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  1. lmao. I guess they finally decided to ditch the grimoire cards and put the story in the actual game.
  2. Knight Rider is classic. Now heres a really old one.. I've watched every episode of MASH. My parents loved that show when I was a kid. And MacGyver was amazing and inspired the hell out of Mythbusters on more than one occasion. Richard Dean Anderson was also in Stargate SG-1 for multiple seasons. Great scifi show: Farscape was one of the best scifi shows ever made. Its a shame its left netflix earlier this year. I'd like to buy it on bluray at some point.
  3. Until Dawn looks good and I'll play Game of Thrones.
  4. Ohhhh.. Theres an Outlaw Star blu-ray boxset now.
  5. I watched this last night. It was enjoyable but way too short. I'd have rather waited another 6 months for a full season than get 4 episodes of an incomplete story. The voice acting wasn't that good and shifted way to much in volume from normal talking to whisper dialogue that had no reason to be whisper quiet. The action scenes were good but it felt like they spent as much time falling as they did fighting. Lol. I'm looking forward to season 2 but it needs to be more than 4 eps.
  6. The last US one was decent, but after I watched it again and realized the marine guy was Kick-Ass, I couldn't unsee it. I do wish more movies would lay off the 'main actor is in the army/navy/marines and the girlfriend is a nurse/doctor/medical professional' Godzilla and Battleship both did it as well as countless other b-movies. I still haven't seen Shin Godzilla. The trailer looked good for it but I never got around to downloading it.
  7. I received an email from Netflix this morning telling me this series is now available.. and its only 4 episodes. I was hoping for a normal sized series. I'll watch it this weekend.
  8. I forgot about this game. The animation style looks really unique for a game. I bet it'll come out in a humble bundle within a year. lol.
  9. Well it did start airing over 12 years ago so I suppose that is old now. I've only seen the first 5 or so episodes of HIMYM. I should bing watch it some day. That got me thinking of old classic sitcoms. I loved Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond and Malcom in the Middle back in the day.
  10. That new social space looks good. I like the soccer field. And they finally added ambient life to the game. 2 chickens.
  11. I also got the free VPN account for in case I'm ever at a car repair place or at a hotel and want to use the free wifi. Using the VPN while connected to the free wifi will give me secure internet since nobody else on the network can monitor or spoof my internet traffic just like the ISP can't.
  12. Do any of you use a specific VPN service for privacy? If so do you recommend a specific company? My older brother uses PureVPN life time subscription and swears by it. He has all his PC's setup with it and his family's cell phones via an app. I'm not as concerned about my privacy, google already knows everything already.. but when I want to download specific things I'll use windscribe's free vpn. I've been using it off and on for a couple months and it seems to work great so far without affecting my download rates too much. I noticed this deal earlier today and I upgraded my 10 gb/month plan to 60 gb. Heres the link: Windscribe is decent since it has a browser extension for quick toggling private browsing and a separate software that applies to everything running on the PC. Anyone else have a VPN recommendation?
  13. Avast's VPN sounds like a horrible service. X_x being based in Chicago makes them more liable to the US government too. I use windscribe VPN to download torrents and to look at websites as if I'm from another country. Its interesting to see how some sites load differently based on where you are vpning from. I usually connect to a Canada server when i use it. So I went to Netflix and it gave me some crap about not being available in my region. Lol. I won't use a VPN full time or to play games while connected to it since I get a better connection directly with my isp.
  14. If you haven't watched "The Guild" on netflix yet I recommend it just to see Erin Gray's cameo in the last half of the show. One of the main characters is obsessed with her and when he runs into her at a convention his obsession takes full control. The first season of the guild is all crappily made with a web cam, but the second half of the show is packed with celebrities thanks to the convention episodes. TV for years have sucked because of all the endless reality shows that cost hardly anything to produce and thus it leads to maximum profits for the channels. Only recently has TV started to become good again, mostly thanks to the SYFY and CW channels. There have been so few good tv shows that I can list pretty much every good one off the top of my head. Over the past 10 years some of my favorite shows have been: Battlestar Galactica, TWD, Vikings, Badlands, Dark Matter, Killjoys, Z-Nation, Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, The 100, Expedition Unknown, Destination Truth, Josh Gates Destination Truth (new episodes, just started this year), Mythbusters, Psych (my favorite comedy for a long time, theres even a movie coming out for it on USA channel later this year), Chuck (the last season sucked, the rest of the show was amazing), Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, River Monsters (just finished it's last season), Fringe (the last season sucked horribly).. I'm sure I enjoyed some more too, but over half of these shows have only started in the last 3 years. I watched so many old tv shows when I was younger. Buck Rogers was great, Quantum Leap was amazing. But my all time favorites were all the Star Trek series from the original all the way thru Voyager. Star Trek Enterprise was horrible tho but doesn't count as an old series. Some more favorites of mine were Babylon 5, Sliders, Stargate SG-1, The X-Files, Sliders, and Space: Above and Beyond. Heres my really old favorites I watched as a kid: The original BSG: I used to watch Doctor Who all the time back on PBS with my dad. All those years ago I'd even watch the old black and white episodes. That was some of the best sci-fi ever: The Twilight Zone was an amazing series and I'd catch episodes of those whenever I could: Lost in Space is a classic: The Outer Limits was a complete knock off of Twilight Zone, but it had some great episodes too.
  15. I watched all the Divergent movies as they came out (I've seen them all numerous times over the years now from movie channels) and I remember watching the trailer for The Fault in our Stars and it looked wrong to me because in those other movies those two were playing brother and sister. x_x lol. Carlord.
  16. The trailer looks good but this is a musical? does the guy sing while he's driving everywhere or is it just alot of music playing the entire movie because he's always wearing headphones?
  17. I hate some of these channels online streaming options. I have cable and i love watching a bunch of shows on the CW channel. If I miss an episode because a basketball game preempts it I can watch the show on their website but if I load up the CW app on my roku stick I need to activate it with my cable account and even tho I pay to watch the channel my cable provider isn't in their list of approved providers for using the app. Wtf. But I can load their website and just watch it. It's the same with a few other channels streaming services. At that point I just download the show via a torrent. I'm already paying for the shows but I'm getting denied online access to them. And these companies wonder why ppl download their content illegally. They make everyone go thru hoops to watch a single episode when it takes 5 seconds to go to EZTV, select the show and click download. 4 mins later I'm watching the show.
  18. I loved this cartoon when i was a kid. The animation looks good, the music is great, the voice actors are a good match. I'll watch this.
  19. That's perfect. The music is vital to keep the series going. 🖒
  20. That needed to be done. I complained about it 2 years ago: In that post I mentioned that as long as the guns all have set stats, they could then be account bound unlocks and stored in an arsenal of sorts like a battlefield menu loadout. Destiny wanted to do that rpg style of game play with big clunky inventory and borderlands style weapon rng rolls, but it just didn't work out. They should keep weapons in a menu / inventory like all other traditional FPS games and then do all the other stuff the way they were. Its one thing to have different armor drops and have those as inventory items specific to character classes/weight, but all the guns are the bread and butter of the game and shouldn't be hindered by rng bullshit. But if all weapons all have set stats, I wonder if this means they're going to do away with "2nd gen hawkmoon" or "3rd gen suros regime" and keep those as set stats for the life of the game. If thats the case, then maybe they'll be getting rid of their endless grind with every dlc/expansion. I doubt they'll do that tho since thats all anyone that still plays the game does.
  21. I started playing Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and its great. The best part about this game is the hidden "Nightmare" stages in each chapter. I stumbled across the first one in chapter 1 and fell in love with it. I found a random bunk that had a sleep icon on it, I clicked on it and Blazkowicz went to sleep / transitioned into a HD remaster of the 8-bit nightmare that is the original Wolfenstein 3D game. XD Each stage has been extremely fun and gives me flashbacks to my childhood. :D

    1. Sledgstone


      My PS4 has never downloaded a single update while in rest mode. Its been years now and I'm mostly used to it, but its annoying as hell when I actually want to play a game and I have to wait for a damn update with their dial up speed download rates. -_-; My PS3 perfectly turns itself on around 6am (I don't know if it does it every day or not), downloads any updates and shuts itself back off. But my PS4 can't do this in rest mode. wtf. The only time I have to do an update on my ps3 is on the rare time a download fails or an update happens after it does it's daily or twice a week check. I had to download a netflix update a couple days ago, first time I've had to run a manual update on the system in over a year.

    2. DeathscytheX


      For me it's not the download speed. It was the preparing to download part. I'd have to wait 30 min to an hour for 20 seconds of download. Someone said it has to do with the PS4 checking for the updates you already have and trying to decide the least amount it needs to download. Thry really just need to scrap it and just replace the files. The thought is nice to save people bandwidth, but it's not practical if your system never updates in rest. 

    3. Sledgstone


      Omg yes. I hate that preparing to download crap. I included that into the 3 hour download the other day. It was about 20 minutes of uncharted 4 "preparing to download". That crap makes no sense to me. I can turn on steam and updates will just auto download instantly. No other platform or system will "prepare to download" anything.

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  22. OMG that looks hilarious. The first Jumanji was a great movie. I'm glad to see it coming back in a new format. I definitely want to watch this.