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    From the album FFXIV Pics

    Another side view of the weapon.
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    Strider Hiryu

    Final Anima Weapon

    From the album FFXIV Pics

    So, to my surprise, they actually added another step in with patch 3.55a bringing anima weapons up to par with the raid weapons of the game (item level 275). So I now have a weapons on par with the best weapons in the game and probably better for me anyways since the weapon is tailored to what I want. I do like the blue glow it has now but I still think the swords are rather bland looking. I might glamour the Spurs of the Thorn Prince over them at some point but that blue is just to pretty. On a side note I've actually had these done for two weeks an took the screen shots shortly after getting them but I was, yet again, too lazy to post the pics (that and Horizon took all my free time that weekend).
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    From the album Guild Wars 2

    In the map Bloodstone Fen, all colors and particle effects are greatly enhanced... which means my ranger is almost impossible to make out once I activate combat.
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    From the album FFXIV Pics

    Meh, just decided to throw this in to show off the new look my character has to go with her new weapon. Also this and the other three screenshots were taken in my Apartment in game. I may or may not take pictures of the whole thing if I feel like it (currently deciding how I want to remodel it).
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    From the album GW2

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    From the album FFXIV Pics

    So yeah, here's the completed Anima weapons. It's been done for about a month but I've been to damn lazy to upload the screen shots. Quite frankly I don't really like the looks of it so I'll probably buy a replica of the step before it and glamour it on these. I'm just so freaking glad they're done after grinding A1S (first raid dungeon on Savage difficulty (Alexander)) for two weeks straight. There's supposedly another step coming in the next patch but whether it changes the weapon at all or not I don't know but if it does I'll post pics.
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    Rodgort rests

    From the album GW2