish this, you'll see many many more possibilities for sig making. and if you're interested in a particular sig, ask the person how they made it for more pointers.
  18. rotflmao! you're right! X'D now that i saw this link i remembered thinking to myself when i first saw it.. "why the hell did they change his appearance?" i must have missed any reference to his name. lmao, i missed so many episodes of justice league. i really need to get my hands on the dvds or something. btw, what the hell did happen to darkseid? X'D
  19. thank dubie for getting it. she has a couple more hilarious pics too. X'D
  20. the last time they showed Darkside on Justice league it was when he attacked superman with some plant/symbiote thing that attached itself and subdued its hosts to a chronic paralysis. (the plant thing gave its host a perfect world in their own mind as it slowly sucked the life away from its prey). needless to say, they got it off eventually (it jumped from superman to batman) but they were able to smack it on darkside.. and from there i think they transported his body to some ultra defence prison.. and now that darkside is gone, there is a power struggle off in that part of the galaxy to claim his throne.
  21. kaname and tessa are pretty cute too.
  22. the ultimate cuteness: Naga the Serpent! and.. Lina Inverse!
  23. omg, the battles were great! captain marvel vs. superman, superman vs. captain atom. i'm guessing they'll go thru the entire justice lords story line and that would just be awesome. heres a couple ideas i've been thinking about.. does anyone think superman will kill luthor? and, is it just my imagination or was the cadmus woman (i forget her name) completely oblivious to luther's plan to blow up the old cadmus base?
  24. nope. he'll have a lollipop until the uncut dvds come out.. or if you watch the fansubs. btw, mihawk has now entered the scene and what an entrance! one cut with his blade and Krieg's ship was sliced in two! and next weeks ep is pretty damn good.. zoro vs. hawkeye mihawk.
  25. that fight was badass. odoku's insanity is undeniable. the way he attacked inuyasha.. the crazy bastard. sesshomaru and his baby! the cuteness!