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  1. I'm planning on buying a PS5 but not at launch. I love PC gaming, but my ps4 has been more stable over the last year. I get better quality on my PC, but the convenience of turning a game on and playing without ever having to worry about a crash and instantly playing with friends and family is great for me. Ps4 already has some keyboard and mouse support for some games and I bet ps5 will also which will be a nice bonus. I just need to buy a lap desk to have my wireless keyboard and mouse to sit on while I recline on my couch and I'll be set. Ps4 should also be a 4k blu ray player which I still need so instead of buying one of those separate I'll put that money towards the ps5. That Xbox series X is a dumb name. Lol. The design doesn't bother me. It could be another dongle hanging off the tv for all I care. It has sparked a few funny memes tho. One thing I really like about the new xbox series x is the backwards compatibility with all previous console releases. All consoles need this going forward, period. I want the ps5 announcement to say full backwards compatibility with all consoles and digital purchases. I think it's utter bullshit that I can log on to my sony account online, see every digital purchase I've ever made, but I'm locked out from playing all these games because they're only available on a specific piece of hardware that is registered to my account. Imagine if steam locked your PC game purchases to the specific PC you purchased then to initially play on. You can play this game only on your main PC, but not my laptop. I don't think so. Fuck that. But meanwhile sony has been doing that for years. ps5 needs to let me play my digital ps3 and ps4 games. There is no reason why that cannot be possible.
  2. It looks ok, but it's all kids. Ehhhhhhhhh.
  3. I don't know what is going on in this movie, but I'm intrigued.
  4. Wonder Woman looks bad ass. I wonder how the hell they got Steve Trevor back from the dead..
  5. That spear is awesome, and the armor looks cool too.
  6. https://www.syfy.com/syfywire/cbs-viacom-merger-finalized-star-trek All the star trek rights will now belong to a single company again. After the TNG movies, the rights were split for some reason when the company broke apart. It meant all movies could no longer be considered canon for what was established. That's why the movie reboot years ago had to be a reboot in an altered time line. Now it'll all be one company again. We might be getting new star trek movies again in a few years.
  7. My water heater had a seizure. Made some weird sounds and made my lights go crazy in the house earlier. Wtf I can't catch a break. I took a 2 hour lunch break and drained the tank out. Im hoping it removed sediment and it'll work ok. I'm testing it tonight. I'm waiting on a handyman guy to text me back about when he can look at it. Fml.

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    2. DeathscytheX


      I guess the dip tube was broken in the apartment I use to live in. The shower would only stay hot for a good 5-6 minutes. XD Shit was so annoying. Eventually the damn thing just cracked open and they had to replace it after saying nothing was wrong with it for a year in a half.

    3. Sledgstone


      Lol. Sounds like a typical landlord to me. XD I watched these 2 very informative videos and the guy explains the entire workings of a water heater. I had no idea what that plastic tube inside my water heater was called so I watched videos to try and find out. Those plastic dip tubes corrode and break off after a while. I had no idea this was a thing. This guy's tank had 2 or 3 broken ones inside.

      It makes so much sense why my showers don't stay hot nowhere near as long as at my old house. A replacement tube with the metal nipple screw on piece is $39 on amazon. I can't find the damn things for sale at any hardware store. But lowes and home depot will sell a drip tube because they need to sell those with new units. But a dip tube, nope, they'd rather have you buy a new water heater.

    4. Sledgstone


      Also, I turned the heat up on my water heater last year because of the cold showers, turns out with my hard well water, that caused the heating elements to burn more of the minerals out of the water faster causing the build up mineral sediment faster. My water heater is working good now since friday but I'll replace the dip tube this spring when I don't have to worry about draining any more water out into the snow. Then my showers will get a significant improvement. In the mean time my showers now last a good 10 minutes of hot/warmth and that's good enough for now. 

  8. After a long time, I finally put the themes back up. There was a black friday sale and I got the themes renewed at 50% off which was a nice bonus. I'll update the background images at some point.
  9. That outfit looks good with those boots. I really like that sword.
  10. Sledgstone

    Aylanis Bard 2

    That bow is massive! And awesome looking. 😯
  11. Sledgstone

    PS Plus Games

    Me too. I've heard nothing but good things about it.
  12. I'm surprised a new Half Life is going to be VR only. I'd be upset about that, but I still haven't even finished Half-Life 2. XD Maybe by the time I finish it, this new Half-Life will have a non-VR port available.
  13. I noticed the majority of the reviews are like... "this game isn't for everyone." Jim Sterling and Angry Joe seem to have reviews that seem more honest about the gameplay than die hard Kojima fans. Based on their reviews I'll pass on playing this. To the people that enjoy it, go for it and have fun. Oh, and I thought the Conan O'Brien bit was literally a joke for his show. I had no idea he was actually in this game as a NPC. wtf.
  14. holy crap, I thought we'd never see a vibroblade outside of KOTOR. O_O
  15. Wow. That sounds like a completely different style of game than I was expecting. I never got into DS games so I might be better off watching a play through off this than playing it.
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