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  1. Its probably a retro box with all their classics redone in HD. That would be cool. Or maybe this is all an elaborate move on their part to focus on the 2600, while the real reveal is actually this long awaited sequel that should have been released on the 2600 all those years ago: Years in the making indeed.. many years.
  2. I'm sure if I played Super Metroid again now it'd piss me off. *puts back on rose tinted glasses as I remember things the way I want to*
  3. They took alot inspiration from Last of Us and turned it into a God of War game. This will be awesome. Those visuals look amazing too.
  4. I still haven't played Skyrim and I have it installed and waiting too. What mods do you recommend? The first game I tried on max settings was StarCraft 2. My god.. I was playing it on my laptop at lowest settings and getting 8 frames per second in the second campaign whenever I had a zerg with Kerrigan. That game looks so beautiful on max settings compared to what I was playing it for years.
  5. Adam Sandler was in a drama movie!? I've never seen that. I'll have to check to see if its on netflix.
  6. Super Metroid was the last really fun Metroid game for me. I could handle the back tracking in it because it was fun, but in Metroid Prime it felt like a way for the dev to artificially inflate the game's completion time. Rise of the Tomb Raider had alot of back tracking in it, but it worked because of the active plot, new npcs to talk to and new upgrades that allowed access to new locations. But from what I remembered of metroid all I kept doing was double backing for 15 minutes to go blow up a wall, get an orb or something and then go all the way back to where I was before. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong but it felt boring.
  7. I had to rewatch the trailer to notice the female bikini bottoms. The main thighs burned my eyes so bad I didn't even notice what the female character was wearing. I'm used to seeing men sexualized in games with no shirts, biceps and shoulders bigger than an average person's head and of course they have 8-12 pack abs.. but for smaller sized characters I guess they have to start emphasizing the package down below more. lol. Before we know it we'll see dick bulges down there as a standard like in Conan Exiles.
  8. I never beat Metroid Prime 1. It burned me out with back tracking. lol. I was going to get back to it some day but it never happened. I think the biggest problem with Metroid is the sexualization of Samus with her zero suit. They took the first and strongest female video game character of all time and turned her from a bad ass in armor into spank material for young teenage boys.
  9. Now thats a game I would want to own for the Switch. Traditional side scroller with updated graphics with the potential for multiple players but not a requirement. If they made a new DK country game like this that would be amazing.
  10. This guy bought his pants from the same store.
  11. What a pointless video. The least they could have done was have The Count sing it.
  12. Interesting. I'll have to look into it some.
  13. So many memories of Sega Genesis. All these years later we get the equivilant of a huge DLC for a retro game. Looks fun.
  14. Isn't that an amazing feeling? I thought the same thing and after a year now I've just now started on Mass Effect 1... one game out of my 200+ steam games I have yet to play.
  15. I've seen this game mentioned plenty of times during the PS3 days as being amazing, but I never looked into it. I guess Shadow of the Colossus is actually a prequel to an old PS2 game called ICO and the sequel to that is the Last Guardian? I've never played any of them.
  16. Well.. I dunno. That kind of reminds me of a scene in the wolfenstein the new order. Slight spoiler.. I found some nuke launch codes and Blazkowicz decides to carve the numbers into his forearm and then rip that chunk of skin off and puts it in his pocket. And on the stand right next to the nuke codes was a notepad and pencil. I guess the cat serves as much purpose as that notepad?
  17.!/en-us/days-of-play/cid=STORE-MSF77008-DAYSOFPLAY17LP Uncharted 4 is $20. I just bought it. I might have to put Mass Effect on the back burner.
  18. I haven't played a Quake game since the original. Its probably a big deal in the new game since BJ Blazkowicz's signature style is dual wielding almost every gun he can get his hands on. Dual assault rifles with grenade launcher attachments or dual tactical shotguns is quite fun to mow down enemies with.
  19. I'm hyped for this game. I'm surprised BJ Blazkowicz survived the first game considering how it ended. The cat headed monkey makes sense because of Nazis. lol. These Wolfenstein games take place in an alternative time line where Nazis won World War 2. Since the Nazis took control of the planet, they have continued genetic experimentation, human and animal testing, robotics, space exploration, etc. They also enslaved a large chunk of the world's population. Since Nazi's don't have to pay for slave labor, health insurance, etc. all that money gets funneled into new scientific advancements. They had a moon base in Wolfenstein the New Order.. AI robotic sentry dogs that were shown in this trailer, laser weapons, tripod walkers that were the equivilant of metal gears.. all kinds of crazy stuff. The plot was actually really good. I still haven't played the prequel yet, but I'm really looking forward to this sequel.
  20. Ok then. I did not see this coming. Who needs stealth mechanics and espionage when theres a horde of zombies to kill.
  21. I like the idea of having traditional classes. In battlefront 1 everyone was running with a sniper rifle anyway until it got nerfed. They'll do the same with battlefront 2. Once to many ppl use a rifle it'll get nerfed into the ground like the martini. I'm glad the dlc won't get milked for another season pass. Blizzard's Overwatch finally made EA realize a fps game can be hugely profitable by not double charging it's players for maps and not seperating the player base ensures the longevity of the game.
  22. Alot of comments are saying it's a sci-fi attack on titan game because a "giant wall" keeps the enemies at bay. I look forward to seeing some gameplay but with it being bioware I'll take it with a grain of salt. Remember that 4k Mass Effect Andromeda trailer that got everyone hyped? And then on release those facial animations... these companies never deliver what they hype.
  23. 4 years now. Lmao. I bet we'll see another trailer for it next year at E3 in 2018.
  24. Awesome.