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    I checked error logs but I couldn't find anything. So I changed a couple settings for the gallery and did a couple test uploads. One image loaded fine, the other upload was 3 images at once. Everything worked ok. One of the issues might have been a file size limitation. Anything around 4mb might have been timing out. I increased the upload size for all usergroups. If anyone wants to test some image uploads, go for it. 10 mb is now the largest image the forum will take at the moment. All of my test images were no bigger than 1.5 mb. We still might get an image upload timing out for large images but that might be a hard server setting I'd have to look for.
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    Detroit: Become Human

    First thoughts: The Good: The story is outstanding, the voice acting is S-Tier, and the graphics are beautiful. I guess not being a free movement intensive game they can cut corners on what has to be processed, because even on regular PS4 it looks like a high end PC max settings game. Just playing half way through this so far, I'm already sold for future Quantic Dream games. The end of each mission has a flow chart that shows you everyone's choices compared to yours, and even a narrower friends choices which I find to be most interesting. I believe Strider and one other person are the only people that have played on my friends list. I've seemed to line up with them for the most part until recently when I realized being "good" or "understanding" doesn't always help you with the karma system the game has... it's very shades of grey, so it better not to stress to much in being nice or trying to cater to NPCs. The Bad: The controls are pretty wonky. Unless its a certain mission segment, and very few of them, there is no free roam camera. Its purely PS1 Resident Evil style camera that is slightly more modern. There is a way to free roam, but its slow and not optimal. The investigation button allows you to pan the camera for clues, but time is frozen while you do it. Outside of that you can flip the camera with R1 and it generally doesn't do a good job. Often it will flip into some useless angle, and hitting it again will most of the time never send you back to the view you just had. This is irritating when there is a viewable item/area you walk pass. You'll have to go into the investigate button to pan to it as these often pop only when you're super close. This is pretty much the only negative I have about this game. The style presented makes it forgivable, but it would have been nice to have a more free flowing camera system. Thing to know: This is no Telltale game. If you fuck up, there is no going back. The show goes on leaving you wondering what could have been. This def adds to the replay factor if you have that kind of time. Decisions are forced up on you to decide uncomfortably quickly. While it sucks at times, it really adds to the emotion it provokes out of you. I have several regrets already. I selected casual controls for this go around because it made it clear in the opening menu, if a character dies, the story doesn't stop. I didn't really want to miss out on 3rd of the flow chart.
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    Strider Hiryu

    PS Plus Games

    I would definitely recommend getting and playing Detroit, such a fucking awesome game and it still remains my game of the year for 2018. One of the best character driven stories I've played in years. I really should play through it again so I can get the rest of the trophies.
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    I never believed in truly wireless earbuds. But I bought some galaxy buds at Best Buy today. The first 4 hours of my shift each morning are before my store opens, and It's generally just with one other person that is working on the opposite side of the store. I have to listen for a door bell after a while to let people in other dept in so I can't have both earphones in at once, and I didn't want a dangling ear bud flopping all over the place while I tried to work. I'll mostly use them for podcast listening rather than music so ultra sound quality like a $300 pair of Bose or Jabra's were out of the question. Skullcandy and Ankor had some cheap $70 ones, but I went with galaxy buds since i have a galaxy phone. They were $120, they sound really nice and fit snug in the ear suprisingly. They came with different size tips just in case. Plus the carrying case is super small. They get around 6 hours of battery life each, and the case will recharge them about 2 times before needing to be recharged itself. So if I ever work a full overnight shift they'll last me all night one bud at a time. I'll have to find more podcasts to listen to as I've burned through a lot of the old eps of the ones I currently follow.
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    Maybe, but I don't see it right now. Gameboy battery life is still far superior to Switch. I haven't looked too much into it but I highly doubt removing rumble and motion censors is going to add that much more life to the battery on the lite. I love these commercials though "lets go to these active lifestyle parks and facilities and just play switch instead of participating in the activities."
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    Nintendo is making a portable only Switch! I intend to trade in my current Switch because I hate the fact The Dock needs a LAN Adapter. Here's hoping that if there ever is a non portable only Switch it will properly hook up to an Ethernet Cable.
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    I finally got the time to do some stuff again. I hope it lasts. I finished Stranger Things season 3 which was great and I got multiple hours in GW2. I almost have my 2 large festival achievements done for the big chests. After that I'm going for my skyscale and warclaw mounts.
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    Detroit: Become Human

    I went full shitbag at the end and got one hell of a grim ending.
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    Holy cow, I guess I'll be watching a crap ton of series this upcoming season. Funi is loaded on dubs. I'm a little irked that the new Fate series will be sub only out of everything tho. Fire Force and Dr. Stone are my most anticipated. Cop Craft and Astra Lost in Space look interesting... I see 2 new isekai series that could go either way. Master of Ragnarok set the bar super low, and Sheild Hero set it ultra high for the genre.
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    I have to say I've played many MMORPG's over the years from good to bad but I don't think I've ever played one that has consistently proceeded to exceed my expectations like FFXIV has and Shadowbringers has more than done so. I think this expansion ranks up there as probably one of my all time favorites RPG's in general and all time favorite FF game ever (yes beating out FFIX) that's how wonderful it is. Yea I know, FFXIV fanboy praising his addiction but SE and the XIV team have really outdone themselves with this expansion. The story is phenomenal from start to finish with a very emotional plot, some of the best dungeon's I've ever had the pleasure of grinding through (with the exception of one), phenomenal boss fights (that final fight is amazing, I can't wait to see the Extreme mode of it), great character writing (even better than before, I'm more attached to these NPC's then I ever was before), and an amazing soundtrack (I refuse to listen to music while playing in 90% of the zones because I love it so much). Granted this is just the base Shadowbringers, there's still two years of patches to go through and my opinions might change later on (I mean we still don't have raid access and the Nier 24-man doesn't launch until Oct) but I don't think I've ever felt this complete and satisfied with a game expansion/dlc. Yoshida and his team really outdid themselves this time and I look forward to the next two years of content and the next expansion to come. On another note I've learned that I can't do hardcore gaming hours anymore. After 3 days of 12-16 hour gaming sessions (Friday - Sunday) I'm really feeling my age (sad to say when I'm only 33). I've never been this physically and mentally exhausted in my life (and my job is both on a daily basis). Thank fucking god I'm on vacation this week to recover. Don't think I'll be doing this for the next expansion but is was totally worth it for the payoff we got in the end. Also thinking I should post updated pictures of my character since she's gone through some pretty drastic changes since the last time.
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    7SEEDS on netflix is definitely one of their better offerings. I found it to be highly enjoyable. Gripping even. Its basically an anime about Life after humans, with humans reinserted into it. Think After Earth, but not shitty. The only gripe I have is that it's one of those "Part 1" deals, and it ends on a extremely important cliffhanger. Leaving the chances of being LoLH'ed never sits well with me. Bottom line, the cast of characters are solid, the voice acting is above average, and the story is engaging. This is post apocalyptic wilderness survival. No evil dystopian government plots, no alien overlords, just humans and an evolved ecosystem.
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    Yeah, the redub of Evangelion is uninspired trash. Shinji's voice is even worse, people sound like they're half asleep.
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    Borderlands 3

    Since the Handsome Collection is free this month I picked it up. I originally wasn't going to play through BL2 again, but now that there is new DLC to bridge the story gap into 3, I've ventured into it. I must say, some things have not aged well. wonky terrain with invisible hitboxes are REEEEALLLLY bad. Getting snagged on a structure or rock for no reason is super annoying, especially when you're walking backwards and shooting. They clearly made up for this with how much damage you can take though. The game is rarely punishing if you have to good shield. Trying to shoot through a fence or even a busted structure with gaping holes sometimes is blocked by an invisible wall as well. The driving controls are complete shit too It actually wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't shooting involved. The camera being the same as the steering is so UGH. That being said, I'm still enjoying it. Its been so long since I've played it, the memories I had long forgotten coming back is enjoyable. The humor is great. I ended the night with Tiny Tina's tea party, and it was even better in 4K. The upgraded textures aren't that big of a difference unless you have a big TV I suspect. It mostly just smooths out the pixelation and tearing that occurs on newer TVs. I didn't know you had to download it separately, so when I booted up the game for the first time I was like "Holy cow, this looks so stretched". Being cel shaded, every black outline looked like a zoomed in pencil line on MS Paint. Anyways Kudo's to gearbox for just dropping brand new content for free (until next month). I look forward to getting there eventually.
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    This is horrible. This is the studio that bought us Violet Evergarden, Hyouka, Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu, and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

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