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    I skipped BFV because the devs were douches, and the game design was trash. I don't regret it... hell I even bought CODs I wasn't planning on playing months after they came out because I had the itch, but I've had zero desire to even try BFV after the beta. Now I doubt I'll ever buy a Battlefield game ever again. I can see them tampering with how effective your bullet spread is or isn't to make you want to buy something... nah. They have technology to alter your performance without you knowing they gave you a handicap or boost. Maybe this is why "netcode" has been shit for years.
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    Detroit: Become Human

    First thoughts: The Good: The story is outstanding, the voice acting is S-Tier, and the graphics are beautiful. I guess not being a free movement intensive game they can cut corners on what has to be processed, because even on regular PS4 it looks like a high end PC max settings game. Just playing half way through this so far, I'm already sold for future Quantic Dream games. The end of each mission has a flow chart that shows you everyone's choices compared to yours, and even a narrower friends choices which I find to be most interesting. I believe Strider and one other person are the only people that have played on my friends list. I've seemed to line up with them for the most part until recently when I realized being "good" or "understanding" doesn't always help you with the karma system the game has... it's very shades of grey, so it better not to stress to much in being nice or trying to cater to NPCs. The Bad: The controls are pretty wonky. Unless its a certain mission segment, and very few of them, there is no free roam camera. Its purely PS1 Resident Evil style camera that is slightly more modern. There is a way to free roam, but its slow and not optimal. The investigation button allows you to pan the camera for clues, but time is frozen while you do it. Outside of that you can flip the camera with R1 and it generally doesn't do a good job. Often it will flip into some useless angle, and hitting it again will most of the time never send you back to the view you just had. This is irritating when there is a viewable item/area you walk pass. You'll have to go into the investigate button to pan to it as these often pop only when you're super close. This is pretty much the only negative I have about this game. The style presented makes it forgivable, but it would have been nice to have a more free flowing camera system. Thing to know: This is no Telltale game. If you fuck up, there is no going back. The show goes on leaving you wondering what could have been. This def adds to the replay factor if you have that kind of time. Decisions are forced up on you to decide uncomfortably quickly. While it sucks at times, it really adds to the emotion it provokes out of you. I have several regrets already. I selected casual controls for this go around because it made it clear in the opening menu, if a character dies, the story doesn't stop. I didn't really want to miss out on 3rd of the flow chart.
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    Strider Hiryu

    PS Plus Games

    I would definitely recommend getting and playing Detroit, such a fucking awesome game and it still remains my game of the year for 2018. One of the best character driven stories I've played in years. I really should play through it again so I can get the rest of the trophies.
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    Death Stranding

    I can't wait for this weird ass game. As I said last year, I think the coolest part of all this is Lindsay Wagner. I use to watch Bionic Woman on the Sci-Fi channel when I was a kid. Its neat to see these older performers be able to recapture their youth in gaming. They nailed her look.
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    Sonic the Hedgehog

    They should have never even made it. Its funny how they're trying to market to kids.... why? Sonic hasn't been relevant for 20 years, and the average kid probably couldn't tell you who Sonic is. No good sonic games are going to come out after this. You should have just appealed to the actually fanbase of Gen X... you know the ones that were kids when Sonic was as big as he ever got. I'm not saying movies like this should be geared solely for adults. They should be balanced like Marvel films, but instead we get them geared more heavily for children. G.I. Joe is a prime example. Literally no one born after 1988 had any connection to GI Joe. But to try to sell toys the movies were cheeseball fests. If they ever get the new He-Man film off the ground they'd be wise not to do the same. They just better never remake this... its perfect how it was.
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    Entry The First (And only)

    Well, All, Sabe has returned! ...Again. I think my last set of posts took place back in 2013 or so, and there has been a LOT that has changed; it amazes me that it has, though, since I always thought of my life as so unchanging. Back in '13 I was working at the Arena doing Security work...it wasn't exactly what you'd call fulfilling, but it paid the bills and kept me busy. Well, it was just a year after that, when things changed, and they changed fast. To make a lot of superfluous details and exposition short, I fell in love. She was a part of the EVS (a glorified acronym for Janitorial Staff) Department and was just a face in the crowd; then we began to talk when we both had time. After that, it was pretty fast...we'd make excuses to run into each other during working hours; then there was the exchange of phone numbers; after that, it was a whirlwind courtship. We did a few things out of order, though. After things began to really heat up, we both left the Arena for differing reasons, on paper at least (more pay and less politics was the main idea for both of us, really), and started other employment for almost another year. I went to FedEx, she to an insurance company, where we could both earn what we were going to need for the coming future...she was pregnant! On August 10, 2015 our daughter was born; a bit preemie, and stubborn about eating, but whole and healthy otherwise. "Peanut" has been a challenge now and again (good Lord is there a lot of me in her!), but it has been worth it...I couldn't imagine life without her! We apartment bounced twice in the months and years following "Peanut"'s arrival, until we found one that would fit all of us when The Boss had all her kiddo's around. I can sense the confusion...didn't I mention? The Boss had prior kids before we got together...3 other girls, as a matter of fact! We get along like a house afire, though...love them just as much as I do "Peanut". Well, the second apartment worked for almost two years, during which time (June 24, 2017) the boss and I got married! Things improved again! Then, about 6 months after that, I got into a spat with the landlord, and we had to figure out a new living arrangement rather quickly...Me and my damn temper; even though I followed the laws for the City and State, it was deemed I didn't have enough evidence to charge my landlord with negligent maintenance. Thanks to my time in the service, though, I had access to my VA stuff, and less than three months later and 150 miles or so west, I became a homeowner! A small town of 2,000 or so, a good vibe and lots of space for things to keep improving! The house is a two story with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a spare room that I turned into a mini man-cave and sits on 3 city lots: total space (Land and house) is .44 acres! The house will need some TLC over the years, but I can say we are more than happy. Soon, the wife wants to open an in-home Daycare, and I would like to start woodworking again, in addition to my off and on writing. I hope any Clan who takes the time to read this has had good luck, joy and many blessings in their own lives since my hiatus, and that they all keep coming for you! In the words of Tigger: TTFN! Ta, Ta For Now!
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    Strider Hiryu

    Alita: Battle Angel

    Motorball takes place in the entirety of volume 3 of the manga (the old release, new release is 5 volumes so I'm not sure which volume its in) and her Berserker body (I don't know if they call it that in the movie, not even close to the power of her current body) is in the manga as well (first volume). From what I've heard it's a pretty accurate adaptation of the OVA which was a haphazard adaptation of the first volume of the manga (still good, I enjoyed it for what it was) with elements of the manga thrown in (badly by what I hear, sounds like the skip all of the motorball stuff after the tryouts which is a bummer since that's by far one of the high points of the manga for me). Not entirely sure what they said her age was (221 in the manga currently) or what her background is as it's never really covered until toward the end of the manga and the Last Order continuation (to sum it up a Martian terrorist and Panzer Kunst specialist (cyborg martial arts) who was stranded on Earth during the Terraforming Wars on a botched up mission) but I'll have to wait and see as I won't see it in theaters (I'll wait until it hits home video). As much love as I hear for this adaptation I'm skeptical it's any good (I'm a purist who loves this manga and we all remember how much I tore down the GitS movie) but I'm glad you enjoyed it. Sigh, they just want to adapt everything now don't they. Didn't they learn their mistake with G-Saviour. Gundam isn't meant to be adapted into live-action >.<
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    Alita: Battle Angel

    I watched Battle Angel Alita today. It was the most true anime to live action movie I've ever seen. I never read the manga so I can only assume the motorball stuff and her new ultra powerful body was part of the manga. Aside from that every scene that happened in the anime movie happened in this movie almost exactly. It's a shame it was PG13 but that's alright. It still had all the brutal deaths but the kill shots that were gruesome generally took place right off camera which was only a few times. Other times it was mostly a lack of blood to get around an R rating. Like slicing a guy into 5 parts is ok for pg13 when there's no blood flying everywhere. Overall I'm very pleased with how the movie played out and it was setup for a sequel. The movie does explain alot more about Alita than the anime does, like what she is, how old she is, etc. And the giant eyes that freaked everyone out before is nothing. I got used to it within the first couple minutes. The realy unique thing about this movie are all the cyborgs. There's no two cyborgs that are even remotely similar except for in 2 flash back scenes. Other than that a girl with giant eyes is nothing compared to a 10 foot tall guy with a shoulder width bigger than a semi truck or some guy that's larger than a SUV with multiple appendages with circular saws. Also I didn't see any sex appeal at all. Lmao. they made her look physically fit like she was in the anime. And she kicked ass. This was a great movie and I highly recommend it.
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    So after counting the cash and gift cards I got for my birthday in Oct and for Christmas I finally just broke down and ordered a Switch today all because I want the new Smash Brothers (damn you Nintendo, why do you do this to me. You know I have an obsession with SSB). So yeah, I now get to start the journey of being a Switch owner (I just wish it didn't cost so much freaking money x.x).
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    Hmm, nothing I really want but good deals all around. You should of picked up Nier, I started playing it two weeks ago and I'm in love (though I notice I'm not as good at these types of games anymore). Nice choice with Horizon, such a great game that I still need to beat. I have a feeling your really going to enjoy it.
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    Myk JL

    The Jimquisition

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    With the summer simuldub season coming to a close, it played out like I predicted more or less. I'll wait a bit longer before I post my review. Pretty lackluster overall. But for me, the Fall Lineup is pretty stacked. Fairy Tail, SAO Season 3, and Black Clover continues which has become a lot more promising after this last arc I just watched... by far its strongest and most compelling. I watched the first episode of Double Decker! Doug & Kirill which was entertaining, and SSSS.GRIDMAN seems to be a Pacific Rim clone. Overall a return to more action adventure series, and lighter on the fan service heavy series.
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    Finally got our house today. All the legal paperwork is done and keys in hand.
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    Battlefield V

    This will be the first one I skip most likely. I'll come back when its Bad Company 3 or they get their shit together with the upgrade system. They're trying to streamline the engine for reuse like COD so they can pump out off year and main year titles with minimal work.... but they took the off year's stuff to do it with. Plus they'll probably do the "shortcut package" for all of these again, so people can buy tokens to unlock a full tree and have every variation of every class and gun instantly. It's truly an EA company now. I have a feeling if I buy it, and get burnt out quick, and with the push back to November, I feel like I'd just drop the game completely when Anthem comes out 3 months later. My current work schedule isn't gaming friendly, and I'll probably have to wait 2 more promotions until it is. I'm lucky if I get to play with anyone twice a week for a few hours. You're right about the attack on GO. Its a complete farce, and people are going to be mashing that switch sides button hard since its so bad. What made Operations so fun in BF1 was the absolute clusterfuck it was at the end. The complete chaos on Monte Grappa where the attackers pour out of the blimp while the defenders fight for their lives to stop the capture of the fort was hilariously fun... and even though it always favored one side pending on if the behemoth was shot down or not, it was still fun and when you pulled it off, it felt great. Imagine if you had to sit there and bleed out instead? I never did play any conquest. I guess I'm just irritated they took my favorite game mode and screwed it up so hard. Maybe games like Overwatch disenchanted me from more realistic shooters. I dunno. I totally didn't feel anything positive when playing the beta.
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    Maybe, but I don't see it right now. Gameboy battery life is still far superior to Switch. I haven't looked too much into it but I highly doubt removing rumble and motion censors is going to add that much more life to the battery on the lite. I love these commercials though "lets go to these active lifestyle parks and facilities and just play switch instead of participating in the activities."
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    I finally got the time to do some stuff again. I hope it lasts. I finished Stranger Things season 3 which was great and I got multiple hours in GW2. I almost have my 2 large festival achievements done for the big chests. After that I'm going for my skyscale and warclaw mounts.
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    Holy cow, I guess I'll be watching a crap ton of series this upcoming season. Funi is loaded on dubs. I'm a little irked that the new Fate series will be sub only out of everything tho. Fire Force and Dr. Stone are my most anticipated. Cop Craft and Astra Lost in Space look interesting... I see 2 new isekai series that could go either way. Master of Ragnarok set the bar super low, and Sheild Hero set it ultra high for the genre.
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    I guess I got so use to them never being in costume that i didn't care. I mean they look like they're all wearing a party city Halloween consume of one of Jean Grey's comic variations. Sophie has a small frame and it looks like she's wearing football pads under her top in the top pic. Everyone else's outfit fits great except hers. Shes just a bad actor. Shes got the same facial expression and tone in everything she does. And when she does interviews shes a different person entirely so its not her personality. Shes just not good at acting.
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    Myk JL

    John Wick Chapter 3

    Aside from my one big gripe and a small one where I was expecting them to just kill John Wick instead of talk, John Wick Chapter 3 has lots of amazing action moments. Now for my one big gripe.
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    Strider Hiryu

    Favorite Anime Intros/Outros

    Normally I stick out of these topics but this OP is just amazing (plus everyone should hear it) and it actually beats out Shadowgraph as my favorite OP so far this year (yea I know) plus the show is just amazing. The Fruit Baskets OP is also pretty amazing as well.
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    The Warclaw mount is the best thing to ever happen to WvW, at least for casuals like myself. You can't be trolled by roamers making YT montages, you can escape fights you don't want to be in, and you can get back to the action pretty fast if you die in a zerg v zerg fight. It eliminated the downtime of a boring long trek back to the front lines that could have ended up in death before you even got there. That was the biggest turn off of WvW for me. Also, with how many people are running support firebrand, scourge, and chrono, the heals are so good I rarely die with my glass cannon PvE builds. I can see myself starting to farm some more gifts of battle now, and actually enjoy it rather than seeing it as a chore.
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    Hands down, tonight's episode of GoT was their crowning achievement. I can't see the last 3 eps topping it. Simply incredible.
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    I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the Old Republic being the setting for the next trilogy. While I'm glad they're going with it I'm scared about what they'll consider canon going forward because as it stands I really like the current, legends continuity we have with KoToR and TOR (I say legends because we're not entirely sure what current Old Republic stuff is even considered canon as of right now). It'll be a huge miss for me if they write out a lot of the currently established characters (like Revan or Vitiate (the Sith Emperor (though he's dead now it'd suck if they completely wrote him out)). It's pretty much been established that Rey isn't Luke's kid (and it's pretty unlikely Mara is canon anymore though it'd be cool if she was) but I wouldn't be surprised if she is somehow related to the Skywalkers (technically Kylo is a Solo with Skywalker blood so the only living Skywalker we know of is Leia though it's been established her role won't be as big anymore due to Carrie's untimely passing). Then again J.J. could be completely fucking with us and throw a huge curve ball at us. Who knows? With the way these movies have panned out so far there really isn't anything that could surprise me anymore (fuck Palps coming back is honestly par for the course now that Snoke is dead since we have no big baddie to face right now (Bitch Vader will never be anything comparable to Snoke, Palps, of good old Granddaddy Vader)). I was watching a youtube video today speculating that what we heard was actually a holo-recording of Palps that they find on the wreckage of the Death Star which could very well be (using it as a plot point for some sinister plan he was working on in secret before he up and died that Snoke was pursuing and Kylo will maybe finish, who knows).
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    Strider Hiryu

    Anthem (Bioware's Destiny)

    While I have yet to touch a Witcher game CDPR has never failed to deliver a stellar game from what I've heard from friends so I'm pretty damn sure Cyberpunk will be everything it's hyped to be and more (yes I am on the hype train for this and am actually considering buying a PS4 Pro just for this game (well that and my PS4 is showing its age pretty badly as of late) because I'm pretty sure my PC will kill itself trying to run it) and CDPR is probably one of the few developers that never cuts corners to bring games out (the joy of having the Polish government funding their studio). I honestly don't get hyped much anymore but this is probably one of the only titles I'm hyped from outside of Shadowbringers. I'm just really hoping it releases this year (and not around Shadowbringers like rumors are suggesting). Kojima will deliver a pretty solid game even if it's not what everyone is expecting. I've only played MGS2 and only half of it at that (great game but I just never had time to finish it) but considering how outstanding Zone of the Enders and Zone of the Enders 2 were I have complete faith Kojima will deliver an outstanding game. Now if only he could wrestle the ZoE IP from Konami (hey a man can dream can't he). I have no opinion on Borderlands as I've never been interested in the series (outside of ZoE2 I can't stand cell shaded graphics and that's my major issue with the games, that art direction infuriates me) but I'm pretty sure Gearbox will deliver since it's the only title they seem to be able to release without issues and at a higher quality then most of their other games (Duke Nukem Forever and the aforementioned Colonial Marines). Anthem was doomed from the beginning and there were signs of that everywhere. BioWare is not the same company that brought us gems like KoToR 1, Neverwinter Nights (by far one of my all time favorite PC games and RPGs), ME 1-3, The Old Republic (say what you will, it's a solid game even if it's really no longer an MMO (from a gameplay stance)) and a myriad of other games from our childhood. They've been gutted of their actual talent and turned into yet another lackluster EA studio (which is sad since they brought me so many of my favorite games.
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    Left Alive

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    Strider Hiryu

    Alita: Battle Angel

    Seems like they got more right then I gave them credit for (then again apparently Cameron is a fan of the manga which lead to him getting the live-action rights) but that is what I get for being a major fan of the franchise. They could go on with the motorball events but those take place after Hugo dies in the manga, it's her way of dealing with her grief from loosing him (and her fallout with Ido). Again Alita's past doesn't come up until pretty much the end half of the manga so they already skipped ahead quite a bit (and most of that was rewritten with Last Order and Mars Chronicle, god damn authors changing shit). I have a feeling if they make a sequel they'll go with her time as a Tuned agent for Tiphares (the city in the sky, I will not speak the name the movie gave it) if they decide to leave the motorball stuff. It's probably the second best arc in the entirety of the original manga. Then again they could just skip way ahead and go into the events of Last Order (the Zenith of All Things tournament would be fucking amazing to see adapted in either an anime or a live-action if done right but that is the last half of the Last Order run so chances are high they wouldn't go that far ahead). As I said I'll wait until it hits home release or at least until PSN puts it up for digital rental as I have no intention of seeing this in the theater. Even though it's getting good reviews from movie goers I still hold reservations that they fucked something up that will piss me off (then again I did enjoy the GitS movie for what it was even if I hate what it'd did to Motoko as a character). XD, a live-action Shining Finger might literally make me vomit blood.
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    Anthem isn't perfect. It probably should have been delayed another 6-8 months, but its a hell of a lot of fun. I just find it funny how Destiny can rack up big review scores with the similar issues and significantly less content. The popular thing to do right now is crap on EA, and its justified... but it'll be a shame if this game gets the plugged pulled on it early. There is a lot of potential here to fill the gap until the next gen consoles come. Arekkz has the most realistic take on the game, the rest of the YT community is just spitting out talking points which is kinda sad too see since they're suppose to be the alternate to big game sites.
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    Gamestop's eventual demise.

    While digital sales are the biggest part of this, and was the primary goal of Sony and Microsoft to put them in the grave, they certainly never helped themselves by not selling you a game 3 weeks after it came out because you didn't preorder it. 🙄 Especially since most of these are located near a Walmart are Target where you can just walk across the parking lot and buy the game. They may be around a few more years, but it looks like they're finally going to be gone. I haven't stepped foot in one since they screwed me over on my Destiny 1 special edition. They're still living in the PS2 era trying to push strategy guides and disc insurance, they've never been able to adapt to the current state of gaming.
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    Ace Combat 7

    I haven't read a news site review in years, but I heard either IGN or Kotaku docked it because it was "too hard". Seriously? While it had some frustrating moments, it was certainly not the most difficult. Like you said, go back and do the Pasternak fight, which is probably the crowning achievement of the series as far as intense dog fights. The dog fights were less intense in this one. They did require a little bit more out of your piloting skills... although I can see the canyon spotlights being easier with the novice controls... I have no idea how you'd do the final mission without the pro controls. I haven't used the beginner controls since Air Combat. I remember quite a few times previous Ace Combat games made you resort to finishing up enemies with the main guns because you just weren't going to ever get a clean lock on harder modes. This game has crazy special weapons, along with buffs to homing, lock on speed, and damage, you can pretty much always rely on them so long as you can control your aircraft and keep the enemy on your TV screen. The only time I got my ass handed to me truly was because I was being super lazy with the A-10, and it caught up with me on the Stonehenge mission. Trying to evade Arsenal Bird's missile barrage along with the drones protecting it presented an interesting challenge when trying to take out the propellers within the time limit. Being that slow, made me regret my choice.. I had a bad habit of looking at the air and ground target breakdown pre mission and being like "A-10 time!" The mutli ground target missile special is just great, and the F-35 has an even more powerful version of it which is nuts. Like you said about the constant missile warnings, I pretty much made it a thing to take out all the SAM and XSAMs I'd find just to ease my ears of that damn alert. That Fleet destruction mission was indeed annoying because of the time limit, I think I came up short by 2-300 points twice and started getting irritated. I eventually figured out that I needed to target the main ship, and ignore all of their SAM and guns. Even with a strafe run (WARNING PULL UP PULL UP PULL UP 🙄) and missile and bomb barrage all at once, some of those ships were damn beasts when it came to damage intake. The frigates and destroyers went down fast but the ships with the missiles, I think it was VAL or something, took 2 runs of perfect barrages... which was a little much. The Aircraft carrier, I understood since it was worth an ass load of points. But once I got that down, I could take out the first eastern fleet with plenty of ammo to spare and about 8 minutes left.. even then I'd still go to replenish because it was the closest to the base. As long as you took out that whole fleet, it would get you a little more than half way there, after that I took out the smaller array of ships on the way to that base that looked like a massive oil rig.. I guess they both did, but the one out in the open water. That would push me over, but I still think I was down to about 2 minutes or less by the time I was done. They did a good job of tucking some ground targets in places where the standard missiles would hit the ground or wall they're in. Don't get me started on having to manual ID in that night city escort. As much as I loved that mission overall because of how it looked, damn they made some annoyingly placed targets to ID and then take out. The aircraft tree was nice, but you're right, the aircraft unlocks should have not been apart of it. Plus half of the upgrades you didn't really need. Like the Queen's touch, or any of the performance enhancers... yeah they were good on lesser fighters, but for the better ones, you're better off going with capacity and weapon upgrades. Thats one of the reasons I didn't go the F-15 route, the ice up part i felt, and found out was completely useless. I never wished I had it at any point in the game... the only time it remotely became a thing was when you're out flying to avoid the radar zones on the way to the space elevator near the start of the game. I think I iced up one time chasing fighters into heavy clouds... the only upgrade I could have used, if it exists was a lightning strike resistance.. that was kind of annoying when it happened.
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    Anthem (Bioware's Destiny)

    I played the "demo" all weekend. It was a mess in typical EA fashion. They can deny they didn't have enough servers all they want, but its been their calling card for the past decade. When it worked, it was a blast. The flight controls are surprisingly smooth and easy to understand. There is no fall or collision damage so you can take all the risks you want. The only time you're punished is if you overheat or collide with a wall. When you crash into a wall, you fall to the ground, and you cant restart your thrusters until you land (You can normally, but not after a crash). The only agitating part about this is that there is no direct liftoff from the ground. You have to jump and hit the R3 which propels you forward. You can pull up REALLY fast, but if you are right up against a wall, say like you're in cover, you'll just hit the wall and not go anywhere rather than trying to boost over it. You're flight time is about 20-30 seconds until your overheat kicks in. The meter is done well and lets you know when you're reaching critical long with a sound que. Overheating can be circumvented by flying through a waterfall which completely resets your heat meter, or you can fly low over water which won't reset your heat, but pause it in place. Water also quickens your ability to get out of overheating.... There is a ton of water, so with some map knowledge and some learning curve, you can almost fly indefinitely. The starting assault rifle was TRASH... awful, but once i got more weapons I fell in love with the heavy pistols and LMGs. The LMGs I had were slow firing and each shot hit like a truck. I really liked this more than the rapid fire bullet hose you traditionally get. The recoil was pretty easy to control and just the rumble of the controller of each shot felt satisfying. The heavy pistols do as much damage as scout rifles, just with less range and around 9 rounds per mag. The range penalties are real. If you shoot something far off you'll do little to no damage. Your reticle will let you know if your weapon can make the shot by turning red when aimed on a target. If it stays white, don't waste your ammo, sometimes it is precious. Ammo was love/hate. If you go shooting up random monsters around the open world, they don't really drop ammo. So you have to be careful with your engagements. Pretty much only enemies that can shoot at you drop more ammo and health packs. These can be augmented with mods as far as ammo capacity and drop rates. You're R1 and L1 abilities recharge pretty quick, along with your super. Supers are devastating to normal mobs, but they'll only do about 4-6 mags of damage to a big boss. I think this justifies the charge rate, you can use it more freely knowing you can get it back reasonably fast. I think I would get my super back 3-4 times during the final encounter of the stronghold boss. Its more of a mob clear than a "beat the boss faster" like Destiny. Going back to health, you have a shield, and a health bar. Your shield recharges automatically, your HP does not, except the last 1/5th. Heath drops frequently, but generally in big mobs so you have to be careful about just picking them all up. I never really found this an issue personally, even if they nerf the health drop rates, you just should play more careful. The AI can aim really well, and flying your way out of something doesn't always work pending on the enemy type. Freeplay was fun, Going around the small section of the map doing world events was interesting. They're kind of like destiny where they are limited to 4-5 types of events, but the perimeters were way more varied. While you had to pick up X and deposit it at Y, the enemies, and the situation could be several different things rather than "defeat the fallen devil walker" Some of these were pretty tough, but I was able to solo all of them. There was no timer, so you can battle it out until you get it done if you're by yourself. Stronghold was where the demo shined. This is what I envisioned Destiny raids being. These are 30-40 minute affairs where you have to complete objectives to move on to the next section. Each section rewards a chest with a lot of loot. The difference from destiny is that there aren't any asinine puzzles, and unlike strikes, you can't just skip mobs until the final boss. You can skip some mobs, but these are generally between the end of one section and the start of another. The Stronghold that was made available was the one there are videos from after E3. You start out in a cave and you have to collect whispers or orbs of light. The first sector you have to collect 8 while fighting off elite enemies, the next section you have to fight off more along with some beastly turrets that will one shot your shield off. You collect 12, but you can only access 8 at first. The second wave comes with even stronger foes, and they grant you access to the final 4 orbs. This spawns your first chest. The next section you have to collect 8 pods and return them to the center of the area. When carrying the pods you can't fly, you can only sprint and jump. Of course you're being attacked while this is going on. Once the pods are collected, you have to stay on a platform thats being swarmed by bug creatures. You don't have to stay on it, but staying on it fills a meter similar to the VSAT or Cabal Drill public event from Destiny. This will give you your second chest. The last section is the final boss which is the huge bug thing. Overall it was a blast doing it... especially since i felt I carried a lot of people through it that didn't know what to do. As long as everyone could stay alive, I had no issue doing all the collecting... Oh yeah, it has matchmaking. I didn't get to play the last few hours when they unlocked all the Javelins, which was stupid that they only gave us 1 unlock to begin with. The Ranger felt great. Tons of power with versatile weapon selection. Your specials were grenades and a field which. As I found gear, I had choices of a acid, fire, and sticky nade. I had a bubble shield, or a buff that granted 20% more base damage to everyone. The great part about this, was no one had to just stand in the field to get it. You just had to pass though and you'd get a cool down meter of how long the buff lasted. At the same time, you can't just stand in it and get the buff longer. This was great for when enemies charge into your bubble... you get to keep the buff regardless. The Ranger's super is the mutli lock-on missile barrage. Naturally with my one unlock, I went with the Storm. This will probably be my main. Its always wonderful and very rare when a game allows you to do to enemies, the annoying shit they do to you. My encounters with enemy storm javelins from the outlaw faction, was they'd freeze me... and that shit lasted a good long 3-5 seconds before you could start moving again by mashing X to get out of it. Well I got the same gear drop that allowed me to freeze enemies for the same length! What a joy. I also go flame, acid, and electric ones, but I wasn't giving up that frost because its amazing CC. Of course, you can't freeze bosses, but you can freeze elites and legendary tier enemies. I used this with an Arc blast that chain lightninged mobs. I rolled with a marksman rifle and a heavy pistol along with a wind barrier that creates a giant wall shield rather than a bubble like the Ranger. There was also a quickening field I could have chosen over the barrier, but I didn't see the point in it. The super consisted of sending down three blasts of Arc, Fire, and Ice. The storm can't take a hit like the ranger, but it has a phase dodge, and can hover for longer periods. I also found it satisfying to act as the source of crowd control for my group. The colossus seemed to be the most popular choice for the demo, which is surprising since I figured the Interceptor would be seeing that is pretty much like the Hunter for Destiny. Overall i expect the first few days to be a clusterfuck like this demo... its EA... but the game was a ton of fun, and the story mission I got to play was pretty interesting. The facial animations were 10 out of 10.
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    Strider Hiryu

    Ace Combat 7

    So I just decided to go ahead and beat it tonight since it would free up some time for me to get other shit done tomorrow and allow me to start my easy play through to round out the points needed for the X-02S (and to start the path toward a few trophies) and maybe start playing through 5 again. Overall I love this game and its nice that Bandai Namco finally decided to give Ace fans what they wanted after all these years. The story is very well written and as noted earlier in the topic takes place roughly 10 years after the events of 5 and it was nice to see all the little references and major plot points that linked back to the previous story (though I'm still pissed there was no reference to Wardog/Razgriz squadron nor do you even get to fly with/meet them in combat (though the ending redeemed that a little bit in my eyes with that transmission from Kei)). Boy did they pack in the references to the previous games, I was seriously loosing it when we fought at Stonehenge (a place I remember taking out in 4, yea all that damage you see there is caused by you in 4) and the briefing map having Megalith listed was awesome. Was nice seeing some of the squadrons I wiped off the map in 0 come back (Mage I'm looking at you) and one of those prisoners is from 0 as well. I really thought those were nice touches and really tied the story of all the games together (though I still haven't really seen a reference to 6 whose events took place only 4 years prior to this). Overall I thought the story was extremely well done though there were places I feel the writing could of used some work (like the whole throwing us in prison over something we didn't do). The mission variety was nice but I do agree with DX on the timed missions, they are aggravating as hell when you're given only 30 seconds to destroy 7 targets before the mission fails (I'm looking at you end part of Mission 20). I also had a problem with the "score so many points to either end or progress the mission" missions. It's aggravating as hell when most of your targets are worth little to no points but you still need to score 15,000 points before you can move on (oh and waste your ammo causing you to resupply if the mission even has a resupply line). Overall though there was a nice mix of aerial combat and ground combat mixed in (though that flying through the canyon mission still pisses me off, god damn those fucking spotlights). Combat was fun though I still feel there is some room for improvement. While a lot the aerial fights are fun I still feel 6 has far superior engagements to 7 (the Pasternak fight will always remain one of my all time favorite engagements in any Ace game). Drones were, while easy, an annoying part of a lot of missions and I can't stress enough how much that missile lock on alarm annoys the hell out of me because of these damn things. The crowning jewel of the combat comes with your engagements with Mister X. While not as fluid as the Pasternak fight they are extreme adrenaline rushes as he's one mean son of a bitch and those damn moves he can pull off are spectacular. I honestly wish he was the final fight in the game instead of those knock-off drones. I will admit though I had problems with the cloud systems they put in place as it really through me off my grove when fighting in or around them, while they're a nice touch I really would of preferred they not be there (and don't get me started on being struck by lightning, so fucking annoying). As usual the soundtrack was stellar (though I still prefer 5 and 0's soundtracks to this) and the voice acting some of the best in the series (will have to do a play through in Japanese to see if that's just as good). It goes without saying the graphics are amazing even on the old school PS4 and is probably one of the best looking games I've played in awhile (Detroit is still much better looking but damn does it come close). My only real gripe is the Aircraft tree system as I prefer the old method of acquiring planes through beating missions. It was extremely annoying knowing that I had to spend over a million points just to get the chance to unlock the F-22 and then another 920,000 just to get it and 220,000 to unlock all sp. weapons (which took, as I mentioned before, until mission 17 to acquire said points). I do, however, like the whole parts system they put in place as it allows you to customize you're plane to your liking (because you know making you're F-22 go faster is always a good thing). Honestly this game was a blast to play through and ranks up there as one of my favorite Ace titles taking second only to 5 (which isn't surprising as it's the parent story to what's going on specifically in this one). I write this all, however, having not played the multiplayer aspect because I honestly have no interest in playing it (I might give it a shot like I did 6's but quite frankly I never though multiplayer had a place in the Ace series outside of co-op missions (which I notice there is an extreme lack of those)). I also, obviously, don't have the ability to play the VR missions but I do here they are quite fun (I wish I could play them but I'm not dropping that much money to be able to play and handful of missions). Overall a solid entry in the franchise and I hope going forward that Bandai Namco sticks to the the Strangereal universe and doesn't give us anymore duds like Assault Horizon.
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    Vikings Season 5 Discussion

    Season 6 will be the final season. Which is about the sweet spot for most great series. https://tvline.com/2019/01/04/vikings-cancelled-final-season-6-ending-history/
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    I'm so freaking hyped and I'm so happy that the next season starts where it starts, god it's going to be epic based on everything I've read about it (plus yay, Eri finally animated). Can it be October already?
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    Myk JL

    Once Upon A Deadpool

    If I don't skip this it will probably be because it didn't come here. I really require an R rating for me to spend money.
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    Battlefield V

    I am almost 100% certain these changes will stay, and if I would have bought this game, this is when I would have just stopped playing and felt like I wasted $60. I can promise TTK isn't why they're seeing a decline in players. Low ammo and now it takes more of it to kill? Yeah, nah...
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    Black friday sales started early so I bought a 4k HDR 50 inch samsung tv. I'm pleased with it. The blacks this tv gets still blows my mind. I doubt I'll buy a PS4pro, but in the mean time my regular PS4 has HDR.. but I only have one game that actually takes advantage of it and thats Uncharted 4. I don't think I'll be replaying it any time soon just to see the graphical difference, but regardless this tv upscales like a champ. Everything looks significantly better. Thats a hell of a lot better upscaling than blu ray players do for dvds. Its a night and day difference. I put on Rise of the Tomb Raider last night and Battlefield 1 and the quality is top notch. Game mode works with HDR for this tv, so I can put on game mode for reduced input lag which is nice without affecting quality. It also has bitstream audio pass through which works great with my old receiver for surround sound. The tv has Motion rate 120 instead of true 120 hz refresh rate which I didn't know was a different thing when I was buying the tv. But thats ok, I doubt the PS5 when it eventually comes out will even come close to 60 fps at 4k and my current pc graphics card will no way in hell do any better than 60 fps at 4k so I'm pretty much set for future proofing at the moment.. at least for the next 4-5 years probably. And motion rate 120 is a bit nuts. I had to turn the judder down on that. It makes everything so fluid its like everything was filmed like a soap opera. I never realized more fps on a movie would look so different. But the biggest downside is for animated titles. It cause a bit too much of a blur effect as the tv basically fills in the games to increase the fps.. its not good for animated shows.
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    Strider Hiryu

    Summer 2018 Simuldub Review

    Overlord was extremely good despite the extremely slow start but it was necessary to set up what happened later in the season. Overall I'm happy with how things progressed and really hope they green light a fourth season (especially with how things left off) and as far as I know there's still plenty of story left to adapt before they catch up with the novels. While Steins;Gate 0 was amazingly good (the drama, the emotional investment, the amount of fuck you moments) I felt it didn't live up to the original. Then again it's not supposed to because this isn't exactly a sequel but a what if had Okabe made the decision not to go to Stein's;Gate. I also felt that a lot of the drama was placed in the show just to be drama (the whole deal with Kagari, the Professor, Amadeus, etc) and draw the show (or in this case the game) out. I felt Okabe's struggle in the original was much more emotional and harder on him then this season (I mean he watched Mayuri die countless times trying to figure out how to fix his mistakes, something we didn't see here and it completely killed him inside (hence the whole split at episode 23 where we branched into 0)) though not to say this was less harder for him. Overall one of the best shows of the last season that I actually watched (not saying much as I only watched it and Overlord, MHA doesn't count as it carried over from the previous season).
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    This one looks way better! This trailer has me hyped!
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    YT thread

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    Battlefield V

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    Battlefield V

    Its probably better on the defense, but the bleed out system is infuriating. If you start out bad, it just cascades and you can't get in any type of rhythm because you're constantly laying on the ground watching other people shoot at each other. You also can't quick swap classes while watching another squad mate to spawn on. You have to back out to the map to pick another class. The STG is still super OP which is another reason everyone is playing assault. Even the base one I had melted people, but when other people have less recoil and more effective range, thats when I couldn't compete at any decent range. Reloading is a death sentence, its slow even for SMGs. Pistols are the most powerful they've ever been in BF. I was quite surprised how fast I could down people with one. The only plus I can say about this game is that the grenade spam is non existent. Nades seem to be incredibly weak too. But getting blasted by a tank non stop on Day 2 wasn't fun at all. One of the tanks has a semi auto grenade launcher for the secondary gunner. I hopped in one and spammed 5-6 explosives on a objective and cleared it all. Seems a bit OP, but it does have a big cool down between rounds once it has to reload.
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    Battlefield V

    I'll probably pre-order it as soon as it comes up for preload. It will be the stop gap between RD2 and Anthem for me.
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    Battlefield V

    I want to be excited for this game, but honestly It completely dropped out of my mind the last few months. The lack of ammo is going to change after launch, and they should just change it now TBH. But they wont. They'll wait until people stop playing like they always do to fix stuff. They don't even have to give everyone a max stack, just maybe 20% more. I get why they want it to be like it is, but its too extreme. Only 3 mags with a SMG? Thats 3-4 kills before you're out. Scout can stay the same becasue 15 rounds is no less than 10 kills for a good player. I'm curious if you can resupply yourself because that's what is going to happen.. everyone is going to be playing support and no one will play medic or assault. Tanks will run wild because of it. They fix the sniper problem and create a whole new one. I just read preorders are really weak right now. At least I won't be paying $100 for a game that will have a low player count 6 months after launch. It doesn't help they were assholes about the first trailer. Causing PR nightmares before you game launches isn't the best approach.
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    This is the first time I bought one of these at launch. I was a bit disgruntled after only being able to play Ep 1 as I'm use to all the eps being available. The first ep was good. A lot of character building. Having AJ with me and watching def made me think more about my choices in dialog. I tried to be more fair and reasonable. This first ep was more about relationship development with the new cast. There was a lot of choices to be made, but I don't think any would have been super impactful for the overall arc. The end was pretty brutal though. And AJ is a little shit, I kinda wish he died in the last season . #TeamKenny
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    Recovery of an MMO Junkie (and yes the original title is literally the translation, that's what its called in Japan) is a pure gem, I watched it as it aired and instantly fell in love with it. Probably my favorite show for that season (I still haven't watched Ancient Magus's Bride or Black Clover yet (which started during that season)). It's was nice to finally have an MMO related anime title that didin't deal with being stuck in a game and focused more on the players and what went in their actual lives. Not only that Morioka is such an adorable character it's hard not to love her (plus I admire her commitment to quiting her job just to play video games, something I wish I could do (damn debt and not ever having any money >.<)). I'm with DX, definitely worth a watch if you're looking for a lighthearted show with good comedy and a good story.
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    Recommendation of the Wonderful Virtual Life/Recovery of an MMO Junkie Clearly this title was just renamed, I guess for length purpose as the first is what it translates too, and the later is what the English title for the show is. The show is about the main character Moriko Morioka living the recluse life, quitting her corporate job just to play an MMO all day. She plays as male character and eventually befriends a female character who is a male, Yuta Sakurai, that has a respectable job. The show is full of impossible coincidences as Sakurai and Morioka were unknowingly good friends in a different MMO back when she was working and he was graduating college. By chance they run into each other on a side walk literally and the story takes off. Also insert Sakurai's friend Homare Koiwai who just so happened to have worked with Morioka at her previous job. This show is precious. I really loved it. For once its nice to have an anime about adults, especially in this genre. It also doesn't stick to the cliche antics romantic comedies normally have, and its completely void of fan service. Morioka, Sakurai, and Koiwai are such great characters with great chemistry. The story actually spends more time outside of the game than in, which is nice. Morioka and Sakurai are both socially awkward and shy. Koiwai is outgoing and is always trying to help Sakurai even if its in a teasing way. It provides plenty of laughs, and fun moments. I recommend this to anyone looking for a lighthearted watch.
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    Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    They stayed faithful to the Ghidorah roars, this makes me extremely happy.

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