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  1. Looks like Call of Duty is mimicking Battlefield 1 now. Just like Advanced Warfare was inspired by Destiny.
  2. Tales from the Borderlands! Finally getting another decent title I'd like to play.
  3. I haven't watched MST3K in years. I noticed it pop up on netflix yesterday. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll watch some movies and see if I get hooked again.
  4. I thought the whole point of the alternate ending was in case they wanted to make a sequel. It added a nice twist to the ending, but I like the theater ending a bit more.
  5. I watched "Dragon Blade" this weekend. A great Jackie Chan movie, mostly subtitled. Really depressing and really good. The pacing of the movie was amazing to me. So much happened in 2 hours that it felt like some epic trilogy condensed down to 1 movie with all the boring parts removed.

  6. DICE might have finally realized that full arcade-style combat doesn't appeal to their primary fan base. Being stuck in a vehicle or hero for that entire life sounds fine to me. This game was on my list of "don't bother" but with that change and the inclusion of a single player campaign I'll start paying more attention to this.
  7. *revives topic from 3 years ago* I'm completely current with Game of Thrones and I'm looking forward to the next season. The first 2 seasons didn't appeal to me that much. The show prides itself on being deadly serious all the time but I couldn't bring myself to take it seriously at all with the amount of pointless nudity and straight up softcore porn scenes. Some epic scene could be happening and then it'll scene transition to a market place with some woman in the foreground spreading her legs in some acrobat position with the camera spot on to her genitals. ok... and then another serious scene will happen in another episode and a few mins later theres softcore porn. huh... then theres the pointless brothel scenes. All of which felt like nothing more than filler and could all easily be skipped since the sole purpose of those scenes is for young boys to masturbate to. in the end all the nudity throughout all 6 seasons was completely pointless (save for 2 scenes), added no plot, no character depth and could all easily be skipped and the viewer would miss no plot at all. Thankfully season 3 and on became much much better. Significantly better. Someone at HBO must have realized they were making porn with a really good plot on the side and decided to do a 180 and make it a completely plot driven story full of amazing action with some nudity on the side. Another thing, its hard to have a favorite character in this series because everyone dies so often. I thought I got used to the concept of major characters being killed off at any time thanks to watching the walking dead, but in game of thrones, major characters die so often that by season 6 I just assume anyone that is left will die at any moment and leave another plot line completely negated. Even minor characters will show up in an episode, start having some build up.. and then die. lol. Its impossible to get a firm attachment to any character or even care if any of them achieve anything in the end. If TWD killed off characters like GoT, the entire original cast would have been dead by season 3 except for maybe Rick. Maybe I'm a bit more pessimistic of this series because I streamed it all in one week instead of watching it over the course of years and it changed my perspective of it. The next season looks like it'll be amazing and full of massive conflict and bloody battles. The end of season 6 was perfect. *minor spoiler* Winter is finally here.. The White Walkers and their undead army are going to kill everyone..
  8. That is hilarious!
  9. He was good in Independence Day, but then a year later Men in Black came out and it felt like he was playing a completely similar character but in a different scenario. I did like his character in Enemy of the State, I forgot all about that movie. Avoid "After Earth" at all cost tho. x_x
  10. Just finished watching this a little while ago and I enjoyed it. It was definitely not on an Avengers level of quality tho. If it was Killer Croc would have actually been 9 to 11 feet tall like he was in the comics and cartoons. Seeing soldiers taller than him really makes the character seem completely out of place and unbelievable. It'd be like the Hulk being played nowadays by a body builder again like Lou Ferrigno did in the 80s. Harley Quinn was a good portrayal (the director constantly showing ass shots of her belittles her character tho), but in those flashback scenes with the joker it didn't emphasize that she fell in love with the joker because of stockholm syndrome. This was definitely a movie with Will Smith as the anchor tho. He did a good job as Deadshot (although I liked the portrayal of Deadshot in the CW Arrow series much more), but ever since I watched him in "The Pursuit of Happyness", he has set a bar for himself imo that he has never been able to reach back up to. Aside from I am Legend, I haven't been impressed with his work in years. :\ One more negative thing I noticed that is a huge pet peeve of mine and made me want to post a rant about this movie.. lol. The enchantress, after she got her power up from her brother, looked like a floating head on a CG body. Oh god how I hate that. That alone made me realize all the other things that disappointed me. Other than that, the action, gunplay, explosions, etc. all easily fit my criteria of a movie I'd enjoy watching. Damn that floating head effect. She looked so much cooler before that power up, like a super powerful version of the grudge movies.
  11. The trailer isn't building up my hype. If anything its making me annoyed because of the pre-order crap at the end. "pre-order now to get access to these heros or never get them in game later." I hate games that do that shit. Its one thing if its just a preorder exclusive skin and maybe these heros will only be re-skins of other heros available to everyone in the game. But pre-order incentives make me fold my wallet back up nowadays to wait for game of the year editions. Dice has also been having a bad track record with multiplayers imo. Battlefront and BF1 have both had 1 major thing in common. At launch, there is some OP gun that everyone plays the hell out of, it lasts 3-4 months, finally gets nerfed and then half the players quit the game. Jumping into a game at launch where I'll get one shotted by endless shotgun spam again or the equivilant of a DL-44 doesn't sound appealing anymore.
  12. I beat Rise of the Tomb Raider today.. finally. lol. It was good but the first game was definitely superior to me. The plot and pacing were well done and theres so much content to OCD on that it took me forever to beat it. Theres still 2 game modes I haven't tried and probably wont since they seem to be end game content that doesn't involve plot. One is a combat / survival / crafting mode and the other is a score based hordes / waves of undead enemies combat mode. The weapons and fighting in Rise of the Tomb Raider were well done, some of the perks make combat a bit too easy. Then again, with fully upgraded weapons, nothing really stands a chance again Lara Croft at the end. My rapid fire explosive shotgun rounds make quick work out of just about anything, same with my underslung grenade launcher on my assault rifle. Some of the DLC I got with the collectors edition was very well done. The witch DLC made me have a full on blair witch feel that was creepy as hell and thrilling. The croft manor DLC was a no combat mission that felt like an old school point and click rpg game where we explore the large croft manor, solve a few puzzles and get alot of backstory via voiced dialogue. I was disapointed with the bugs I came across. Most weren't major, it was small things that really break immersion. Most of which all took place in the last map of the game. In another map I saw some clay pots rotating wildly and making a bunch of noise for no reason.. and they were indestructable. I thought that was a bit funny and an odd bug for a big title game like this, especially since its been out for over a year. Then I got to the last map of the game.. The game has a bunch of puzzles in it, most of which is figuring out how to navigate a map to get to areas to complete challenges. I wasted 40 minutes trying to figure out how to get to this trebuchet and eventually gave up only to find out the next part in the campaign mission took me back to that same area, but now with a climbable wall that magically appeared. They could have at least made an explosion or something to explain the sudden change in this wall face, but they didn't. At that same treb, an enemy didn't spawn and it caused me to not be able to progress.. I had to walk around half the map until the other enemies respawned, and I purposefully didn't kill them, got up to the platform I needed to progress the game and the third enemy appeared. I looked it up and found out this bug has been present since the launch of the game back on Xbox One. Over a year later and this progress halting bug has not been fixed. wtf. I also saw 3 enemies perfectly still hugging a wall with their arms at odd angles.. as I approached them I saw 2 were floating from the cliff face they were supposed to be climbing.. and then the cliff face exploded sending their bodies flying. Somehow the developer forgot to animate those guys. Ummm... It feels like the last set of events was really rushed, but seeing as these things should have been patched by now and weren't is a bit disappointing. Don't get me wrong tho, these bugs only affected about an hour of my 40+ gameplay hours (not counting my afk hours, lol.). Even tho the bugs weren't a major hindrance, except for that trebuchet, they were immersion breaking. Seeing as the first Tomb Raider game was nearly flawless, I was expecting perfection again. oh well, I'm picky. Overall, Rise of the Tomb Raider was highly enjoyable and I hope they make a third game in the series.
  13. Luke: "Its time for the Jedi to end." Umm.. I hope not.
  14. My car is screwed up. :crap: It has an overheating issue but it doesn't show it as an issue. The radiator fan wont turn on unless my AC or heater is on. No check engine light or anything. After a long diagnosis at a dealership, they've concluded that the computer in the car itself is failing and needs to be replaced. Never had that happen to a car before. Its a hefty bill to get that swapped out. I could go cheap and buy a used part off ebay for $30-100 but I don't see the point when theres no way to test the damn things accurately considering mine is reading as functioning normally. wtf. :( Instead of trading in the car, I'll foot the $1k bill next week when the get the part in. I really don't want another car payment at this point.

    1. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Damn that sucks man but I feel ya. My car threw a check engine light on Wednesday, sadly I haven't had time to get it in and checked out (50 hour work weeks is really killing my ability to just get basic maintenance on my car done). A friend at work is going to bring his scanner in on Monday so we can check to see what the code is and hope it's not going to be a costly fix (funny thing is car is running fine so I'm thinking its a minor issue but with my luck with cars it's going to be an extremely costly fix).

    2. DeathscytheX


      You should try Firestone instead of the dealership. I had a similar issue but it was the cpu for my abs that went out. Firestone got a used part from a scrap yard for me and saved me $900. The Dealership is always a ripoff, I never take my vehicle there unless my car was under warranty. 

    3. Sledgstone


      Good luck with your car Strider. I used to do all my own car maintenance, but this toyota has been so damn good the last 7 years I've only had to get the front brakes done once.

      Normally I'd agree that the dealerships are rip offs, most of the time they are. But this toyota dealership I go to has been very reliable. The only thing that really seems marked up is the labor. I used to do all my own brake jobs, I'd buy high quality pads for $30+ and rotors for $30 a piece. So for about $100 I'd do my own front brakes, but I'd have to do them at least once every 2 1/2 years because of the amount of driving I was doing at the time. But after putting on a crap load of miles on my corolla and having the front brakes last roughly 4 years, I decided to pay the extra cash for the OEM brake pads and rotors since they last twice as long as the aftermarket ones. The price for those in parts was a bit over double, $230. I was having some health issues and since it was winter (I have no garage), I had the dealership do the work. Ended up charging me $160 in labor. $500 for a brake job seems pretty steep to me compared to getting it done somewhere else for $200, but the parts are double the life span (at least they are for toyota, never seemed to be the case with any GM vehicle I ever owned). This ECU unit is going to cost me $600 for the part. I could save $500 buying a used one, but I'm hesitant because it could have some issue as well. But for the full $1k they quoted me, that also includes replacing the thermostat ($75 part). Roughly $325 in labor total for both parts. I could probably get the bill knocked down to $500 going to another mechanic and getting a used ECU, but I'm also planning on making multiple 18 hour round trips to ohio over the next couple years. x_x If I was just driving around locally I'd probably go with the cheaper option, but it feels like I'd be better off with the more expensive route for the peace of mind. :crap:

  15. That was well played. That D. Va selfie is great.