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  1. Black ops 3 is currently free for PS+ members for PS4 as a promotion for black ops 4: I just claimed it. I'm glad it has a campaign... unlike black ops 4.
  2. I'm buying this on day one. ūüėÉ
  3. The gameplay looks good and the trailer didn't give away much of the plot which is nice. But the graphics look like a bit of a downgrade. Lara looked a bit more realistic in the first 2 games.
  4. Almost as good as Xena and Hercules.
  5. I was tempted to buy a steam controller at one point, but it didn't look comfortable to use. Why was it bad for you? Can those touch pad things emulate mouse movements decently? I bet when they say the VCS will run modern games they probably mean modern mobile games like Clash of Clans and Angry Birds. A base model would have been great. I'd probably still pass on it tho. lol. The only person I knew that owned every Atari game and was a big atari fan was my Uncle Tom and he passed away many years ago. I do think I'll buy a retro pi, case and some decent wireless contollers an make my own retro gaming system. It should cost less than $70 and I could load any game from atari to N64 on it. I would like to buy a SNES Classic tho. I like the look of it and I'd play most of the games on it. If it had Chrono Trigger on there I'd have bought it asap. Super Mario 3 was the cut off for my parents too. The only games they play now are puzzle games. My dad loves playing sudoku.
  6. The only people that will buy this is YouTubers and eBay flippers. There is no way these will be mass produced and the $300 price tag is specifically to target those 2 groups of people. They should have made it a simple atari classic like the NES and Super NES classic and sold it for $80. The only modern games it'll play will most likely only be games that are currently playable on linux via steam. They mentioned no developers for the system and made no announcement about new launch titles. I bet they'll only be on eBay for about $400 soon and we'll never hear of it again like ouya.
  7. I bought a Nvidia Shield yesterday with that 20% off ebay sale. (These random once a month one day ebay coupon flash sales are really really nice.) I'll get the shield delivered sometime tomorrow or monday. I'm looking forward to trying it out and hopefully it'll serve great as a plex server for me. I've been using plex for a while now on my pc and it great, but I really want to have access to all my movies/anime/series to watch in bed without having to have my main pc on acting as a media server. Its also nice, that it fully supports 4k. When I eventually buy a 4k tv, all my 4k streaming needs will already be in place.

  8. ROTFLMAO! I guess I'll lose.
  9. The Disney princess part at the end is great. I loved the first movie.
  10. Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Lauren Cohan (Maggie) will both be leaving TWD next season. Daryl will become the new main protagonist.. I wonder how much of the comic the show will be able to follow with major characters leaving like this.
  11. The housing market is crap around here for what we can afford. -_-; I really really want to move this year. I just hope we can find something before winter.

    1. Sledgstone


      Yeah screw that. I need that internet the day I move in. Its aggravating how the housing market is right now. Everyone thinks that have a golden turd. I've looked at houses that look great in pictures and in person are dilapidated disasters that need major rehab work and are listed 40k more than they should be. The other houses that are listed for the right prices sell so damn quick they're on the market for 2 days to a week tops. There were 2 houses last year that would have worked for us but we hesitated thinking we'd find something better and a year later we're still looking. We won't hesitate again. -_-;

    2. Sledgstone


      I really want to find a house and move at this point just to get it all over with. Its so time consuming looking constantly online and going to a potential house just to find out its a dump.

    3. DeathscytheX


      That seems to be the way it is. You either get privacy or internet. I think I even had a friend that offered to pay for the cables to be ran to his house because it was one of those awkward situations where the street across from him had good internet but his street didn't. They still turned him down. Its pretty amazing how terrible our internet structure still is. And with city codes and what not I bet it's too much of a hassle to go through the process to run cables to a single house just to give someone access to your service.

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  12. I'm glad the behemoths and elite classes are gone. Especially the elite classes. I'm ok with a squad based killstreak, its not that much different than BF4's system of having a commander on the team order a missile strike if we owned C base in conquest. Predictive recoil is much better than random bullet spread. They said we can loot ammo from dead people, I hope that means we can get ammo for out current kit and they removed the option of picking up the enemy's kit. I can't think of anyone that actively loved picking up a random kit and having to adjust their playstyle because they ran out of ammo. And good riddance premium pass!
  13. I'm looking forward to any info that gets revealed. I wont have the time to watch the video live. I hope premium is done for.
  14. The season finale just ended this past monday. I started this series and gave it a couple eps. I almost dropped it, but by the third ep shit started going down and I got sucked into the plot. This was a surprisingly great series with excellent acting. Its so refreshing to see a 1 off series like this. I don't think there is going to be a season 2 and if there is it would probably ruin the experience. This played out like an anime in a sense. It started and finished the entire plot. There was no filler episodes and everything tied in together. I hope this inspires AMC to make more stand alone short series. Hell, I wish more of america tv would follow this direction instead of endless reality shows or drawing out a series so long that it gets canceled without a finale. This show proves its possible for US tv to actually give us a story in a complete season. Well done AMC. I can only compare this to Stephen King mini series, except better. Now I wish all those old Stephen King mini series were actually given the full season treatment like this.
  15. I haven't posted a topic for a humble bundle in quite a while. This topic will be for all future humble bundles like how we keep the ps+ games topic updated. This current bundle looks pretty good: Capcom X Sega bundle for ps4/ps3/vita I'm going to spend the full $15 to get the dead rising games and the valkyria chronicles rpg.
  16. Premium needs to go. After the 1st dlc the only players left are premium players, most of which have no life and decent team balance usually goes out the window. I'd rather see a free map introduced once every month instead of a four map dlc pack with exclusive guns that you need to stay competitive. What i really want is a battlefield game that has the same mechanics as bf4. And screw planes. If the next battlefield game expects ppl to use permanently placed AA guns to take out planes I might not even buy it. I'm that sick of plane bomb spam. Westie says he hates random unavoidable deaths but didn't mention the planes when they are the primary issue imo. Endless explosion bomb spam.
  17. It looks like every other call of duty game to me. Except now it'll have no campaign and focus more on zombies. I'm sure it'll have a battle royal mode to. Meh. I never cared for cod's zombie mode and kill streaks make for cheap game play.
  18. I doubt it'll pass through the house or get signed by Trump. But it is surprising that it passed through the senate. We could get surprised again.
  19. I'm so far behind on vsauce. Hows the youtube red series compared to his regular videos? Are they just as informative?
  20. Smoked some ribs last night and they turned out amazing. :D




  21. This was a much darker marvel movie compared to everything else they've done. At the end of the movie, everyone was quiet and when the credits started some kid in the back seeing the disney logo said all loud: "This was a Disney move!?"
  22. The engine and mechanics of the first 2 games are rock solid. As long as the plot is good and there's a good supporting cast this game will be amazing. But... they can't do that exclusive time release bull shit again. That 1 year deal with Xbox was complete ass. Any game company that does that again will lose my business for life. I have a back log of games and will probably always have a back log, so if I kick one game company to the curb then fine, I have plenty of other games. I still haven't bought the latest final fantasy because of the tomb raider 1 year deal. Square Enix basically burned a bridge with me.
  23. I bought a new air conditioner today. LG 6,000 btu with remote and digital controls. I have an older model like it in another bedroom window and it works amazing. But this is the first time I've used eBay to buy something so big. Bestbuy was the seller and i would have gone right thru their official site but the 15% off eBay coupon was to good to pass up. I won't buy a GE air conditioner again. The majority of the insides of all these units are Styrofoam while the other 2 LG air conditioners I have are all solid plastic and metal construction.

    1. DeathscytheX


      Oh, buying a new air conditioner means something completely different down here. XD It's still expensive I bet, but I was thinking you paid way more. Window units are nonexistent in the south since the early 80s probably unless the house is super old. Everyone has central air units here. If you have to buy a new one of those, its thousands of dollars for a decent system. With temps in the 80s or higher from May-October window units are definitely not cost effective here.

    2. Sledgstone


      I could imagine. Lol. I usually run 3 window air conditioners here during the summer. They're pretty energy efficient for this small house. My parents and grandparents had whole house AC units that were beastly outdoor units. I'm trying to pay off some debt so even a $170 AC is cash is rather have spent on something else right now. But the old AC it is replacing was insanely loud. Nothing could stop that damn rattle noise. It was duct taped, foamed inserted, etc. I even took it apart and put it back together and that damn thing still sounded like it was going to explode. Lol. I'm looking forward to the new unit. I'm planning on moving this year so hopefully my current air conditioners will be effective for some other house to. That's the other reason I'm trying to pinch pennies. 

  24. Lol. I do want to buy God of War but I just bought a new air conditioner and for $15 I can keep myself entertained until GoW drops in price. $60 atm is a bit high for me.
  25. This looks much better. Although I'm wondering if most of the movie will be Tom hardy getting all the screen time with a bunch of cg black goo flying around as opposed to being venom. "We are venom" sounds cool and its a good way of associating the character as a whole instead of just being the host walking around with venom ready to attack at any moment. But in iron man 3 they emphasized Tony stark as being iron man even without the suit and while he got way more screen time than his armor did, it was boring at times as a result.