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  1. I need to renew my license for the forum software to upgrade and fix the issue. Its only $60, but my money is tight as hell right now. x_x
  2. This skyscale collection for GW2 is crazy huge. This is easily a larger collection than what was required for the Nevermore precursor. If it required a massive gold investment, this mount would basically be legendary status imo. wtf.

    1. DeathscytheX


      XD but it's almost completely free if you dont take any short cuts. While it sucks, for what you get it's worth it. World Completion is now a minor inconvenience rather than a large undertaking with this mount.

  3. I'm wondering if Nintendo will now phase out the gameboy or if they'll start competing with themselves in their own hand held market.
  4. Noo... the pic upload must have failed. I don't see anything.
  5. I finally got the time to do some stuff again. I hope it lasts. I finished Stranger Things season 3 which was great and I got multiple hours in GW2. I almost have my 2 large festival achievements done for the big chests. :D After that I'm going for my skyscale and warclaw mounts.

    1. Sledgstone


      And I need to get caught up on my youtube backlog. Theres some topics on AC here I want to reply too but everything is a youtube video. lol. I'll dedicate an hour to that later today if I can pull away from GW2 and swimming in my pool. :D 

  6. Almost messed up my well by over using it trying to put some water in this pool.. now instead of slow filling it over the next couple weeks while it slowly becomes an algae disaster I'm buying a delivery of water instead. $160 for water. -_-;

    1. DeathscytheX


      Holy shit. Never had well water. I feel like we've discussed this before over something else like your propane tanks. But well water here for those that have it is a hassle. Pretty much any tropical system that rolls through will contaminate it and you have to go through whatever process to purify it again. We haven't had a lot of them since Katrina but I remember every time we had one in active years, the local news and advisory systems would always remind people that their well water was not safe to drink. I've always had city water with unlimited use.

    2. Sledgstone


      Ouch. Screw having a well in that area. Water around here is so abundant there's entire small towns that don't even have public water and everyone is on their own well. The only downside is the water quality. Some places have iron in the water or hard minerals like calcium that requires a purification system and UV light. My water is so good I don't even need to filter it. I still have a PUR filter on my kitchen sink for making coffee with because it does take down the calcium count to make the coffee maker last longer. And my fridge has a filter built in to and that makes damn good ice. I like not having a water bill but at the same time I wouldn't mind having public water for things like filling a pool.

      I have good water pressure because my well system has a good pump, pressure regulator, pressure tank, etc. I get 4 gallons per minute out my faucets. Turns out I drew so much water from my well that my water starting running dirty with literal silt/dirt. My pump sucked so much water out of the well so fast the well couldn't replenish itself fast enough and the pump started pumping the water from further down the well that hasn't been touched in so long a sediment layer must have formed down there. I had to stop using my water aside from flushing the toilets and let the well rest over night. By morning all the water was running clear and fine again.

  7. Sledgstone

    PS Plus Games

    Thats much better. I'd have never played that soccer game. I'll definitely play Detroit: Become Human when I get the time.
  8. Its been two weeks since we started work on leveling a spot for a pool.. removing the sod and dirt to level out a spot has been alot of work. Especially since my backyard is one giant hill going up at an incline. So many rocks too.. every single shovel full hits a rock. And on top of it all we had to start the pool circle over at one point because we realized that location had too low of a low point and we'd have to remove way too much dirt. Its been two weekends of 6 hour days each day of shoveling and multiple days off that also had some shoveling time. We've moved over a literal ton of dirt and rocks and sod.. Its almost done. x_x lady has been a beast with all this work. Impressive as hell.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sledgstone


      My arms are wrecked but it'll be worth it. Lol.. I wish there was some money in these rocks but it's all just rocks. XD at least I'll never have to buy rocks for edging flower beds. I even have my own quarry on a chunk of my property. I weed whacked a path to it a couple weeks ago.



      I have so many rocks in there.. that's only the surface and it's at least 5 foot deep from different spots I could see thru.

    3. DeathscytheX


      Thats some big ass rocks. I use to love rocks when I was a kid. XD I'd probably be trying to pick up that mini boulder if I was still 10.

    4. Sledgstone


      That mini boulder is at least 200 pounds. I can't even budge it. XD it was sitting up higher and was upright.. but lady removed a massive amount of rocks from below it and she was able to push it over. It fell straight down to where it is now and hasn't moved since. XD

  9. FedEx delivered my pool the other day.. *sigh* FedEx hires anybody. I see the guy pull into the driveway almost taking out my mailbox at 30 mph. My driveway has a noticeable dip in it. As he hit that I heard boxes from inside my house tumbling around inside his truck. I go outside to open my garage door so I can put it in there for now.. The guy sees me and says "I'm going to need your help moving this, this is heavy." I'm like... "ok.. I can only help so much, get your dolly and I'll help get it on there." He already had the box out of the truck. I'm hoping he eased it down and didn't drop it off the back. This box with the pool in it is 150 pounds. I walk over to him and he still doesn't have the dolly. Hes like "How about you get that end."... me: "No, how about you get that dolly right there." him: "I can't get it off, its tied into place. Its on there tight, I can't work it off.  We could carry it" me: "nah, I have a bad nerve issue in my arms. I'm not carrying this box. I'll get you scissors and then you can cut that rope."

    Meanwhile I look in the truck and all the boxes are tossed all over the place. Its a disaster in there. Not a single thing in that truck is secured.. except the fucking dolly that is tied in place. -_-; The one and only tool every delivery guy needs and its tied down while all the packages are getting beat the shit out of in his truck while he drives crazy. I got some scissors, he cut the dolly free. He took that dolly, put it on the ground, I titled one end of the box, he got the dolly under it, wheeled it back and started to move it slowly. His eyes lit up like his job just got significantly easier. wtf. He perked up and moved that box quick to my garage. He asked where to put it, I said near the chair.. and then he put it behind the lawnmower instead.. me: "ok, I can move it from there, thanks!" wtf.. its like he never got trained.

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    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      God damn I think FedEx in my area pays $16 minimum for a warehouse position ($22 an hour if you become a driver). No wonder they can't hire quality people XD

      See I have that problem with UPS in my area. Almost every package I get through them is usually banged up (luckily nothing has been damaged). FedEx is generally the one you want delivering your package around here.

    3. Sledgstone


      Thats what surprised me the most was the hourly wage. Most fast food places around here start off around $16 an hour if I remember right. $13.25 is incredibly low for warehouse work. They pay crap for crap employees apparently. x_x

    4. DeathscytheX


      With those wages they gotta take people that basically have no where else to go because they have no references from getting fired and burning bridges. 

  10. FFVI was an amazing game. One of my all time favorites and ranks right up there with FFVII. That game had weird too. lol. A psycho clown bent on destroying the world.. interesting characters. A couple hidden ones too like that guy that does the Mimic skill which is super OP because it can mimic summons.. and a yeti. That yeti couldn't wear armor and only used a club, but damn if he wasn't good at clubbing enemies. FF7 didn't have a better story that FFVI, they were easily on par with each other. But FF7 beats out FF6 with its combat system. In FF6 your characters are set in stone with their skills and abilities. But the materia system in FF7 was so robust, you can make any character do just about anything. Everyone can cast spells, anyone could be a reviver, anyone a summoner, etc. The only major reasons for having specific characters on a team were for their unique combat style/weapon, melee or ranged, their limit breaks and whoever you personally liked best. But unlike FF6, FF7 had an actual endgame with grind mechanics. One of the last save points in the game is right before the final dungeon. The game even tells you, once you enter there is no going back out, save here so you can continue exploring the world. Aside from the stuff I already mentioned, the materia system provided a grind aspect for endgame. With all XP you got, your materia itself would level up too. As it leveled up its skills upgraded. Got a lightning materia.. level it up, now whoever has it equipped can use lightning 2.. then 3. But the real kicker is when you maxed out a materia, it would clone itself a new level 1 version. Then you can equip it on somebody else and start leveling it up. For high end materia, it was worth the grind to get all the characters powerful spells... well at least the three main characters on your team. Eventually you could get a master materia that had basically all spells except summons I think and then that was OP. Once you have a set of 3 materias you like for the characters, its kind of pointless to level them further when you can swap the materia to other characters. But aside from all that I think this game hit a bunch of kids with puberty at just the right time. Alot of guys got crushes on Tifa.. and females got a thing for Cloud. lol. Even though the characters looked blocky as hell, in cut scenes they looked cool and throughout the game it goes into character depth more and you start feeling for these two. Not going to lie, I had a thing for Tifa for years.
  11. For me the main draw of FFVII was all the extra stuff you could do in it. It was one of the first games for me that had an actual end game separate from the final boss. There was chocobo breeding, full world exploration with the air ship, 2 or 3 ultimate weapon optional boss battles that were insanely difficult. There were hidden characters, like Vincent that you could outright skip on getting and finish the game without even knowing he was a character. The customization with the materia was the best though. I tried so many different combos with different weapons to deck out all my characters to be so bad ass. lol. Limit breaks were awesome. Character diversity was top notch. It had everything from superhuman soldier Cloud, Tifa the bad ass woman that punches and kicks everything to death, a talking red wolf, a bad ass black dude, a vampire, a ninja girl, so many more.. a robot looking carnival thing with a cat sitting on it being remote controlled by some guy we never see... lmao. The plot was confusing as all hell initially, but overall enjoyable and more understandable with more world exploration. Lol.. and Kotaku has a good point about the game.. its weird. https://kotaku.com/final-fantasy-vii-retrospective-the-weirdest-rpg-ever-1797547869
  12. Hmm.. I wonder how many episodes they're planning on making this. I hope they come out on a regular basis too. I don't know how much time its been for them just to make the Midgar portion of the game, but thats really just a drop in the bucket for this. I wanted a FF7 remake, yes, but not a game being piecemealed out to me over the course of 10 years.
  13. I didn't watch his video about this, but I can tell you why I think this movie will suck based just off the trailer. For me it was this last scene from X-Men Apocalypse: When I saw this I thought to myself.. FINALLY! Fox has learned from Marvel. They can actually put the characters in their actual costumes and make it work! and then the Dark Phoenix trailer comes out.. guess what everyone is wearing again... generic matching costumes... again. As soon as I saw this I lost all interest in this movie. That and its the Dark Phoenix saga.. again. Fox literally made this movie again. Except now with a different cast. And the trailer showed no aliens, no spaceship battles.. nothing of interest. And if their budget is so strapped they can't afford decent costumes, then theres no way they were going to do this movie any justice.
  14. That makes me think Overwatch is taking a lesson from GW2's pvp matchmaking.. that sounds horrible.
  15. I wonder if they're still planning on doing this game in episode format or not. A release date is great but its not giving much details. It doesn't say anything about it being "part 1" or if the purchase price is the full game, etc. All the trailers and clips they've released so far only show scenes that happen from the first 20 minutes of the old game. What about any clips of the 40+ hours worth of other content? I'm feeling a bit skeptical that the full game is actually done.. I hope it is. I'd buy it instantly.
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