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  1. Including activities, gear progression and all 'content' to the total gameplay time is stupid. I bet the campaign will only take 6-8 hours to beat. Almost every game I play I only do the campaign and then kick all the activities and trophies to the curb.
  2. Good for them. I'll end up eventually playing this when its free with PS+.
  3. I played the beta on friday and for a while last night. I'm pleased with what I'm seeing. The beta is much smaller than the last expansion's beta but I'm fine with that. The mounts are the selling point all right. I think they need to do a bit of work on the mounting and dismounting effects tho. Since they can't be used in combat, I have a feeling it'll feel a bit clunky after a while with all the mounting / dismounting constantly. FPS in the city was horrible, but once I got away from other players I was easily getting anywhere from 45-60 fps. It really seems all over the place and makes it feel like the maps needs a bit more optimization. I didn't try any of the bounties, but I did try a couple random events. It feels very odd to me to not be gliding everywhere now that I'm so used to it. I bet once this comes out and the majority of people in lions arch are all using mounts, the fps there will drop to the 20s at all times. x_x At least there wont be a big impact on core world bosses, except for maybe teq, since there is a couple small moments after the burn phases that everyone is out of combat and can pop mounts on until they attack something.
  4. I finally got around to watching all these videos last night except for the bog otter interview. Alot of interesting changes. The ammo system should work well for warrior. Riding mounts in core Tyria should be enjoyable but I'm still concerned about world bosses. I wouldn't be surprised if they become no mount zones like most jumping puzzles have no gliding zones. These are some huge update notes. Especially for WvW: Being in first place with war score now grants 5 pips instead of 3. Being in second place with war score now grants 4 pips instead of 2. Being in third place with war score now grants 3 pips instead of 1. The Superior Siege Blueprint Case choice from the Skirmish Chest now grants 2 superior siege instead of 1. WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets have been reduced in the last chest of each division but have been added to every chest. Farming pips for that back pack shouldn't take 2 years now. I'll try a few hours of WvW this upcoming weekend to see how rewarding it feels now. As long as claim tickets can be aquired with every chest instead of only the 1, people like myself with much less time to play should be able to put in a few hours a week over a year and make some progress unlike how it was before where I'd have to play for 5 hours a week minimum just to get the first wood chest that had tickets.
  5. I ended up spending my entire weekend cleaning my basement. Theres a good chance I might be moving to a different house in a month or so and I wanted to make sure the move would go smooth. Its amazing how much junk accumulates in a basement. I was planning on playing some gw2 this weekend.. and it never happened. XD

    1. DeathscytheX


      Well at least you did it this weekend and not the Beta. Maybe at your new house, Fed Ex will deliver to the correct house. XD

    2. Sledgstone


      That would be nice, but I wouldn't count on it with them. XD 

  6. I have Just Cause 1 & 2 on steam. Now I'll have the full trilogy. Nice. One day I'll play these games.. one day.
  7. Soulbeast looks so much more enjoyable than Druid. These mounts are going to make the game either amazing or extremely aggravating as everyone mounts up at core world bosses and fps drops to ridiculously crappy levels. I'm getting hyped tho.
  8. The lead designer of this game just died.
  9. I think I'll watch this some day when I get funimation's service.
  10. I died once on those platforms too because of a mis-timed jump. Just wait until raids come out. If Bungie focuses entirely too much on raid content like in Destiny 1 they'll loose all their casual players again. If they want to nerf turbines for the sake of casual retention, they might start nerfing everything else to appeal to the masses with the most money to spend. Then again, this is just them telling people they'll make fixes to ensure pre-orders stay in place. Once the game ships and they have the money I doubt they'll do small tweaks like this again. This could also just be vg247 turning a small dev comment into an entire article because they have a couple huge destiny fans there. I remember during the height of Destiny 1, they had at least 2 Destiny articles a day and a guaranteed Xur inventory update article every friday.
  11. ROTFLMAO! I died once on the turbine because I jumped right into that second turbine before I realized what was going on. But even as a hunter with crap jumps for height I had no problem with the area since it was pretty straight forward. I like this dev comment tho: Dev: "Its an outdated build, thats already been fixed." *jots down notes, 'nerf turbine room'*
  12. I bought a used 500gb super slim PS3 today from gamestop. Damn that thing is quiet compared to my old 120 gb slim one. Before my old ps3 died it sounded like a box fan even tho I've cleaned it repeatedly over the years and it had no dust build up in it. With all the free games I've been getting from PS+ over the past couple years, I think I'll install some to check out now that I have the hard drive space to install them. I didn't even realize I owned Beyond good and evil hd remaster. That sequel trailer for ps4 looked good. I might give it an hour and see if it holds my attention... after I play Uncharted 4.

  13. I finally got around to watching this. I enjoyed it, but its once again another origins movie. I'm burned out on origins movies which makes this pretty much a once off movie. Decent to watch once, but then its only good for rewatching for a few key action scenes. After reading @Strider Hiryu's spoiler comments I agree with alot of them, but not as much of the negative ones since I'm not nearly as familiar with the property. Until I read his comments, I had no idea Ishikawa and Borma where even in the movie. I didn't even notice them. That old man did a hell of a job and Batou was portrayed great to me. I was iffy about Scarlett Johansson playing the major but she did a decent job with the plot she had to work with. The origins aspect of her character was a bit meh tho. But that ending fight scene was spectacular.
  14. This looks amazing and actually resembles the book. It is one of my favorite books of all time. One of the best horror novels I've ever read. The mini series all those years ago was decent but didn't cover hardly anything that took place in the book. I'm hoping this movie shows It in it's other forms since it wasn't always a clown. Werewolf, zombie, massive spider.. It is the embodiment of fear. It just so happens that creepy clowns seem to be universally feared.
  15. This show has turned into crap really fast. After the first 3 episodes theres no longer any focus on monsters. Instead "the mist" is screwing with everyone's minds when they're exposed to it. It causes some people to go crazy and murderous, others see a dead relative that talks to them, others start bleeding randomly like it's acid. This is beyond dumb and its turning into a human versus human show that keeps focusing on bad characters and shitty plot lines instead of being a show about survival like the book was all about. In the book, a US government military research facility had a horrible accident and whatever science experiment they were performing got completely out of hand. The result was a breach between worlds. "The Mist" is actually the atmosphere from a different planet stretching over our own. And as the mist expands, the creatures that reside from that world are coming with it. In the book, all these creatures are extremely alien monster like and hostile and feed off each other. They covered it in the movie correctly, but the ending was horrible. In this series however I'm quickly loosing interest since its nothing like the book except that there is a f*cking mist and an occasional monster creature. Out of the last two episodes the only monsters shown were a bunch of leaches that fell off a ceiling that killed a guy. Still no tentacle monster, massive flies the size of large dogs, no big ass spiders with acidic webbing.. no massive sky scraper sized walkers.. instead in the series theres a human shaped black mass creature that can appear and disappear and kill people by face sucking them.. wtf. In the book and movie there was nothing human shaped at all, it was all literally alien.