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  1. post it in fandom! i'd like to take a peek.
  2. i like it so far, i plan on watching the few other eps we have this weekend.
  3. *merges into existing berserk topic* we've seen all the eps and have all the manga (except for a few volumes) i wish they would release more eps but it doesn't look like they'll ever make another season. btw, the manga really explains what the hell is really happening at the end of the series.
  4. do the new episodes start jan 1st? if so thats only a couple more weeks away. about 3 more eps in fact.
  5. i would love to see another season of berserk made. as good as the manga has sold i don't see why they wouldn't produce more. and after reading some of the manga the ending of the series doesn't look so apocalyptic as it was made out to be. pretty f*ckin harsh and demented but the manga is damn good in showing what happened outside that demonic space and all the stuff that happens after it.
  6. i watched the first episode today and i'm really liking the animation style. i think i'm going to get hooked.
  7. i thought this series was good. but i was a bit dissapointed with the last major battle. i expected to see some good swordplay but instead we kinda got gipped with a couple super moves: overall i liked everything, i think i'll look into the manga if i come across it.
  8. has anyone seen Comic Party Revolution? i was wondering if its a continuation of the series or if its a new series alltogether? btw, how many volumes are in the manga?
  9. eppy put some of this on my harddrive. i still need to watch it and read the manga tho.. so much anime, so little time.
  10. megas is a great parody of everything! i laugh like crazy every saturday night! X'D
  11. thats great!
  12. you just enlightened me. i didn't know any of that.. i need to rewatch the series to see if i can catch anything else i might have overlooked.
  13. does anyone know if the manga has said (or shown) what animal of the zodiac akito is? there is a difference between being humorous and being perverted.
  14. fruits basket is great, although i wish they'd make another season.. (and yes, i am a guy. *grunts and scratches self*)
  15. the series ends with things still left undone.. if they don't make an ova series (which seems likely and if they do, it will be of higher quality than the regular series was) then they'll probably make a string of movies to finish up the story line. either way, i'll be pleased because the quality will be amazing.
  16. welcome to AC, 3PO! hows the third and forth episodes? is it more action or more story driven episodes?
  17. the ani-manga is basically the anime series in screenshots and put in manga form. i'm working on a page about it for windscar, i wish i had more time for these things. \ btw, updated Wind Scar!
  18. the last episode aired, but the manga is still going on. theres also talk of an ova series and movie 4 comes out in december in japan. i meant to post about this on windscar, but i haven't gotten around to it yet.
  19. the S-Force battled tag-team style with coop to save the universe! X'D at one point megas got on top of the s-force mecha and jumped off like he was on the top rope.. elbow drop! rotflmao! X'D
  20. did the meteor come from the sky and blast kyo and kyoshiro in the manga like it did at the beginning of the anime series?
  21. last nights episode was good. are they going to come across any new main characters soon?
  22. same here.. \ btw, any major differences between the manga and the anime?