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    Mmm! And only $9.95 a can! Here's the official description on ThinkGeek: Pâté is passé. Unicorn - the new white meat. Excellent source of sparkles! Unicorns, as we all know, frolic all over the world, pooping rainbows and marshmallows wherever they go. What you don't know is that when unicorns reach the end of their lifespan, they are drawn to County Meath, Ireland. The Sisters at Radiant Farms have dedicated their lives to nursing these elegant creatures through their final days. Taking a cue from the Kobe beef industry, they massage each unicorn's coat with Guinness daily and fatten them on a diet comprised entirely of candy corn. As the unicorn ages, its meat becomes fatty and marbled and the living bone in the horn loses density in a process much like osteoporosis. The horn's outer layer of keratin begins to develop a flavor very similar to candied almonds. Blending the crushed unicorn horn into the meat adds delightful, crispy flavor notes in each bite. We are confident you will find a world of bewilderment in every mouthful of scrumptious unicorn meat. http://scifiwire.com/2010/04/mmm-sparkly-unicorn-meat.php the guys who come up with this stuff are awesome
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    F'in whiners. I hope they realize that outside of the money Sony threw at Activision to get the special treatment for Destiny that Bungie is probably doing this as a slam in Microsoft's face for the way they treated them during their time developing Halo for them. Honestly MS screwed Bungie by taking the rights to Halo as part of the deal for them to leave but Destiny is already a much better game then Halo ever was (don't get me wrong I love the Halo series but honestly giving the game to 343 was, imo, the worst thing they could of done for the series) and I'm happy Sony is get preferential treatment with it. Make me even happier that I bought a PS4.
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    Favorite TV Series Openings?

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    For SCIENCE!

    I thought this was pretty cool. Chris Hadfield is an astronaut up in the ISS, and he's been posting pictures on Twitter that he takes up there (which is worth checking out). Someone wanted to know what happens when you wring out a wet towel in zero-g. Here's what happens: Science, bitches!
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    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood had an awesome conclusion. Much better than the 1st series. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ul2qOfUsIDo Quantum Leap's last episode was both sad and awesome. Sam fixed Al's biggest regret in the past, but never made it home.
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    http://washingtonexaminer.com/news/2011/12/calif-teen-takes-home-100k-science-prize/1975546 Wow.
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    Plastic to Oil

    Read the article: http://ourworld.unu.edu/en/plastic-to... The Japanese company Blest has developed one of the smallest and safest oil-to-plastic conversion machines out on the market today. It's founder and CEO, Akinori Ito is passionate about using this machine to change the way people around the world think about their plastic trash. From solving our landfill and garbage disposal issues to reducing our oil dependancy on the Middle East, his machine may one day be in every household across Japan. While holding up a bag of trash, he states, "It's a waste to throw away, isn't it? This is a treasure." [ame] [/ame]
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    Dream or Paranoia?

    ok, so little back story before i post the whole story: i wrote this for my creative writing class and it drove me crazy trying to think about it and get it done in time to hand in. It will be handed out to the class next week (i think) and they will go home and read it and it'll be work shopped in the class the following week, or after that. So this is not a finished polished thing yet. I kind of feel as if it were a little thrown together. but anyway, enough back story, here it is... (put it in spoiler tags for less scrolling if you already read it haha) critique, comments, likes, dislikes, all are welcome hope it was enjoyable!
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    Across the Universe


    Once upon a triangle I was bored. Instead of sitting on the couch and watching Degrassi like most kids my age I decided to pick up a pen and express my creativity on the back of my homework sheets. Soon afterwords I discovered the joys of Paint SAI and began digitally drawing my shit. Of course I'm lazy so they're all sloppy and gross. I blame society. That one is me as Kururu from Sgt. Frog. How pimp am I? This tis' of me frolicking through the grass. I'm probably on my way to Wallmart or something. That one's my friend Melissa, having a picnic with ALL her friends. That's the secret shrine I have for Callan in the back of my closet >:3 Thats Butter's from South Park... looking like a fag. Thats my friend Hannah being a retard. Her arms look like that irl im srly Darkness never shone so bright
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    Puke In My Mouth

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJsQcnB6GC0]YouTube- Jizz In My Pants response: "Puke In My Mouth" -MsTaken.com[/ame]
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    Cute stuff ...

    Awwww man ... this is just so awesome!! Polar bears and huskies! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JE-Nyt4Bmi8]YouTube- Polar bears and dogs playing[/ame] And, there's a video of a leopard seal close encounter with a photographer diver that's pretty interesting ... [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQQqDRFpNys]YouTube- Polar Obsession (National Geographic)[/ame] Enjoy
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    Wow freak out

    I would love to set up a camera in the house when I cancel my husband"s WOW account. Lmao. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-WzSgQ3Tec]YouTube- Biggest freak out ever[/ame]
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    Would you live in a dome?

    http://dvice.com/archives/2008/08/styrofoam_dome.php Check out the pictures, they actually look decent on the inside. If you got four of them connected, you could live in a pretty good sized dome home. I wonder if you could flip one of the domes upside down, bury it to ground level and connect the top dome to it... Then you could live in a duplex sphere. I'd get one and layer dirt up the sides and on top, grow grass all over it and live like a hobbit.
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    230 MPG Car

    http://edition.cnn.com/video/#/video/tech/2008/06/05/washburn.230.mpg.car.kfmb Its a Video. Pretty nifty.
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    You must of forgot about it, the 4th season was announced like 6 or 7 months ago. I definitely can't wait, since Funi has the Simuldub that means Crunchy should have the sub streaming rights.
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    Banana in a Pizza

    LOL. Well I guess you learn something every day. I prefer olives, and not fruits that are sweet on my pizza. Especially as toppings. I like meats and also fungi known as mushrooms. Edit: Sledge wtf. People down here in the south like banana and mayo sandwiches. The most vile creation I've ever heard of.
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    Attack on Titan

    The sub already started at the beginning of the month. I'm just glad I don't have to wait a good 4-5 months to watch this dubbed.
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    NieR Automata

    After debating between HZD and this, I went with this because I felt it was shorter and would be easier to knock out before Mass Effect. The Good Combat is fluid and rewarding. Dodging is extremely forgiving requiring zero timing to get right, when you see an enemy do their big attack animation, you can start spamming it in the middle of your combo chain. You combo chain will continue and the dodge will happen before you take damage. It may sound lowskill, but screw it, I like it, but sadly I think they did this for another reason I'll go into later. My only gripe about the combo system is that successful dodges sometimes result in a knock up air combo... obviously smaller bosses aren't going to be knocked up, but you continue with the animation attacking air and missing out on DPSing the boss. Other than that, combo chains are easily strung together with light and heavy attacks. Any weapon can be slotted in the heavy and light attack arrangements. This will effect their maximum combo ability in which both are noted in the weapon stats without having to slot and find out. Weapons are upgradable through materials and currency, both which are dropped from defeated enemies. These upgrades increase power, max combo ability, and may add buffs like faster attack, discount from vendors when equipped, etc. Weapons are purchased through vendors and found in hidden locations. Each that I've acquired have different styles of attack. You have two weapon set ups you can swap on the fly via the UP button on the D-pad. Since you're an android you can upgrade your abilities with chips. These chips give a variety of things like auto-consuming health when down to a % of HP, reduced damage taken from melee/ranged attacks, HP increase, to even drop rate % of loot from enemies. These chips all cannot be equipped as you get them however. you have a limited amount of space to install software, and each take up a certain amount of space depending on the quality and what they do. Chips can be fused with like chips to increase their abilities... which in turn may make the final product take up more space. You can purchase more slots to equip more/better chips and you also have 3 set ups you can configure and swap too if you so desire. The big boss fights are wild and engaging. I've fought 3 so far and they were all very different fights, as a whole, the combat never gets stale. As you get better, newer types of enemies show up with different attacks, and different means to take them down. The game's ability to transition from 3D hack and slash, to side scroller, to top down scroller, to twin stick shooter is incredible. It never feels out of place, because the transitions are so smooth and just work with the situation. The more unique thing about this game is the online connectivity for a single player title. After the intro mission you are given the option to go online. Its completely worth it for you and others that play the game. What this does is allows you to see where other players have died in the game. While you'll never see an active player screwing up your game like Watchdogs, you can use their corpse to loot for random chips and money depending on what they had equipped, or you can repair their remains and it becomes a temporary AI ally that will fight along side you for as long as it can. What is interesting about this is that it will use what ever weapon the player was using when they died. When you die, you lose a small amount of items and money. I believe this is what gets passed on to another player. You can still retrieve your items back if you go back to your remains. You have a generous amount of time to get back to it, but stray for too long and it will disappear... and if you die before getting back to it, it will disappear. I almost left it once because I wandered into a place that I shouldn't have... but when I realized I dropped my best chip (health regen per kill) I had to go back to get it and run out. What is humorous is that you'll see bodies scattered everywhere around boss fights. You can only revive one dead player at a time however, so you can't have an army of android corpses to take down the boss for you. These AI fight really well, but they are severely limited outside of that. You can leave them behind real fast if you do too many complex things... they can't jump up buildings with you, and if you have to glide down on your pod, they'll just clumsily fall to their demise and explode. This system also doesn't seem to be region locked. I've come across players with Kanji names. So hopefully people that get this game late will still have lootable corpses the other players left behind no matter what part of the world you're playing it in. The voice acting is really good, and the character models are nice... I don't know why they all cover their eyes with cloth though. Maybe its too avoid a Mass Effect situation. Oh, and there is full button map customization. This should be standard on every game this generation... not just NieR and Overwatch. Presets are lazy and need to go away. I was very satisfied as I only wanted to change 2 buttons... other games would make me have to deal with 3 other buttons being in places I didn't want them just to arrange shoot and dodge where I wanted them. The Bad I have a feeling this game is more side quests than anything.... damn there are a lot of side quests and they are the only decent way to level up. Combat gives XP, but not much. These side quests have a lot of variety and I don't mind them, but this game is lacking in the fast travel department. The world isn't that big, but running to the zones I need to go to gets a bit meh. I guess they want you to enjoy the white thong booty jiggle as you run naurto style in a short skirt that they spent so much time realistically animating. Getting places isn't that bad, because when you access a new area, you're generally given a short cut on the way back to come and go as you please... but I still would have liked a wp system since there are so many side quests that make you go to another part of the map. (I'd say the map is the size of Destiny's Old Russia with a bit more verticality) Another issue which makes this worse is that even though you can run really fast, rocks and bushes will make you trip up and slow you down to regular run speed making you have to start your speed running back up. I can forgive this on things like bushes and trees... but rocks on the ground in a narrow path is pretty stupid. And this was intentionally done, because there is a really nice animation for it... programmed pebble clipping. The saving system is ancient. WTF? Why did they do this? There is no auto save. If you die you don't have to start where the last time you saved was, but if you turn the game off, I assume you do. You can save at terminals... which should have been waypoints... and I think you can save anywhere withing a generous proximity of them by hitting option. The main purpose of the terminal is to download map info and check your emails for lore/mission updates/etc. There are also rest stations where you can save and choose to quit the game, I think this option just refills your HP bar if its not 100%. You can just save and quit normally without having to lay down in a bed. Either way, its an old system, and they let you know at the start of the game that there is no autosave which is more of a head scratcher... because clearly the infrastructure for autosave is there since it caches progress to a point if you die. Invisible walls are everywhere in this game... places that look explorable like a doorway or something you can jump up onto are often blocked by that old 90's invisible barrier. This is the first Japanese game I've bought in years that wasn't Zelda or MGS. Its the first SquareEnix game I've bought in who knows when... Maybe like 3 console generations? If this wasn't a hack and slash I wouldn't be able to look past it... because the game is a sandbox world style adventure.... with weapons hidden in secret locations you can only find by exploring. It gives it a pretty dated feel. It doesn't ruin it... but better design choices could have been made. Invisible walls would work if they didn't have so many open doorways. The main map doesn't have a dedicated button, you have to hit option and then select the map tab even though its first, and then go to map... this is off putting since the mini map can only do so much for you in any game. Plus there are to ways to access the main hub where your map is by default... they could have made this a mapping option. As much as you can access on the fly from weapon swap to consumables, the map should have been a no-brainer The Ugly Frame rate drops are pretty common on this game. I'm starting to worry that this will become a habit for some developers that make these games for the PS4Pro and don't optimize them well enough for the old PS4. It only happens in the core area where there is water and tall grass, much like Zelda BOTW. The game isn't very colorful by a design choice, so they could have spent some more time optimizing the shaders to fix this. The frame rate issue is why I think they made the dodge so forgiving. This game its somewhat about timing for maxium DPS, as getting hit can fling you far from the enemy and even ragdoll you at times. Dated programing.... ugh Some of this stuff just makes you go WTF? Pressing option or the touch pad will send you to your main hub where you can view your quests, loadouts, and pod configurations. The quick access options aren't perfect for panic situations, and accessing the main hub is still desirable at times. If you jump and try to press these buttons, it just sends you to a regular pause menu... you have no access to customize anything for no reason whatsoever. So if you're in a tense boss fight and you jumped to avoid an attack... you have to wait until you land to swap something out. This is really irritating, something similar happens when your main AI companion is talking to you, you can't interact with any vendors or turn in quests until he STFU. It will even have a red X on the interact button... I get that they don't want you to miss vital info maybe, but then when you kill something and try to loot a drop, some dialog may start and you skip half of it mashing O trying to pick up the damn loot and then YOU DO miss out on info. I mean really? C'mon, who still designs like this? I've also had a main quest pop at random and until I went and did it, I couldn't turn in any side quests... I literally just arrived at the NPC when it popped and I walked all that way for nothing.... again fast travel. It wasn't a long walk (60 seconds tops), but it was still stupid. In conclusion for now It may sound like I'm trashing the game, but honestly I love it so far despite these flaws. I just thought I'd put it here because I know a lot of things like that matter to other people so much it would be a deal breaker. Despite no auto save there is plenty of opportunities to save manually and its very quick. If you want a hack and slash that requires strategy but has forgiving controls, this is worth it so far. I have my next main quest, but I'm too busy running around trying to upgrade my weapons and do side quests... While I may complain about the running around, I found myself saying "I'll just turn in these last few before calling it a night" for about 2 hours. The story is intriguing and I already see a few plot twists developing, I just don't know how they are going to play out. I'll post again when I beat it.
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    Strider Hiryu

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    The fact that this has been getting stellar reviews makes me beyond happy I pre-ordered this on a whim a couple nights back (CE none-the-less as Amazon still had copies of it). Seriously can't wait until Tuesday to get my hands on this and start playing it.
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    Overwatch - Trailers

    They should really make a movie or series. This is their best one yet.
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    Meh, I'm far from impressed by this partnership. I like Funi well enough (more so than I ever used too considering they're one of the few companies still around licensing anime (Geneon/Pioneer and ADV were my go to before both companies went under on this aspect)) but I've never really liked Crunchyroll (they're subs are shit compared to better done and localized fansubs). If this means Crunchyroll gets access to Funi's translators it's a step in the right direction but I highly doubt it (who knows it might but Crunchyroll has always been rather shady (even before they went the legit route, back when I used to support them)). Plus it's another subscription service that I honestly can't afford to pay for (plus the Funi catalog, like I mentioned previously, isn't as robust for me. I own everything that interests me and Crunchyroll doesn't pick up the shows that really interest me (and honestly I watch pretty much everything through fansubs and buy what I want when it comes over here (and considering my declining taste for anime over the last few years it's be a waste of money to pay for a service I'll barely use))).
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    Battlefield 1

    I had a blast tonight with Strider and my brother. We owned in some conquest. Battlefield games really shine when you have some good friends to play it with. I got some of the highlights from tonight in this video: I stole two kills from Strider. and this one guy seemed almost immortal. Eventually I killed him, then he respawned in the same spot, killed me when I had a failed melee and then I got to see Strider killed him from my corpse view. I caught the suicide plane that tried to ram me and Strider too. lmao. That guy should have killed us. Also, I thru some of my awkward kills in this video. The hitboxes seem to be all over the place IMO. Sure, I'm overshooting sometimes and the bullet goes over a shoulder, but 1 pixel away from the helmet seems a bit much and theres a couple times my shots should have connected but either didn't or hit something in the environment instead.
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    Battlefield 1

    Aggressive recon with the lever action... holy shit, this has my name all over it!
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    Strider Hiryu

    Halo Anime

    And sadly that story is so full of plot holes and conundrums it isn't even funny. Sadly some of the stories aren't considered canon for the universe (yes, huge Halo nerd here). Origins is up in the air as no one knows if it was true or not (which most of it was proven wrong due to the Halo 4 storyline) due to Cortana's rampancy. Odd One Out is complete fiction (though sadly my favorite episode since it's over the top and completely ridiculous). The others are canon for the most part. I'm starting to think Bungie has given up at even trying to make another good game. Destiny had potential and then they went and canned their head story writer, butchered his pretty awesome story premise, and gave us a hodgepodge piece of shit that was far from complete. Sure they've fixed a lot of the issues Year 1 Destiny had (I've actually considered going back because from what I've seen in streams has me extremely interested in the game again but I have to many other games to play atm so it's not going to happen anytime soon) but the game is still suffering from a poorly written story and shitty game mechanics that only get worse everytime they try to rebalance the game. Bungie was once a force to be reckoned with but I think loosing the Halo franchise took whatever drive they had away from them. Well that and Activision being Activision.
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    Myk JL

    Destiny - Discussion

    So nice I have to post it twice!.... http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/loadingreadyrun/9784-Destiny-Tales
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    I'm about 6000 points away from the SKS so about a match or two and I should have it unlocked if I use DMR's exclusively the next time I get on. Hmmm I actually like the ACOG on the RFB, I'm a lot more accurate and can actually hit the target as opposed to the iron sights though I have noticed that muzzle climb does screw with the ACOG quite a bit,. I'll have to check out the Reflex once I unlock it for the RFB. Since they're similar to the aperture sights on WaW I should be able to dominate with a reflex on a DMR (I was godly with the SVT-40 with an attached aperture sight). Anything that makes me better is always a plus since about all I'm good at in BF4 currently is playing the ammo mule or the medic roles (both roles I like but they do get a little rough when playing on a wide open map like Gulf of Oman or Operation Firestorm (yes I play Second Assault a lot)).
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    I just got my X1 beta code and have it installing now so I'll see how that goes myself
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    Music Recommendations?

    Does this sum it up for you?
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    I wouldn't consider Hulk Hogan to be the best villain / hero. Although at the time it was one of the biggest swerves in wrestling. One swerve bigger than it was probably The Montreal Screw Job. Still I ended up preferring Hogan as a villain.... Well until he deserved X-Pac Heat. Which brings me to my own nominees (in no particular order) in this area which may or may not outdo Hulk Hogan. Sean Waltman aka X-Pac: Maybe this is just me but I never remember getting sick of X-Pac. He had been part of my favorite factions such as nWo, nWo Wolf Pac (Before the Red & Black nWo Logo), & D-X. Maybe its because he never reached WWF World Champion status that I never got sick of him. Still he is the reason to why X-Pac Heat is named after him for being sick of a performer; not a character. Ric Flair: I totally have X-Pac Heat for Ric Flair. I didn't care whether he was a good guy or a bad guy. Every time he was around he was there to be in the main event or to be the world champ. I'm not mad at him for cheating. But just being around so long that I'd wish he'd go the way of Terry Funk or just stay retired. Razor Ramon: Probably doesn't deserve to be on this list. But I had assumed he called himself The Bad Guy, but was too lazy to be an actual Bad Guy. Goldust: I'm pretty certain Goldust would supposed to always remain a villain. Surprisingly though the crowd got over their homophobic thoughts toward a man that was heterosexual to begin with. Bill Goldberg: Not for turning heel but simply being allowed to remain unbeatable. Goldberg is the kind of guy that I think gives a Staged Sport a bad name. Not to mention he ended Bret Hart's career (and others) due to not being properly trained. Stone Cold Steve Austin: I think he was meant to remain a bad guy. And I doubt Austin 3:16 was suppose to catch on the way it did. Bret The Hit Man Hart: Had Bret said he was sorry for how he brutally beat Stone Cold the (US) fans would've ultimately considered it water under the bridge. But man seeing a Face like Bret acting the way he did toward Stone Cold in that match was a shocker. The Rock: I honestly liked The Rock back when he was going by the name Rocky Maivia. In fact I had a friend who thought Rocky Maivia was lame. Dang if Rocky Maivia never joined The Nation Of Domination where he ultimately became The Rock my friend would've never changed his mind. Mick Foley: Once he was allowed to drop the previous insanity that was Mankind he shined better as a performer. Also known for putting Asses into Seats. The previous Mankind though was probably one of my favorite villains. HHH: Prior to his marriage I liked HHH. But he has had a habit of getting X-Pac Heat. Especially every time he had to remind everyone he was dating the boss's daughter. John Cena: Not for formerly being a heel, but just because of being a face for way too long. That & somehow killing my childhood even more when he was allowed to defeat The Rock for the world Title.... And Chris Jericho before his hair cut.... And Sabu.... Maybe I shouldn't be shocked if this list can still grow. Vince McMahon: The man who had made most of wrestling what it was & will become. And the man who killed SMW, ECW, & WCW. Not only that but paraded with each corpse of those companies while he was at it. No matter how much good he does it has been a reminder that his business has & can be run purely on his ego. Chris Benoit: Probably one of the best (Face) Wrestlers to ever be in the business. His disturbing death is something no one can or should ignore. Part of me still wants to believe had he stopped doing (flying) head butts none of what happened would've happened.
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    Steam Summer Sale 2013

    I snagged Tomb Raider on there for 13.99
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    http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/03/14/us-japan-fuel-costs-idUSBRE92D05E20130314 TOKYO — The restart of Japan's nuclear power industry is proving pivotal to the economic vision of the country's prime minister as soaring fuel bills after the Fukushima disaster threaten to keep the country's trade in a deeper deficit for longer. As Japan marks the second anniversary this week of a crisis that scarred the nation, the fuel bills to pay for lost atomic output are leaving their own scars on the economy, partly owing to Abe's own making. His mix of economic policies — dubbed Abenomics by the media — has driven the yen down sharply, thus raising the cost of imports that will weigh on the revival of a nation that has traditionally relied on exports to drive growth. The sooner that pro-nuclear Abe can restart atomic power stations, the sooner he will return the country's record trade deficit to its long-term standing of a trade surplus and so mark a milestone in the recovery of the economy. But in Abe's way is the country's new, independent atomic watchdog, which has said it will take as long as three years to approve restarts under safety guidelines it is drawing up. "It's a problem for Abe because his economic policies depend partly on an export led recovery to really deliver growth and he needs to get the trade balance back to positive," said Tom O'Sullivan, a Tokyo-based energy consultant. "He also needs to stimulate domestic demand in parallel with improving exports," O'Sullivan said, adding he believed Abe had made up his mind to restart reactors. The Fukushima disaster, triggered by a huge earthquake and tsunami in northeastern Japan in March 2011, led to the shut down of the country's entire nuclear power industry, which was producing 30 per cent of the country's electricity supply at the time. Only two reactors have resumed operation, sparking huge protests against nuclear power. Japan's fuel imports bill jumped immediately as power companies ramped up production of oil and gas-fired generators. Just as quickly, the trade balance swung into a deficit. Abe's push for more aggressive fiscal and monetary policy since he won a big election victory in December has added to the fuel bill by driving down the value of the yen to a 3-1/2 year low of 96.71 per dollar on Tuesday. Japan, the most energy-import dependent of the world's major economies, spent about 24 trillion yen ($250 billion) in 2012 on fuel imports including for electricity generation, based on the official average yen rate of 79.55 to dollar, finance ministry figures showed. That made up a third of Japan's total imports bill and towered over a record trade deficit of 6.9 trillion yen. Should the yen fall to 100 to the dollar and stay there for the next year, Japan's purchases of oil, gas and coal from overseas would rise 25 per cent to just over 30 trillion yen, in the unlikely scenario that import volumes hold steady. But energy imports are likely to rise as Japan faces a second complete shutdown by September when the two running nuclear plants must be idled for regular maintenance. Abe's Liberal Democratic Party is seen as more pro-nuclear power than the preceding Democratic Party of Japan government. Abe plans, for example, to review from scratch his predecessor's plan to exit atomic power. "Abe will surely use high import costs after the summer to argue that Japan needs to get restarts simply because the cost for doing business in Japan is prohibitive," said Martin Schulz, a senior research fellow at Fujitsu Research Institute. Like Abe, utilities have strong economic reasons to restart nuclear power stations as they see costs soar. Imports of liquefied natural gas, the main substitute for nuclear fuel, cost 6 trillion yen in 2012 and utilities are desperate to restart other units to reduce costs and cut losses. They are betting they will be able to get just over a fifth of Japan's 50 reactors restarted by the end of March 2014, although some critics say that is ambitious given the regulator's more cautious view. If utilities were able to get half the country's 50 nuclear reactors back online, they would save as much as 1.8 trillion yen in fuel imports over the next year, the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan, a government-linked research institute, said. Tokyo Electric Power Co, Kansai Electric Power Co , Kyushu Electric Power Co, Shikoku Electric Power Co and Tohoku Electric Power Co have included the restart of 11 reactors as part of applications to raise electricity prices. Out of the country's 10 nuclear operators, the five account for more than 70 per cent of fuel oil, crude and LNG use for power generation in Japan and 40 per cent of coal burning. Together they operate two-thirds of the country's reactors. "Nothing has been decided yet about the restart of nuclear reactors, but my guess is that the current government is supportive of restarts, although in a low-key manner, since the resistance among the population is substantial," said Gerhard Fasol, Chief Executive officer of Eurotechnology Japan KK, a Tokyo-based consulting firm. The big five are forecasting a 50 per cent increase in coal use in the year to March 31, 2014, while their LNG use is expected to decline 9.4 per cent. Reflecting the currency impact, the volume of crude oil imports fell 4.7 per cent in January but their value rose 5.9 per cent. Average benchmark Brent crude prices in the month were only 0.8 per cent higher than a year earlier.
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    Oh yeah http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3I1ggW3qak4 I always gotta make sure im looking down at the speedometer more frequently to make sure I'm not overdoing it.
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    Childhood Heroes

    The scoundrel pilot gunslinger http://youtu.be/xxODU7RK730 I must have watched this movie 700 times as a kid. The idea of reading a book makes you part of the story appealed to my bookish nature http://youtu.be/B3DcWtkKeIY Nancy knew how to survive a horror film http://youtu.be/M8TKelktHgA
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    So I upgraded our test forum to vb 4.0.6 two days ago and its finally usable as far as I can tell. The only thing holding back the live upgrade is the themes. After I get a couple themes upgraded for use with vb 4, we'll upgrade the main forums/site. This could be this weekend, maybe next. It all depends on how long it takes me with these themes. The only theme that is currently done is the Yu Yu Hakusho theme. And of course the horribly blinding default vbulletin 4 theme. The sanji theme, maybe all blue and maybe one more theme will be done before we upgrade. yu yu hakusho theme is dark, the sanji theme is bright, (but not blinding like the vb4 theme), and all blue is medium. After the initial 3-4 themes are done, I won't work on any more themes until vb 4.1 comes out which is supposed to streamline the theme process.
  40. 2 points
    http://scifiwire.com/2010/05/amazing-youtube-girl-sing.php Remember Diva Plavalaguna, that blue alien from Fifth Element who sang a wild aria for Bruce Willis and held the secret to the Elements? Turns out you don't need to pay a visit to a a luxury space liner to hear her crazy song. Laura, aka disneydiva7, has re-created the Fifth Element diva song right here on Earth. But first, you'd better refresh your memory with a bit of the original: Original: ZJB5Rqc1m0Y Now here's Laura's take on the song: bgo0CDL6bd0 Impressive ^^
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  42. 2 points

    Code geass

    It is an absolute must outline, After the invasion of Japan by the Brittannian Empire, the country is renamed to "Area 11". The young Lelouch, a Brittannian student living in Japan, accidentally gets caught up in a local terrorist attack against Brittannia, reuniting with his childhood friend Suzaku as well as meeting the mysterious girl C.C. Cornered in a life and death situation, Lelouch accepts a power C.C. offers to him, the ability to order anyone to do anything. Harboring a thirst for revenge against the Brittanian Empire for their actions against his family, Lelouch wages war against the Empire. Using his newfound power and tactical ability, Lelouch goes under the alias Zero in attempts to fulfill his childhood vow, to destroy Brittannia! Geass is the name of Lalouch's ability, it Has a hint of Death Note, as his power to change lives, and what cost it has only the audience knows lalouch motivation, and you cant help but love him though every character grows to hate him every step if explained from how Lalouch wehnt from a teen to what he ends up as, it is beautifully told and animated really is a 10/10, i watched it in eng dubb which was perfectly done
  43. 2 points

    The Fourth Kind

    http://www.thefourthkind.net/ An alien abduction movie which reminds me of the movie "Fire in the Sky". The trailer looks creepy tho.
  44. 2 points

    Posting And You!

    dunno if any of you have seen this, but i thought it was pretty funny X'D [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9q2jNjOPdk]YouTube - Posting and you[/ame]
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    http://dvice.com/archives/2009/02/gaping_hole_cos.php Click the link and look at the pics. This is awesome! X'D I bet a cosplayer could use this setup for a good Hollow costume from Bleach.
  46. 2 points

    How to make AC more delicious

    Because everything is more delicious when you add BACON! http://bacolicio.us/http://forum.ancientclan.com This works with any site, actually. Just add a http://bacolicio.us/ at the beginning of any url to make it tastier. I.E., http://bacolicio.us/http://www.peta.org .
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    elections and the media...

    poor us 7iW5kOB1pmg 0GU4OhXl4-k AKuCxcz1lUQ
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    http://www.theanimenetwork.com/ Looks like The Anime Network is offering their AOD service right on their website now. I haven't watched any eps yet, but the interface looks good.
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    Princess Tasha

    2 new sigs

    Hope you guys like them. I still think that there's is something missing with the Full Metal one but yeah. What do you think?
  50. 2 points

    Happy Endings...

    Here's another Naruto sig!(free to use, PM me first. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.) Did it with images from the Naruto Movie: Rescue the Snow Princess. Enjoy!

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