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    Hi everyone, I hope that you are having a good day. My name is Alex and I've been a fan of anime since I was a kid. BTW, am I on the right thread to do some introduction? I hope you can forgive me for being such an intruder.
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    Every time I see Bonesaw I can't help but think of this song.
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    So I officially need a change of pants after this. My major draw back to this is it goes back to original Ace Combat storyline taking place 10 years after Ace Combat 5 (unlike the shitty Assault Horizon title). God 2017 can't get hear soon enough because I've been having AC withdrawals lately (I almost booted up my 360 the other night just to play 6 again).
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    So I finally beat the story today and I have to say I'm actually quite impressed with what Bungie did with Destiny 2. Story was great but there were a few low points, as DX said the humor was upped considerably (I now officially love Cayde even more), and the loot is generously doled out as you level (I got 2 exotic engrams before I was even 12, one from a public event and one from a random chest). While I still have problems with the game (there's a few things they didn't change from D1 that irk me and I'm still pissed about the Crucible changes) all in all it's definitely worth a buy and play through if your so inclined (though if you're not willing to pay full price wait until it goes on sale). Now to start the long and arduous power level grind, ugh.
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    Heh, Teawrex finally hit 290 today after 7 hours of grinding for it. It's nice they're so giving with the legendary and exotic gear but it seems they want you to work for that damn power level (which apparently the highest PL guardian right now is or was sitting at 296 as of 4 pm today). Seems to be the best way of going about it is just grinding out rep with each of the factions and hoping for the best (and getting in a clan, the damn rewards you get from that can be fucking amazing from what I've seen) as well as doing you're exotic weapon quests and what not (Tea has a Strum at 294 (Kinetic Exotic Handcannon, pretty sweet looking if you ask me. He had a 294 Multi-tool but he infused it into a legendary energy scout) until the raid goes live Wednesday. The Nightfall looked pretty damn interesting (I was watching Gothalion and Broman do it this morning) and I kind of like the idea of a time limit (though it doesn't seem to be all that bad, they cleared with plenty of time to spare). Sadly the one downside to watching Tea play is he doesn't do the Strikes since he's so obsessed with hitting 300 PL before the raid so it's nice to hear that at least some of them are fun. After watching Tea grind all day today (yea, I spent a lot of time watching Twitch today. I really need to find something better to do with my time on days off) I broke down and purchased it, just waiting on it to download (got the standard edition, if I end up enjoying it I'll buy the season pass). The adventures look like fun (and they're nice little additions to the story), public events actually look like they're worth doing now (and those heroic versions for some of them look like fun), the story seems pretty damn solid, and honestly I'm just surprised by how much Bungie did to improve upon shit they fucked up in D1 (there are still things I see that didn't get fixed but they're minor). I look forward to giving this a go tomorrow after my initial FFXIV grind, will be a nice distraction until I get my ass in gear to play Horizon.
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    Yes I did beat the story in a day, but you have to remember I played 5 hours of launch night, and then played from 11am to 4am that day. At your pace Sledge, it would probably take you a month to beat the campaign. There is plenty to log back in for each day. It seems the planet challenges are daily? Earth and Io changed for me, but Nessus is still on what I was working on the previous day... maybe its 24 hours after doing all the challenges. The adventures could be considered part of the story, more appear after you beat the campaign. These must have replaced grimoire cards because they are actually lengthy side stories. The challenge missions are as well. Once you beat the challenge missions on each planet you get what amounts to the old style bounty for an exotic weapon. I had to stop doing those because they take up an weapon inventory slot just like the old ones. C'mon Bungie, why? Anyways, Ive played through a lot of these things and the stories are pretty neat. And you actually can repeat them if you like them enough. They become available at the planet's NPC rep vendor after you do them. My favorite one so far was ole Rasputin luring me into a damn Vex death trap, and then periodically trolling them with some type of hypnosis music while I killed them. I've also managed to reach power level 264 doing all open world PvE. To do the nightfall you must reach 230 for reference. I seems every time you do reach a new level of rep with these vendors you get a more powerful legendary engram. I'm pleasantly surprised. I like this game way more than I thought I would. If the DLC adds more planets, more adventures, and what not, it will be worth it for me. Even though I have all exotic and legendary gear, blues are still worth picking up for infusions. So doing public events and adventures that only give you rare gear, are still worth doing because they could drop a blue that has a higher attack power than what you have. They must have put someone else in charge of designing this loot system, because its the best I've seen in any RNG based game... and its crazy I can say that. What is even funnier, is I am seeing a few friends trying to acquire loot the old way. When I log on I see them doing strikes or PvP, and I'm like 20 points higher than them with a few hours less of playtime. Strider I meant that as a joke. Those milestones are just a short intro the first time you launch the game. I'm not sure if you can ever look at it again after that. I thought it was a cool tribute. I had a VoG clear, Crota clear, Made it to the Light House on Trials of Osiris, and The Black Garden. If all you did was VoG, then you'll only see 2 cards for that and us beating the last mission. Get it for what ever platform you want. Like you said our play times may not match up. I'm generally off on Sunday's and Wednesday's, otherwise I play from 10:30pm to about 3am central time. If you do get it for PS4, I'd be more than happy to team up when possible. It seems a few of these bounties require you to be in a fireteam of at least 2. On a final note.... The Taken are annoying as fuck. At least those of us that didn't buy any DLC outside of the season pass get to experience it in this game. I'm curious if they put in subtle alternate dialog for players based on their save date from D1. The first time I encoutered them the whole Oryx thing was explained, and it was the only time something like that was made out like it was brand new to me. Oh and Swords are bad ass. I didn't think I'd like them, but they are among my favorite power weapon. I have an arc one just to slay the shit out of fallen captains. The fact that you don't need to reload them ever makes them great for panic moments. Nothing worse than swapping to your power weapon only to have to reload it because you previously used up all the ammo.
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    Initial thoughts While this game mechanically is identical to D1. You can really tell what a copy/cut and paste job D1 was. The train wreck of the previous game becomes more noticeable with how this game flows. The story is superior in every way possible. There is purpose, narrative, and direction. There is an actual villain, and you have a real goal. The musical score is amazing. They could probably Rerelease Destiny 1 ten years from now in some special edition for whatever underpowered Nintendo console is out at the time, with all its cut content restored/redone. So far the story is really good. And if you're wondering, the Generator room nerf consisted of the second tier turbines being removed so there is only one set of them. What else is good? They actually fixed just about every issue the beta had. Ammo drops a lot, power ammo drops from every yellow bar, but its still kinda scarce. Your super charges a lot faster to where you can needlessly hold on to it for big moments that may never happen. The enemy AI is a lot better in this game. While the Cabal are still the same clunky oversized enemies. The fallen are a lot smarter and have new movement tactics. They now do this running dash where they set there body really low to the ground and run to cover or away. Its actually annoying as i had to chase down a HVT in the open world when he kept doing this. It can really throw off your aim as well. The hive is still pretty similar but so far thrall spawns are more tactical and annoying. Instead of a bunch all running out of a narrow doorway, I experienced them in more open areas spawning out of a wider array of corners. They are still terrifying when you hear the screams. The game doesn't shy away of bringing back all your "favorites" at the start. The exploding thrall's, and the exploding shanks all make sure you make your life miserable near the start. Once I played past the opening mission I ran around the EDZ a bit. I still don't have a sparrow so I did what I could while there. Adventures are pretty neat. Way better than the bland patrol missions in the first game. Then again I don't know if I'd want to repeat any of them or if i can. There also seemed to be a lot of stuff locked off from me as far as exploration goes. I hit a few public events... they were your standard fare of stop the fallen mining and the devilwalker. What is interesting is I got 2 exotic engrams from two different PEs. Exotics I could use at my low level as well. Sadly the boots I got already have been outclassed by the time I stopped playing by greens. Still, its interesting to get low level exotic stuff. I also did two lost sectors, but I was guided into them by the introductory adventure, and by a second adventure I did later. I'll reserve judgement on how much there is to do on patrols. After running 4-5 adventures I seemed to have done them all for the EDZ, but then again maybe its because that's all that shows up for my current power level. Like I said I saw a few force fielded walled off areas I couldn't get into yet. Missions are varying lengths The last one I did was a good 20-30 min long.. but it was really 2 missions that were just back to back off a cut scene. Either way, they make sense as you know what you're doing, and why you're doing it. Instead of wandering around aimlessly listing to your ghost ramble about nonsensical stuff, there is a bunch of radio chatter between important characters as a narrative. It really gives the game more life. Whats bad? The grenades still take forever to come back. That's one thing they didn't fix. Also, you always revert to your primary kinetic weapon out of your super... I mean wtf? Why? It's thrown me off so much when I think I'll go back to shooting my SMG only to shoot one shot with my hand cannon. Also I had to wait 30 minutes after launch to get in because servers were at capacity. So much for that "rolling launch". The tool tips are annoying as fuck and wont go away until you do them. They're very obstructive to where you just do them to get rid of them. I'm kinda iffy on the new light system. Both your weapons and armor contribute to your power level which replaces the light system. The issue I have with it is that you're basically forced to use the weapons that drop that have the higher power value regardless of the type. Got a sweet shotgun? Too bad this shitty nade launcher dropped with a higher power level moments after you got it. Once you reach level 20, and the power level cap it won't matter I guess, but along the way it kinda sucks. Especially since adventures and missions have recommended power levels sorta like The Division had. I also don't like that I'm having to wait to get access to my sparrow.. wtf? So, all I can say right now is that its like D1 probably should have been, there isn't anything ground breaking or new.. you just have Destiny with a better story that isn't limited by old gen consoles. It's like a "sorry guys for that last game, this is what we meant to make". I'll post more impressions once I get into strikes and discover how useful if at all patrolling is as endgame content.
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    Ok so I finally watched this and I'll give my thoughts on it (because I know everyone wants to hear them (yea I know you don't)) but be forewarned I have some major issues with this movie. I will point out that I did not hate this movie, as an action/sci-fi movie it's pretty damn good and the visuals are fucking amazing (some of the best cg I've seen in a long time, damn did they do a good job on it). The soundtrack is also pretty damn amazing, has hints of music from the original animated movie in their. Now anyways lets get on with what I thought (from now on things will be in spoilers, read if you wish too but I'm doing this for those who don't want anything ruined). The Bad: The Good: Again I didn't hate this movie but as a self-respecting GitS fan I cannot call it a welcome addition to the franchise. It's a good action/sci-fi flick and I recommend giving it a watch if you're not a huge fan of the franchise (and by that I mean like me, if you have a passing interest in the series give it a watch but you'll be sorely disappointed in it if you're a die hard fan). The only thing I fear though is what this means for a Gunm/Battle Angel Alita adaptation (it's in the works but considering how much they butchered the source material for this movie I fear what they'll do with BAA).
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    Though shall not forget about Street Fighter, now I want to visit Japan and eat some sushi. I also like this one, Final Fantasy never fails to create an interesting OST for all their series.
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    I just realized that pizza in the original post has shrimp on it. I don't think I would want tomatoes on my shrimp.
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    LOL. Well I guess you learn something every day. I prefer olives, and not fruits that are sweet on my pizza. Especially as toppings. I like meats and also fungi known as mushrooms. Edit: Sledge wtf. People down here in the south like banana and mayo sandwiches. The most vile creation I've ever heard of.
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    http://kotaku.com/the-new-lupin-the-third-anime-series-looks-terrific-1726579040?utm_campaign=Socialflow_Kotaku_Facebook&utm_source=Kotaku_Facebook&utm_medium=Socialflow Yes Please... I really loved the dark take on A Woman Called Fujiko Mine. This one looks to go back to the light hearted comedic style. I have no problem with that. Lupin has always been one of my favorite series. I love the old animation style mixed with new effects.
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    Sledge you won't be disappointed, HIMYM is an amazing show. I was heartbroken when they ended it as it's probably one of my favorite shows ever (great humor, great cast (NPH does an amazing job portraying Barney), and some of the best jokes I've heard in years). Sadly I can't really say I have many favorite old TV shows as growing up I never really had control of the TV (my father controlled it and we spent a lot of time watching Wrestling and random stupid shit I couldn't get into) and when I did I spent most of that time watching cartoons. The only real shows I got into were Star Trek Voyager (the one show both my father and I liked watching), Star Trek: TNG, X-Files (I was a huge X-Files junky up until Mulder disappeared, could never get into it after that), the good shows on MTV (like Daria), and a few other shows here and there (yea the 90's kid in me shows, I was also a huge Power Rangers fan (the one show I watched religiously)).
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    While I chose this track the whole OST is a fucking eargasm of amazing music, this is just the culmination when you beat the game (and considering how it ends this song is extremely fitting). As of playing this game this has been and will always be my favorite soundtrack of any game (ABZU comes in second but I have yet to beat the game). This game has no voice acting and little to no story (except for what you make of it) except for snippets on random walls/shrines. The game relies entirely on the soundtrack to set its pace and it couldn't of done a better job. If you never get the chance to play the game do yourself of favor and listen to the soundtrack, its definitely worth it. Of course I had to put a FFXIV song here. If it wasn't for this trailer/video I probably never would of started playing FFXIV and I freaking adore this song (I've listened to it on repeat so many times I actually have it memorized, song's name is Answers btw). Such a beautiful song and by far my favorite one off the entirety of FFXIV's discography (which is massive now and has some amazing music. Other personal favorites include Titan's Theme, Ramuh's Theme, Dragonsong (the theme song for Heavensward), and Revolutions (theme song for Stormblood)). FYI this video is how they wrapped up the story from the failed 1.x version of FFXIV and what led us into A Realm Reborn. There's plenty more I could post but those two stand out the most for me. Honorable mentions would be Zone of the Ender's OST (first game, I wasn't really into the 2nd Runner's OST), Ace Combat 5 and 0's OST (both extremely good soundtracks), Chrono Cross's OST (there are some amazing songs in those 3 discs), and every Chocobo Theme ever produced (hey I love the Chocobo Themes).
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    I just hope they release Starfox 2 for the Switch. I'd buy it.... and its the only reason I'd want an SNES classic.
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    All those years ago I made a couple other anime sites. http://deathbygundam.com/ & http://windscar.com/ At one point I was going to make a variety of anime sites and Ancient Clan was going to be the primary hub for them all. Then life got in the way and my interests slowly faded. But its all good. I don't think I'll make any more anime sites, but I will expand on AC more in the future. And our anime forum is always open. Feel free to make status updates if you want, or upload some gallery pics, make some topics about a new anime you watched, etc. If you have any questions let me know. Was that the april fools when I put a message on the top of the forum that said something like: "Pssst, don't tell anyone, but you've been selected to have admin powers for today only. Ban anyone you want for 1 hour, go ahead.. they'll never know." ? And when someone put a name in and clicked ban, they'd ban themselves for an hour instead? That was a great april 1st. *throws some big wheel at the floor forever making this topic smell amazing*
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    Eh, they should stop making these. They'll never recapture the magic of the first 4. Michael Fassbender and Danny McBride were the only good actors in this film... Danny McBride, let that sink in. He actually did a surprisingly good job of being something other than an arrogant buffoon he's type casted himself as. They basically threw out the whole lore of Xenomorphs and did whatever the hell they wanted to in this film. Now you can get chest busters, back bursters, and mouth bursters in several different ways. They come out as mini Xenomorphs now, instead of the traditional chest burster... even if someone gets facehugged the old fashion way... nope. Mini-Xeno! and then they become giant within seconds? I mean, I know they grow pretty fast... but hey lets make it even faster. And then lets take one, stand in a circle around it a shoot 1000 rounds into it, and magically no one gets shot or bathed in acid blood.. just one person dies because of possibly a tail swipe, but you don't know really until you get it on DVD and do it in slow mo. The mystery of the Xenomorph's origin is ruined by some lame explanation. Most the characters are idiots like MyK said... and the ungodly inconsistency in one of Fassbenders characters was so forced to try to make suspense, it didn't work because it was obvious what had happened. The end was shit. I probably shouldn't even use a spoiler tag to save you the money, but I'll do it. This film is pretty much a direct sequel to Prometheus.
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    Well that makes me even less inclined to buy it now if they're killing the shotgun meta, I actually like how shotguns felt and performed in Crucible (no this just means Fusion Rifles will be the go to now). The Rocket/Sniper changes I like as it was frustrating as hell when you got you're head taken off from across the map or saw your ass go flying off due to a rocket barrage. Honestly I never liked how Trials felt or played and if that's the direction they're going in I've lost what interest I even had for D2 now (PvP wise, I'm still undecided on single player right now). I've been relying on Youtubers from game impressions and reviews for the last 6 years now, I rarely go to VG247 or Gamespot anymore for news. Sadly Youtubers are bought a lot easier than publications and while they might be good at the game they're playing are going to give the game a favorable review if they get paid to do one. That's the only real problem I have with using Youtubers which is why I only watch those whose opinions I actually respect (like Matimi0, Jack, Level, and Mr. Happy (for FFXIV related things, he's my go to for guides and what have you)). Shibby said it best in this video on his thoughts on the Destiny 2 reveal (and he was there which he will point out). The video starts right before his impressions. If you've never seen this show it's pretty much just a joke gaming show but occasionally they have pretty damn good insights on whats going on in the gaming industry (the show is called T.U.G.S or Totally Uniformed Gaming Show, it's from the guys who do ETC News and this is on there new channel after they switched all gaming related stuff to their new channel).
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    Meh, not even sad I'll miss this. Female Spock rip off, and on top of that all I can see is Sasha. She wasn't a good actor in TWD, and I don't see that changing here. Too many aliens as crew... it makes zero sense timeline wise if this took place before TOS. We go from Humans and a Vulcan on Enterprise to a diverse alien crew on this series, back to humans and a vulcan on TOS. The "I can sense death" guy already bothers me. I feel like its something that's going to be overplayed, and unlike Counselor Troy, there is no way to be vague about his abilities in a way where he could be wrong and it be believable. The captain isn't the anchoring main character, and seems weak in this trailer... if "Sasha" is always questioning her orders, it will make the story worse.
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    The sub already started at the beginning of the month. I'm just glad I don't have to wait a good 4-5 months to watch this dubbed.
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    BALLOONS AREN'T SCARY. Stop trying to make balloons scary! Screenplay not by Stephen King, it might work out. Should be R rated, though, that's more appropriate. I dunno, Tim Curry made the last movie/series enjoyable. I don't know if they're going to have as memorable Pennywise as his is.
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    Rodan is really the only big name next to Godzilla. I was hoping for Gigan, Destoroyah, or of course Ghidorah. Human characters plot
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    After debating between HZD and this, I went with this because I felt it was shorter and would be easier to knock out before Mass Effect. The Good Combat is fluid and rewarding. Dodging is extremely forgiving requiring zero timing to get right, when you see an enemy do their big attack animation, you can start spamming it in the middle of your combo chain. You combo chain will continue and the dodge will happen before you take damage. It may sound lowskill, but screw it, I like it, but sadly I think they did this for another reason I'll go into later. My only gripe about the combo system is that successful dodges sometimes result in a knock up air combo... obviously smaller bosses aren't going to be knocked up, but you continue with the animation attacking air and missing out on DPSing the boss. Other than that, combo chains are easily strung together with light and heavy attacks. Any weapon can be slotted in the heavy and light attack arrangements. This will effect their maximum combo ability in which both are noted in the weapon stats without having to slot and find out. Weapons are upgradable through materials and currency, both which are dropped from defeated enemies. These upgrades increase power, max combo ability, and may add buffs like faster attack, discount from vendors when equipped, etc. Weapons are purchased through vendors and found in hidden locations. Each that I've acquired have different styles of attack. You have two weapon set ups you can swap on the fly via the UP button on the D-pad. Since you're an android you can upgrade your abilities with chips. These chips give a variety of things like auto-consuming health when down to a % of HP, reduced damage taken from melee/ranged attacks, HP increase, to even drop rate % of loot from enemies. These chips all cannot be equipped as you get them however. you have a limited amount of space to install software, and each take up a certain amount of space depending on the quality and what they do. Chips can be fused with like chips to increase their abilities... which in turn may make the final product take up more space. You can purchase more slots to equip more/better chips and you also have 3 set ups you can configure and swap too if you so desire. The big boss fights are wild and engaging. I've fought 3 so far and they were all very different fights, as a whole, the combat never gets stale. As you get better, newer types of enemies show up with different attacks, and different means to take them down. The game's ability to transition from 3D hack and slash, to side scroller, to top down scroller, to twin stick shooter is incredible. It never feels out of place, because the transitions are so smooth and just work with the situation. The more unique thing about this game is the online connectivity for a single player title. After the intro mission you are given the option to go online. Its completely worth it for you and others that play the game. What this does is allows you to see where other players have died in the game. While you'll never see an active player screwing up your game like Watchdogs, you can use their corpse to loot for random chips and money depending on what they had equipped, or you can repair their remains and it becomes a temporary AI ally that will fight along side you for as long as it can. What is interesting about this is that it will use what ever weapon the player was using when they died. When you die, you lose a small amount of items and money. I believe this is what gets passed on to another player. You can still retrieve your items back if you go back to your remains. You have a generous amount of time to get back to it, but stray for too long and it will disappear... and if you die before getting back to it, it will disappear. I almost left it once because I wandered into a place that I shouldn't have... but when I realized I dropped my best chip (health regen per kill) I had to go back to get it and run out. What is humorous is that you'll see bodies scattered everywhere around boss fights. You can only revive one dead player at a time however, so you can't have an army of android corpses to take down the boss for you. These AI fight really well, but they are severely limited outside of that. You can leave them behind real fast if you do too many complex things... they can't jump up buildings with you, and if you have to glide down on your pod, they'll just clumsily fall to their demise and explode. This system also doesn't seem to be region locked. I've come across players with Kanji names. So hopefully people that get this game late will still have lootable corpses the other players left behind no matter what part of the world you're playing it in. The voice acting is really good, and the character models are nice... I don't know why they all cover their eyes with cloth though. Maybe its too avoid a Mass Effect situation. Oh, and there is full button map customization. This should be standard on every game this generation... not just NieR and Overwatch. Presets are lazy and need to go away. I was very satisfied as I only wanted to change 2 buttons... other games would make me have to deal with 3 other buttons being in places I didn't want them just to arrange shoot and dodge where I wanted them. The Bad I have a feeling this game is more side quests than anything.... damn there are a lot of side quests and they are the only decent way to level up. Combat gives XP, but not much. These side quests have a lot of variety and I don't mind them, but this game is lacking in the fast travel department. The world isn't that big, but running to the zones I need to go to gets a bit meh. I guess they want you to enjoy the white thong booty jiggle as you run naurto style in a short skirt that they spent so much time realistically animating. Getting places isn't that bad, because when you access a new area, you're generally given a short cut on the way back to come and go as you please... but I still would have liked a wp system since there are so many side quests that make you go to another part of the map. (I'd say the map is the size of Destiny's Old Russia with a bit more verticality) Another issue which makes this worse is that even though you can run really fast, rocks and bushes will make you trip up and slow you down to regular run speed making you have to start your speed running back up. I can forgive this on things like bushes and trees... but rocks on the ground in a narrow path is pretty stupid. And this was intentionally done, because there is a really nice animation for it... programmed pebble clipping. The saving system is ancient. WTF? Why did they do this? There is no auto save. If you die you don't have to start where the last time you saved was, but if you turn the game off, I assume you do. You can save at terminals... which should have been waypoints... and I think you can save anywhere withing a generous proximity of them by hitting option. The main purpose of the terminal is to download map info and check your emails for lore/mission updates/etc. There are also rest stations where you can save and choose to quit the game, I think this option just refills your HP bar if its not 100%. You can just save and quit normally without having to lay down in a bed. Either way, its an old system, and they let you know at the start of the game that there is no autosave which is more of a head scratcher... because clearly the infrastructure for autosave is there since it caches progress to a point if you die. Invisible walls are everywhere in this game... places that look explorable like a doorway or something you can jump up onto are often blocked by that old 90's invisible barrier. This is the first Japanese game I've bought in years that wasn't Zelda or MGS. Its the first SquareEnix game I've bought in who knows when... Maybe like 3 console generations? If this wasn't a hack and slash I wouldn't be able to look past it... because the game is a sandbox world style adventure.... with weapons hidden in secret locations you can only find by exploring. It gives it a pretty dated feel. It doesn't ruin it... but better design choices could have been made. Invisible walls would work if they didn't have so many open doorways. The main map doesn't have a dedicated button, you have to hit option and then select the map tab even though its first, and then go to map... this is off putting since the mini map can only do so much for you in any game. Plus there are to ways to access the main hub where your map is by default... they could have made this a mapping option. As much as you can access on the fly from weapon swap to consumables, the map should have been a no-brainer The Ugly Frame rate drops are pretty common on this game. I'm starting to worry that this will become a habit for some developers that make these games for the PS4Pro and don't optimize them well enough for the old PS4. It only happens in the core area where there is water and tall grass, much like Zelda BOTW. The game isn't very colorful by a design choice, so they could have spent some more time optimizing the shaders to fix this. The frame rate issue is why I think they made the dodge so forgiving. This game its somewhat about timing for maxium DPS, as getting hit can fling you far from the enemy and even ragdoll you at times. Dated programing.... ugh Some of this stuff just makes you go WTF? Pressing option or the touch pad will send you to your main hub where you can view your quests, loadouts, and pod configurations. The quick access options aren't perfect for panic situations, and accessing the main hub is still desirable at times. If you jump and try to press these buttons, it just sends you to a regular pause menu... you have no access to customize anything for no reason whatsoever. So if you're in a tense boss fight and you jumped to avoid an attack... you have to wait until you land to swap something out. This is really irritating, something similar happens when your main AI companion is talking to you, you can't interact with any vendors or turn in quests until he STFU. It will even have a red X on the interact button... I get that they don't want you to miss vital info maybe, but then when you kill something and try to loot a drop, some dialog may start and you skip half of it mashing O trying to pick up the damn loot and then YOU DO miss out on info. I mean really? C'mon, who still designs like this? I've also had a main quest pop at random and until I went and did it, I couldn't turn in any side quests... I literally just arrived at the NPC when it popped and I walked all that way for nothing.... again fast travel. It wasn't a long walk (60 seconds tops), but it was still stupid. In conclusion for now It may sound like I'm trashing the game, but honestly I love it so far despite these flaws. I just thought I'd put it here because I know a lot of things like that matter to other people so much it would be a deal breaker. Despite no auto save there is plenty of opportunities to save manually and its very quick. If you want a hack and slash that requires strategy but has forgiving controls, this is worth it so far. I have my next main quest, but I'm too busy running around trying to upgrade my weapons and do side quests... While I may complain about the running around, I found myself saying "I'll just turn in these last few before calling it a night" for about 2 hours. The story is intriguing and I already see a few plot twists developing, I just don't know how they are going to play out. I'll post again when I beat it.
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    So I decided (since I'm sicker than a dog and don't have the required frame of mind for Horizon) to try out the DLC tonight. I did the two new operations hoping to get to see all the maps (no surprise that I didn't). My thoughts: -As far as I can tell both Operations are Defender friendly as I was attacking both times. Verdun more so then Soisson (SP?) as the defenders have a huge terrain advantage once you get past the first set of objectives (not kidding you, they have the high ground making it damn near impossible to push as an attacker). Soisson is actually pretty attacker friendly until the last objective and even though it's a tank heavy map its damn near impossible for the attacking side to cap it (completely open with trenches giving assault players on the defending side plenty of cover). Really wish I could of seen the other two maps but as usual DICE seems to heavily favor the defending side. -The new Behemoth is kind of a joke as it's pretty much an extremely slow moving heavy tank with bigger guns. Both times we got in on the attacking side on Soisson it went down in a little under 3 minutes having no effect on the tide of the battle. If I had to rank it against the other Behemoths is tied in dead last with the train as useless. Of course this could of been the driver both times but to me it just seems to be an extremely useless heavy tank with on less seat. -I'm sure most know this already if you watch any of the major BF youtubers but the new weapons are locked behind something similar to assignments but not as in depth as they were in BF3. You basically have to accomplish two tasks for each variant of the new guns. I absolutely hate this as it forces you to use guns and gadgets I hate just to unlock something (though I will admit I'm becoming a fan of the Lewis Gun now that I need to use it for the Low Weight version of the new LMG). Each gun has two variants except for the assault weapons as there are two of them (the shotgun and the ribeyrolles). -You will be happy to know that you can only carry one gas grenade now (as well as one smoke). In the two matches I played I rarely saw gas being used, it's mostly frags/sticks/impacts now. There is still grenade spam but it's not as bad as it was prior to the DLC. They've also added an exchange to the Battlepack system allowing you to buy past skins for scrap. You're limited to four and it's one of each quality type as well as a vehicle skin (which I did happen to get the new Legendary skin for the Artillery truck tonight in the battlepack I was given for March) that DICE has chosen, it resets every week (I warn you the scrap costs are pretty ridiculous). All in all I find it rather meh. I still think DICE should of released this in December/January for what feels like an extreme lack of content. I did have fun playing tonight but honestly its not enough to keep me playing beyond once in a blue moon when I get bored. Quite frankly if you're not already a Premium member I wouldn't pick the DLC up, it's not worth the money you would pay and it's definitely not worth buying Premium for.
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    I'm just posting base impressions on this based on what little game time I actually have in it (I've put about 8 hours into the game as of writing this) and after having it stare me in the face for 3 days before I could play it (god damn was that the longest wait I've ever had before playing a game (didn't have any time during the week and I've completely stayed away from any articles/videos that may give away spoilers for this game)). I'm highly impressed with this game, Guerilla went out of their way to give a a highly polished game out of the get go (it had the smallest day 1 patch out of any game released in recent years that's how polished this was). The visuals are amazing, even on my old school PS4. Don't get me wrong there are some wonky animations here and there (I ran into an NPC who's eyes liked to wander up into her head (kinda creepy when you talk to her)) but overall this is an impressive looking game (I climbed up my first Long Neck today and the view from on top of it's head was breath taking). I'm also extremely happy the the map is rather big, not huge like a lot of games like it (no where near as big as Zelda's map (good god that map is huge from what I've seen on live streams) but big enough that I can see why this game will take up to 50 hours to beat (I hear if you just do the story the game is rather short but I'm OCD so I'm doing all the side quests and getting all the collectibles while I travel between story missions). I can't speak much on the story but what I have done of the story missions I have to say it's rather interesting and engaging. There's a lot of mystery in this game and I wonder just how much of it we unravel as we play through it (like why is the world the way it is, who was Aloy's mother (a major plot point I'm gathering from little I know), what's with the machine animals, etc (I'd put more examples but I'd be walking a thin line for spoilers based on where I think the story is going)) because I'm expecting this game to be a series. While most of the characters I've run into are rather bland (not much to say about them, I've run into a few that have been interesting but they seem few and far between) Aloy is a wonderful protagonist who, much like me, is questioning what the hell is wrong with the world. She's sarcastic as hell when dealing with assholes and a compassionate person when she wants to be (lets just say not many people like her from the get go so she's rather callous until the need arises for her not to be). Overall she's probably one of my favorite protagonists to date. Combat is a joy and I say this after having my ass handed to me a few times (I have yet to be killed but I've been pretty close to dieing a few times). A lot of it is stealth based and going loud and proud isn't a viable tactic in this game (especially when fighting corrupted machines, a few reviews have pointed this out). Almost everything travels in herds (or at least the ones I've run into, I haven't run into the huge T-Rex looking machine yet nor have I run into any of the machine birds) and alerting one pretty much alerts all of them. Picking targets and luring them away one by one is pretty much the key to most encounters (human and machine alike) when you can pick and choose them (some encounters do not give you a choice and a lot of those have been story based at the moment) otherwise it's all about relying on your skills and weapons. There isn't much choice in weaponry I've noticed. Pretty much all you get is you're spear (I don't know if you get another one throughout the game but the one I started with has been upgraded once due to a side quest), a variety of bows with varying uses (some are for sharpshooting, some for close range combat, some built with stopping power in mind, etc), a variety of slings (for launching elemental type bombs that cause status effects), tripcasters (used to create traps on the battle field that trip machines), traps in general, and some others I haven't tried yet. There is of course a variety of different ammunition types for you're bow and I can't list all of them as I haven't exactly run into any other then normal, precise, fire, and tear arrows (tear arrows rip armor and components off of machines). All in all I'm very happy with this game and the hype I had for it was definitely rewarded. This is probably my game of the year and it's barely started, that's how much I'm enjoying it.
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    The fact that this has been getting stellar reviews makes me beyond happy I pre-ordered this on a whim a couple nights back (CE none-the-less as Amazon still had copies of it). Seriously can't wait until Tuesday to get my hands on this and start playing it.
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    I'm probably going to be in the minority on this but I'm not overly impressed with what we're getting in this DLC. While the maps sound fun and look to be fun as hell the weapons are extremely disappointing imo (I know nothing of their real life counterparts but the LMG sounds shitty based on the info Level gave in his video, the Assaults new weapon sounds okay, the Scouts could be good but honestly won't know until we get stats, and the Medics weapon doesn't sound overly bad but who knows. The new pistol seems like it's going to be a new tanker/pilot weapon and the new melee weapons are meh except for the sword dagger thing), I'm not liking the sounds of the new Elite class (yay, more grenade spam. Just what BF1 needed was more grenade spam), the new Behemoth is about the only real thing I'm interested in (I hope its completely controllable and not set on rails, we really need a behemoth that can actually doing something more then be a bullet sponge), and while I'm happy we're getting two new operations I sense I'm going to get sick of them within a week of playing them. My only real hope is that this ribbon system goes into effect and adds some progression to this game (not much sadly but more then we got now). Sadly I have a feeling BF1 is going to be sitting on my HDD taking up space until the second DLC comes along. I hate to say it but I'm just not feeling the BF1 anymore, really thinking about going back to BF4 and deleting BF1 to make room for more games (like Horizon and ME).
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    I've bought loot boxes every festival, and got at least 2 of the legendary skins each time. BF1 loot box system is so garbage by comparison. X_x EDIT: I've gotten all the legendary skins except D.Va. I don't really care to get it because her outfit looks funky (FASHION!). I was complaining to friends the other day how she has gotten any good skins since Summer Games. But I'm not impressed with a wooden mech. All the other skins are fantastic. I got Reinhardt, Winston, and Roadhog from boxes and I bought the Zenyatta one with my coins. I'd like to get that tracer one as well, but I'm not going to spend on it even though it's not 3000c.
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    I'm guessing that Wolf Link has the same role as the dogs in BotW. So you don't have to buy the Wolf Link Amiibo in order to get that in game function. I have my doubts that Nintendo is getting rid of Amiibos since they made Amiibos for BotW. Especially if Switch controllers have Amiibo readers. Seems like unneeded hardware if they were. As for Miiverse, I never got involved in that. I don't know if no Miiverse means no Miis. But I wouldn't miss the Miis if they were gone. The Xbox Avatars look way better. And PS Home Avatars were the best looking out of the three, but they those were tied to PS Home.
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    While I have no real opinion on the differences of the two versions of the new Zelda game I thought I'd throw my two cents into the PS4 comparison. Nintendo has never been about making a powerful console, we all know this (the only reason they did so well was the games on the original NES and SNES). Compare the Gamecube (Nintendo's last good console imo) to the PS2 and the XBox, it was way under-powered compared to the other two systems and yet it was probably the best console out of the three (yea, I say this having been one of the biggest PS2 fanboys on the planet but the Gamecube had some of the most fun games I've ever laid my hands on and by far one of the most tense games ever as well (Eternal Darkness, this game was amazing for its time people. I still remember the time it made my friend think it was deleting his save file)). Nintendo has been about solid games that are fun to play for both adults and kids, sadly they lost sight of that with the Wii-U which is why it sold so badly (well besides it being a re-skin of the much more successful Wii with slightly different hardware). The Switch is a nice change because it's going back to what Nintendo does right while still trying to innovate (something we've not yet seen from Sony of Microsoft, try as you might upgrading the hardware every 4-8 years isn't innovation (or should I say 2-3 now with this stupid shift to 4k consoles now). All Sony and Microsoft do is copy what works for other companies (motion control which, lets face it, was a lot better and better optimized with the Wii. VR is another, something PC does so much better but god forbid its not on console) and tries to re-skin it as their idea). Yea it's gimmicky as hell (I'm sorry that 3 hour battery life is somewhat of a downer. I was hoping more for 5-6, Nintendo has got to have the ability for this since they've been pioneering handheld tech for decades now), graphics are really no better then Wii/360 graphics, and yet again it's another console screwing the consumer on hd space but I honestly think this will work out for Nintendo. The only major problems they're going to have is the lack of launch titles. Zelda is only going to get them so far (if it doesn't get delayed). At best Skyrim will probably look like it would on a PC running it on low settings (maybe medium) based on the specs of the system. I'm happy to see the Switch is getting some big name games but Skyrim is probably not the best title to be running on this system. Plus a fall release is pretty retarded, the game has been out for years now and while the Special Edition did garner it some more life I really don't see many people running out their doors to pick up a Switch to play Skyrim (where you know the thing will have a 1 hour battery life if you try to play it un-docked with this game).
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    This absolutely won't work if it ends up like movie/TV services are now. Gamers are even less likely to sub to several different services because they have the one game they want to play that's not on the service they have. Plus games can't make money like this while Movies and TV shows make revenue via theaters and sponsors. Like strider said, paying fees on top of fees is a no go for gamers. That's why MMOs don't work on console. Fiber optic Internet service will have to become the standard for this to be viable, which is probably a decade away from happening. Its one of those things thats good in concept, but in reality everyone wants a piece of the pie and you'll have too many different services walling off games to under their brand. A whole new era of 3rd party wars would start that would collapse the industry because, while it worked when you paid $600 for both consoles, now you'll pay that in a few months and more on top of it if you want to keep playing all the games you want. Origin and Steam would have their own service, then Amazon, Nvidia, Uplay, Netflix would probably get into it, WB would try to make one probably.... just a bad idea all around. Sure a lot of games would be on all the services, but they would all have exclusives trying to rake in subs.
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    Until it becomes affordable for everyone and I mean everyone we will never see a full switch to a streaming game service. Not only that but very few people are going to be on board for paying a fee and a rental fee to play a game (people already bitch about paying for things like DLC and this is roughly the same thing and at the end of the day you don't even own the game, just a right to access a server to play a game). I still think the Playstation Now service is a crock of shit since you pay a monthly access fee plus an hourly fee to play a game (with prices being based on game popularity or series name) and won't be caught dead using it (and there are some games I'd really like to play on it). Secondly hardware will always be a thing no matter what any service says. Consoles might become a thing of the past but PC's won't because, at least with this system, you'll always need some sort of hardware to run it (in this case you need a system running an nVidia card). Honestly it's just another gimmick to try and weasel even more money out of consumers hands (kind of like paying full price for a digital copy of a game (which is absurd)) and this one does it monthly/hourly.
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    I got to try out the new Giant's Shadow map tonight in a game of conquest. Its too open for me. Great for sniping but it could use some more buildings. The fog is complete overkill tho, its last way too long and is far too dense that it takes the fun right out of the map. I couldn't even see the damn enemy train in front of me even tho its within grenade distance and there were no buildings obscuring my view. I did luck out tonight and got a double kill with a k bullet by sniping a plane. Apparently the tail section is a better target than the engine block. I'm going to have to upload longer clips, I swear youtube craps out the first 5 seconds of every clip I upload and thats exactly where the kill shot takes place in this vid. I'll probably re-edit it and upload it another day if I remember. I love how realistic these planes look when they crash.. lmao!
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    Meh, I've been putting more time into this over the last few days then I thought I would (yeah I know I said I wouldn't touch it until DLC time but I get distracted easily). After finally giving the patch enough time I have to say while I don't agree with every change I will say Domination is finally becoming fun again and you're seeing more variation in weapons with the Model 10 nerf (it might not be that significant but I've seen a massive decrease in its use over the last 3 days of playing) and the LMG buff (I'm seeing a lot more 1909 and MG15's in Domination now, it's kind of nice to see Support getting used). I pulled out the 12g tonight while I was playing because I watched Matimi0 go on a rampage with it in one of his recent videos and I have to say the gun is amazing and I think I finally found my go to Assault weapons. It's got shit range and while it can kill someone at ranges the Model 10 could hit it's very rare. It makes up for this with the ability to fire as fast as you pull the trigger and amazing power at close range (I was actually pulling off headshots left and right with it, kinda wish I would of gotten the shotgun medal this week, this of course is the Backbored version as I don't have access to the other two yet). The only other real downside with it is the need to reload constantly (5 rounds isn't exactly desirable but I've started treating it like I treated the M1014 in CoD4 and I'm getting back into my shotgun groove again). Kinda happy it's actually good as I can put that amazing Legendary skin to use. The LMG buff made the 1909 even better than it already was (the range on it is amazing now with the accuracy changes, I actually prefer running it over the BAR now) that's for sure. I'm thinking they upped the drop rates of the more rare skins now. Since yesterday (when I got the 2 free Superior crates for being premium and 1 free normal one) I've pulled 3 Legendaries (the 1903, the Gasser, and the C96 skins (the 1903 was from a normal pack)), three puzzle pieces (two clubs (one more and I finally get the club) and a sawtooth), 4 squad xp boosts (which led to some enhanced crates), and 3 blue skins (I got the blue LT skins, the blue 1909 skin, and one other that I don't remember currently). There were numerous whites as well but that's to be expected. Either this is for the holidays or they finally heard our cries for drop rate changes. Whatever it is it's been nice getting battlepacks for once (which I've been pulling in left and right, I've had maybe 4 out of 20 matches where I didn't get a battlepack).
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    Amen to the RNG system shenanigans. The RNG is worse then Destiny's was in vanilla and that's sad. Out of all the battlepacks I've gotten since I started playing (this counts the 5 for the deluxe edition) I've gotten 4 Legendaries for guns I don't use (or which 1 was a duplicate I scrapped), 7 Distinguished skins of which I use maybe 3 of them, and a whole shit ton of crap whites that I don't use period as they're either worse than the base skin or just don't look any better than the base skin. DICE lowered to probability of getting blue and orange skins so they could push people to buy battlepacks for real money. It's freaking sad (especially when you consider how much it costs to buy 1 battlepack compared to what it costs to buy a loot box in Overwatch or what it costs me to buy dyes in FFXIV (which is roughly a $1 for one dye pot) and really makes me think DICE just checked out for this game (that or EA pressured them into doing this, who knows). I get the feeling based on how polished the game was at release that this game was in development for more then 2 years, I'm going with more around 3 (we know it was in some for of development when Hardline was first announced). I'd be for a return to the cap speed. The tickets really aren't the problem here as is apparent in those matches where you can't get past the first sector with 250 tickets and a Behemoth. As it is the capping speed is to quick especially when you get a hold of certain points on certain maps (we all know which ones). Oil of Empires would be the only map that the new cap speed should stay on since it has always heavily favored Defense (especially Fao Fortress and Suez). I'm getting the feeling DICE forgot what it means to balance a game and is taking notes from companies like Blizzard (I'm talking WoW here not Overwatch) who over fix something while over nerfing other things. Honestly I didn't know how bad the Martini nerf was until I watched Westie's video (and honestly the nerf isn't really bad, if they raised arm damage a little more (not to where it was) I think the Martini would still be a very viable gun for people who run it. However this is only based on what little I know about the gun as, I have repeatedly said, I've never used the gun) and it's these kind of nerfs that need to stop. I'm pretty sure they're rebuff the gun in an upcoming patch like they did with mortars but you know it'll never be as good as it was before. I think DICE's biggest problem is the period this game takes place in. They're used to modern shooters now (it's been how long since the first Battlefield released), they forgot what it meant to make a game in a time period where guns weren't as powerful as they are now. They're either underpowering guns that were actually pretty beastly (the Martini) and overpowering guns that probably weren't even that powerful to begin with (I use the Hellreigel here, there is no documentation on how powerful this gun actually was as it never saw use in the War and I believe only three were made (I don't remember, been awhile since I watched Westie's video on it) for testing with none surviving). It's a shit show and I hope by the time the first DLC rolls around they figure out what they're doing to balance this game properly because I'm really starting to regret buying Premium now.
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    Oh hell no. Ace Combat controls are so much different and laid out so much better on the controller it's not even funny. Battlefield really needs to look at Ace controls and, honestly, just outright copy them. Everything is so perfectly laid out it's like a dream. All the weapons are on easily accessed buttons, throttle and brake are triggers (R2 and L2), Yaw is L1 and R1, joysticks are mapped perfectly for flight, and oh so much more. Assault Horizon's dogfight mode was annoying as hell and it was the only way to actually take out most fighters with one hit. Honestly the game wasn't all that bad it just had a shitty plot with a very shitty setting (never, ever place an Ace Combat game in the real world again Bandai Namco. It just doesn't work). I finished it and outside of the final duel with the "Shark" it was all pretty lackluster. Considering how well co-op did for 6 and for Assault Horizon I'm pretty sure we'll see it included in 7. All I know is I seriously can't wait, I just re-watched the trailer and I'm shaking with withdrawal. I might have to dig out the PS2 and play me some Ace Combat 4, 5 and Zero this weekend (yes they are all easily beatable in a weekend and I have beaten every single one on Ace of Aces/Hard mode (that's how much I love these games)).
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    Against my better judgement I broke down and got this game. My clan has pretty much stopped playing D2 and since I have everything at 305 I don't have any drive to play it right now. The mutliplayer is pretty meh. Every map is uninspired, everything is a hallway, trench, bunker, or small room. I can barely stay alive long enough to get a kill. Getting 2 without dying feels like an achievement in itself. The TTK is fine, and the guns are ok... but the maps just aren't very good, which has been the case for COD for years now. The social aspect of it is pretty neat, along with the daily and weekly challenges but I think people play War for these as your KD is untouched in that game mode. Quickscoping is back and its annoying as ever. The Lee Enfield is super OP that even I'm good with it. Thats a bad sign, because I've always been hot garbage at sniping in COD. War is actually really fun. But there are only 3 maps for it sadly. Its a damn shame they came up with something like this only to not really invest in the chance that it could work. Like I said previously it doesn't touch your KD which is good as people care too much about it in COD. You're going to die a lot in this mode unless you're just a selfish prick in which you should be playing TDM or FFA. This comes with a double edged sword though.. I notice people are using their worst guns and I even saw someone use the shovel the entire match... I guess people are going to farm this mode for camo challenges without taking the hit on their KD. Now to the part where I don't regret buying this... the campaign is fucking amazing. The story is the best in the whole series so far... I'm pretty close to the end, but I'd rank it above Modern Warfare right now. Kudo's to Sledgehammer for such a great narrative story full of insane watershed moments around every corner. The campaign has a mix of everything. Stealth, Jeep chasing, Tank driving, fighter pilot, sniper supporting AI, to the traditional shoot and cover. However this one plays a lot different. You can't just rambo everything or you will die very fast. There is no regenerating health. Instead you rely on med packs that you have to use with its own animation. At first I was distraught over this, but I got use to it pretty fast. Med packs can be found laying around, but also there is a new squad mechanic throughout the story. 4-5 NPCs provide support like this off reasonable cool downs. One will have a med pack available (you can hold up to 4 at a time for about a 60% heal each), another will refill your ammo, one for your nades, one for a mortar strike, and one can highlight enemies out of cover. Not all of these will be available at all times every mission. Even the med pack guy isn't with you at times. This game is stunningly beautiful, and the facial animations are the most life like I've ever seen. All of them look like the actors that play them IRL. The must have mocaped them all, because the show of emotion with the excellent voice acting just brings it to life. I got 5 or 6 hours into it, and I'm sure I'm near the end.... so its about standard COD length, but its still very good.
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    I feel like the season finale fell really flat. None of the issues have been resolved and there really wasn't a shocking revelation at the end that put that wow factor going into the expac like when it was revealed that the Sylvari were dragonspawn. I'm still hyped for the expac, but damn the last ep was disappointing overall. On the flip side, the new fractal is spectacular. But I bet everyone will avoid it after a while. Its longer than Cliffside, and you can't just run through it because it consists mostly of 3 somewhat lengthy boss fights. There is a cool low gravity area with some jumps and some neat puzzles that introduce you to some of the new mechanics before you need to use them, I can see people raging in higher tiers when people get lost in these areas.
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    Amongst my friends we all joked it was the dog dreaming.... he'd just wake up, scratch his ear and walk off.
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    Yeeeeessssssssssss! EDIT: Replaced with the non E3 audience trailer.
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    Indeed. Now that I knocked ME:A out I started my 3rd playthrough and its not a different POV of the original playthrough, but an endgame story that give a few good gut punches from all that you accomplished. Its like DLC came with the game. I'm highly impressed, its the most I've gotten out of a $60 single player experience in a while.
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    I played a huge round of operations for over an hour last night with my brothers. At one point we got a blimp and as I was trying to get into it I accidentally spawned into an artillery truck instead. I went with it and sure as hell it was the best time I've had in a while. I didn't think about it at the time, but when playing as attackers, an artillery truck is great support for taking out the endless planes trying to destroy the behemoth. So I sat back and farmed them all. I was in the truck for more than 20 minutes so the video ends abruptly because I wanted to make sure I got about a 15 minute clip. I got at least 15 kills and I know I was pissing those pilots off. lmao. I love the 7:10 mark on the video where a guy parachutes out and I explode his body into a flaming corpse.
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    OK, I'm so ready for this game. This could breach 200 hours.