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  1. My brother had a similar issue with a game and ended up calling sony customer support. They had him log into his psn account via a PC web browser, refreshed his list on there and set the game to download through the browser, which in turn auto started the download on his ps4. It worked for him. Turned out there was some issue with the psn store thru the ps4 that wouldn't actually trigger the download even though it says it did. If that doesn't work, I'd call sony tech support. Also make sure your system is up to date. Usually the ps4 will block access to the psn store, friend's list, etc until you have the most recent firmware, but I had, on one occasion, noticed my ps4 didn't update and didn't prompt me to update. I had weird EA errors connecting to battlefield 1. I thought EA servers were screwed up but they weren't so I checked to see if I had a failed BF1 update in my download list and it turned out my ps4 downloaded a system update but never installed it while still giving me access to everything else like it was all up to date. After I ran the update everything ran fine.
  2. Thats odd. Maybe deleting the entire game and re-downloading all of it is the only way to fix it.. but then again, doing that you'd loose all your progress. Is it like the tell tale games where you can play ep 5 standalone and the game auto picks your previous choices? That would suck to not carry over progress tho.
  3. World versus World in Guild Wars 2 is fun again. I've played a little over an hour a night for the last 2 nights and I haven't had that much fun in WvW since I was power leveling my second character almost 3 years ago. I think I'll upload a video later tomorrow. The zerg rushes are real. XD I saved a couple videos but the one I really wanted didn't save for some reason. We had a full on battle of 3 armies, so epic. XD

    1. Sledgstone


      You must have gotten on after I quit out last night. I was about to give up playing any WvW but then I saw Cloud Fly logged on, so I camped at a waypoint with him and waited about 15 mins for a zerg to form. Best hour of WvW I've ever had. :D I took a couple videos and I'll check them later and upload. Epic battles. Because there was no queue on any of the borderlands at the time, we kept swapping between each of the borderlands annihilating enemy zergs thanks to the scouts we had in place. XD

      Resistance works great on warrior in pvp when I need to pop it. It makes you immune to condi damage but does not cleanse the condi from you. You can always tell when resistance is on because its represented as three glowing orbs all tethered together circling around you. Its another reason why healing signet is so strong on warrior. The constant HP regen is amazing, but then if you get condi bombed, you pop healing signet for the heal and the resistance, then use endure pain to negate physical damage while healing signet comes off cool down to resume regen healing. I don't know what skills or traits rev has for resistance but a rev can share that resistance with an entire group which can make them extremely useful in wvw.

      I don't know how in the hell Cloud Fly survives as much as he does in WvW. Hes running bersker with healing signet, hammer and sword/(torch i think?). Sword is condi for warrior and hammer is all CC. I need to find out what his build is. If hes running with berserker stats then he must be using the defense trait line for the traited endure pain and extra healing regen traits. That guy is impressive as all hell in WvW.

    2. DeathscytheX


      He must have a good network of scouts on discord because he always knows where to go to stop the enemies from taking the keeps and where the enemy siege is when we take something. The Borderland hoping was great. After we crushed them on FABL, they came back again and we destroyed them and then chased the rest across the map killing more to teach them a lesson. XD we were even killing them in the water. I'm glad you got to experience his commanding. That food he drops helps too with the 20% less damage from condi and when stunned. 

    3. Sledgstone


      That food was useful and it surprised me how beneficial it was. My video card capture software does not like wvw. One of my videos saved with no audio. One didn't finish encoding and is unwatchable and all my videos since the windows 10 creators update has been full of endless stutter issues. 😒 the stuttering might be because of wvw causing to much strain on my cpu tho. Either that or its a strain on my hard drive read/ write. I'll have to take a couple videos of pvp to see if it's just a wvw issue for me. 

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  4. Hmm.. After I play this game I will re-visit this topic with fresh eyes. lol. Any idea why Ep 5 doesn't work on your PS4? Did you try deleting it and re-downloading just that ep?
  5. Life Is Strange looks good. Killing Floor 2 looks like an endless horde mode game tho.
  6. The cost for the rights to produce the anime in the US must be ridiculous for the prices to be as high as they are. I'd rather pay $7 for a one month subscription to Funi and marathon a crap load of series and then cancel my subscription. It still makes no sense to me tho. In comparison the actors in the Big Bang Theory all make at least $1 million per episode and thats just the actors, doesn't even count the cost of the production, music rights, etc.. and yet I can buy seasons 1-9 bluray boxset for $50. But that will only get me 2 seasons of Yu Yu Hakusho which cost way way way less to make and easily recovered its production costs over the last 20 years since its release.
  7. I started playing Mass Effect 1 this weekend. Since this game is so old, I will be using this topic to post updates on my progress of the game with spoilers as I come across them (new content for me, old for everyone else. ). Please don't spoil anything for me please. I just learned that mass effect is actually a means of FTL travel. I had no idea. I just figured it was a catchy scifi name for the series. I'm just past the initial mission and at the citadel right now. Saved the game right when I got there and haven't had the time to explore yet. I have some questions for all the Mass Effect vets here.. 1) Should I be actively equipping any and all gear to my squad mates as I come across stuff? I equipped a pistol on this one guy after I got it out of a crate, then he turned around to investigate something, then got shot and killed in a cutscene.. that pistol is now gone. x_x That was a cutscene death tho, what about my other squadmates? If they die is it permadeath too? I'll loose whatever upgrades they had equipped? 2) Should I be micromanaging combat like KOTOR 1? I know this game is made by the same dev and it really feels alot like a mixture of KOTOR's interface with more active combat. I was just treating it like an FPS, but then I realized the combat can be paused whenever with the space bar so I can order my squad to do things or use powers. 3) I picked infiltrator (i think thats what it was) because it has a sniper proficiency. I love sniping so it made sense for me to take this class. Its fun to kill people from a distance but I definitely miss not being able to hold breath to steady a shot. For anyone that knows, is infiltrator good in the late stages of the game or should I re-roll and go with something different since I'm not that far in? 4) Interact is the E button and using medi-gel packs is F.. Guild Wars 2 has conditioned me so much I keep using health packs at every damn container I try to open. x_x Should I save my health packs as much as possible or do they drop enough that I shouldn't be stingy with them? 5) Should I save my grenades for big enemies or throw them around as often as I want like in Uncharted? Do squad mates have grenades? or is it just me. I went into the space bar UI and didn't see any grenade options for my squadmates. Is that because they didn't have grenades at that time?
  8. LMAO! I just mentioned the spider-man reboots in the AoT topic. I'm burned out on alot of the Origin story movies too. Like if Superman gets rebooted again 5+ years from now I'll never watch it. Some characters shouldn't need origin stories anymore at this point. If they want to make a new X-Men movie at this point with a new Wolverine, they should just do it. Start the movie with them all fighting the sentinels within the first 5 minutes. People will see the new guy bust out his metal claws and everyone will know its Wolverine. Done. Get on with the plot. Instead, Fox will cast a new Wolverine and probably redo the entire origin story again because for some damn reason they think the entire fan base are idiots and can't realize who it is and what motivates them. Meanwhile at Marvel, the re-casted Bruce Banner/Hulk and didn't give a damn anymore about the previous Hulk movie. Well done Marvel. Guardians of the Galaxy did a better origin story with their characters than they did with Dr Strange. In GoG, they were all full power from start and the origin story was basically how they became a team together because of how their paths crossed through the major plot line.
  9. Looks like Marvel got a little inspiration from "Inception". I like what I'm seeing tho.
  10. Animators in Japan get paid horrible.. makes sense why so many anime look horrible now and then get re-animated scenes for the blu ray releases. It didn't make sense to me until now. They must be churning out crappy animation for pennies on the dollar to meet broadcast deadlines and then to encourage people to buy the blurays they actually give everyone the animation that should have came out initially. (wow.. wtf.. I guess we can embed reddit links here since that last upgrade I did. That surprised me. ) Another example: Back to AoT.. I've only read a few chapters of the manga since the original season aired. From what I saw there is still hardly that much material to even turn into a second season at this point. I haven't watched any of this new season yet, but I am surprised they didn't turn it into a full 24 eps.. but if they did then season 3 wouldn't happen for another 3-4 years at this rate. I don't read nearly as much manga as I used to, but not many mangaka can make enough content in a single chapter that could fill an entire episode in an anime. Then the anime catches up, we get all these filler eps and usually some badly animated episodes (I've always noticed that some seasons, but mostly filler arcs in different series are usually animated poorly). But lately more anime keeps having consistently badly animated episodes. These anime studios should pay their employees more.. and if these studios want to actually make more money, they should charge cheaper prices for the blurays. Seriously.. why the fuck does Yu Yu Hakusho still cost roughly $25 a season on bluray. The series is 25 years old now. I bought all three of the Lord of The Rings movies in a bluray boxset for $15 and LoTR definitely costed far more to make than Yu Yu Hakusho. I bet the studio that made the Attack on Titan series was probably under contract to make a new season to retain the rights to it. Its the same reason why every 3 years or so a new Terminator movie comes out or Fox makes yet another Fantastic Four movie. Fox has to keep making Fantastic Four and Spiderman movies every couple years or the rights revert back to Marvel. Thats why Spider-man has been rebooted so many times now.
  11. This bothered me at first too, but it makes sense not to drag it out. Too many movies spend the first 1 to 1 1/2 hours just setting up characters and then rush through the second half of the movie. I'd rather see more action and adventure than watch an actor try to build up his character for half the movie. Iron Man 3 was such a let down compared to the first 2. About 70% of that movie was Tony Stark having PTSD and not being Iron Man. x_x
  12. The latest chapter of One Piece just finished up Big Mom's origin story (only a couple chapters long).. she is a f*cking monster. O_O

  13. Powered by the same GPU as the Nvidia Shield and a couple smart phones and chromebooks, (and not as powerful as current gen consoles or even close to gaming PCs), the Nintendo NX will use the Nvidia Tegra as a GPU/CPU combo for a handheld console with detachable controllers. It will also come with a home base that you can plug into to play the console on the TV. It will still play cartridges. My guess is that it will look like the Wii U controller, except with detachable nunchuck controllers on the sides. I would photoshop something to look like that but I need a new photo editing program. ehh. The Tegra is a decent chip, but I don't see Nintendo competing with Sony or Microsoft at this point anymore. Its like they are doubling down on their handheld market, which makes sense to me. They know how to make good handhelds and they sell. But if this is all true it seems a bit too gimmicky to me. The Wii and Wii U was all targeted at families and party games, but this is obviously targeted toward individuals and solo players. If the screen is the normal size of a cell phone and its meant to run games all the time, I wonder how hot the thing will get and if it'll need to be recharged every 2 hours. Sources:
  14. Ohh.. A remaster of Super Metroid would be amazing. I loved that game back in the day.
  15. Gameshow network.. The dealership I always go to end up having NBC on all the time. There was always a remote sitting there on a bench with some magazines so someone could change the channel, but nobody would touch it. Probably in fear that someone would be offended that we changed the channel the other people were watching. But one day I was the only one there. I grabbed that remote and found out it had no batteries in it. It was all a setup just to crush my hopes that I had any control there. Did you get the new Blaster Master yet? That should run great on battery life too.
  16. Looks good!
  17. I finished reading The Hobbit for the first time. Great book but I definitely liked the movies more. It's amazing how they took 40 pages at the end of the book about the battle of the five armies and turned it into an entire 2 1/2 hour movie. Lol. Gandalf didn't seem as powerful as he was in the movies but close enough. But the dwarves in the book were nothing like in the movies. The dwarves hardly fought at all in the book until the very end. They often relied on Gandalf or Bikbo to save them in every situation. Wtf. But the biggest difference I  the book compared to the movies was that Bilbo told them all about the ring. Lol. It wasn't even a secret. They were shocked at first but then he used it constantly.. he even had it on for a solid 2 weeks while the dwarves were imprisoned buy the elves. O_O

    1. Sledgstone


      I bet if I'd have read the book years ago before seeing the recent movies I'd have liked the book more because it would have been established for me. I got the entire hobbit/LoTR book collection during an amazon sale a year ago. I've just recently started reading them all. I'm on book one of LoTR now.

    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Good luck with that, out of all the LOTR books Fellowship is an extremely boring read (even though it has one of my favorite characters in it). It has it's high points but it drags on for what feels like forever (Moria is about the only high point of the whole book).

      Honestly if I'd of seen the movies first I'd probably be looking at it the same way as you. I power read the LOTR books a month before the first movie came out and then read The Hobbit about a month after said movie came out (that was back when I was reading a new book like ever other week (I miss those days when I had the free time to read, now books just pile up and I never seem to get around to reading them)).

    3. Sledgstone


      I hear that about free time. Most of my reading takes place in the bathroom. XD Or when the power is out or I'm stuck in some waiting room and I remembered to bring my book. I used to read on every one of my lunch breaks but I haven't done that in over a year, so it takes me quite a bit longer to read a book now. Took me about a month to read the Hobbit.

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  18. He pronounced it "Yaalar-horn"
  19. I was hoping this game was going to be like a remake of the nintendo classic Rampage with all these big name monsters. But instead it looks like a survival game version of the movie Cloverfield. Could be fun if it ever comes over to the US.
  20. Thanks for the tips guys. I re-rolled a soldier and I don't regret it. Aiming an assault rifle with this guy with iron sights is more accurate than the damn sniper rifle sway. I didn't care for how sniping is handled in this game. The sway and 2 shot limit before over heating is too much of a burden for it to be my primary weapon outside of a pistol. The soldier class can use a sniper rifle when I feel like sniping anyway. Using an assault rifle is way more fun as my primary than running with a pistol constantly.
  21. I don't think I've ever seen Supernova. Thats probably a good thing. Red Planet was decent, but it was more of a syfy channel movie with a high budget. The movie with the most inaccurate trailer ever was "Lady in the Water". I watched that movie expecting to see some monster / thriller movie because of a 2 minute trailer showing some weird crap and a passageway to some underground world.. the actual movie was nothing like that trailer and it was a family movie that could have been rated G. Thanks alot M night shyamalan. After he made that horrible Avatar the last airbender movie (it was so bad, his main character had his name pronounced wrong the entire movie) I refused to watch another movie made by him.
  22. That Wing Commander movie was so far off from the games. lol. Still wasn't as bad as Super Mario Brothers tho.
  23. Good points about the heavy metal poisoning. I don't see how adamantium could deteriorate like that at all now that you mention it.
  24. Finally got around to watching this.. So I'm guessing this movie takes place in an "alternate universe" based on this article I was reading: The action was great, but the plot annoyed me. All the mutants are gone with no real explanation, Xavier is now everyone's grandfather with some dementia and Logan is dying of heavy metal poisoning.