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    I'm so glad Carl is dead. now I don't have to see that horrible hair anymore. it was such an emotional scene and I feel horrible for Michonne, but when I heard that gun shot I was happy. I'm a horrible person. Rick vs Negan in this last episode was pretty good. I'm surprised Maggie didn't warn that new woman about the saviors.
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    I'll still go see this, but the reviews are mixed and its tanking already. Alicia Vikander is a pretty girl, but honestly I was never sold on her look. Shes just too petite and short for the roll. Her body has limits to how much muscle she could fill out with, and she looks very young. I feel bad because I watched some behind the scenes and she really put in a lot of work out time and grueling stunts to make the movie. While Angelina Jolie was picked because of her sex appeal, she's 3 inches taller and looked older, even though she was four years younger when she did the first movie. Jolie filled the roll of a more sexual Lara Croft and looked the part. Vikander doesn't really look the part of the new Lara Croft to me. Shes wearing the same outfit, but the more board shoulders and toned biceps aren't there. Maybe it shouldn't matter, and in any other movie it maybe wouldn't. But for a video game movie, you gotta be believable as the character, or you lose all the fanboys/fangirls.
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    Apparently this is up too early so it may not be up when you try to view this.
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    .... Does this mean Vegeta has been Yamcha'd?
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    It will probably be free sometime next year. Its won best soundtrack at just about every award event except one I think. I have almost 60 hours into it. I still load it up so I can eventually get to level 99 and fight the secret boss. The music is just down right therapeutic when roaming around the map. I couldn't pick a favorite track, the whole damn thing is a masterpiece.
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    https://www.vg247.com/2018/03/09/nier-automata-50-off-weekend-steam-us-ps-store-ps4/ 50% off in the PS store.
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    The price to make these 32 bags are outrageous. Inventory space isn't a vanity item. They really should have more ways to get these runes of holding in the next map. Spreading out the mat farm across multiple LWS4 maps would be a great way to keep them relevant. Having to drop 100g on a gamble to get these is stupid.
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    https://blog.us.playstation.com/2018/02/28/ps-plus-games-for-march-additional-service-changes/ This is a great lineup. Bloodborne, Ratchet and Clank and Mighty No. 9. And in 1 year there will be no more free games released for ps3 and vita.
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    The best thing you can do is destroy all the communications first to limit the back up. Mark every enemy, even the trucks that drive off stay marked when they come back or you see them somewhere else. Suppressed sniping, and blowing up radio towers and running off until alert cools down is what I did. If I got spotted I basically murdered everyone. Upgrading your D Walker is top priority as its the best getaway vehicle. The scouting head was supremely useful. I don't think it works for hostage extraction though, You can't toss them on it and drive away if I remember correctly. The game on a whole is very similar. Later it will get a bit tougher with large armored vehicles and the damn chopper trying to kill you. But for most of the time its your own pace. Then there was one mission that I recall that wasn't your own pace and was very annoying. I remember having to follow a truck without being seen and also not letting it get too far away. I forgot why but I just remember failing it multiple times.
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    I've been playing this the last couple days. I just finished mission 5. The combat system is nice and the stealth mechanics are good, but I'm loosing my patience quite often. I'll usually miss one guy, he'll spot me and ruin all my stealth progress or potentially get an ass load of people to shoot and kill me, thus making me loose an hour of progress. I've gotten into the habit of fultoning out a large chunk of people, running out of the area to trigger a checkpoint save and then running back in to keep going. Its all too time consuming. Now when someone sees me I say "f*ck it" grab my assault rifle, kill them, run off a bit and then snipe everyone else. I'm going to start deploying with an RPG to destroy all the radio communicators first from now on. Aside from the prologue I haven't gotten a rank over C. Parts of this game's plot makes no sense to me. I don't get why I'm still in Afghanistan. I'm guessing the answer is in the cassette tapes I've been neglecting to listen to. I have a full crew now with excess in the waiting room. For most of these missions I don't understand the logic as to why Snake does all this YOLO style. I now have a small army but they all just sit on their asses at motherbase while I go out and do stuff. I heard that eventually they can go out on missions and make us cash, but even then it doesn't make sense to me why Snake doesn't do all these missions with a full assault or stealth/tactical team. I get spotted almost every mission, probably because I suck at this or I'm just not used to the endless enemy respawning, but considering the amount of gun fights I get into, screw stealth. lol. I'd rather have my own swat team come in. I keep using that fulton on everything and its getting a bit tedious. I have no idea where all these sheep are going. lmao. I keep launching them into the air and I never see them again. I caught a brown bear that mauled the hell out of me on my first attempt. That was pretty messed up watching it dangling by 1 foot attached to a balloon. wtf.