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    Myk JL

    Epic Games Store

    Too much bad publicity surrounds Epic Game Store for me to ever join. Talk about Chinese Spyware in Epic's launcher. Steam preordering being removed to make (timed) exclusives for Epic. Epic try to compete with Steam Sales without a Shopping Cart. Game Developers not knowing that Epic was going to make their games cheaper during said sales. Shenmue 3's broken promise for Steam Keys as they decided to go with Epic instead. I wouldn't even buy an Epic Humble Bundle at this point with how much bad publicity they're getting.
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    Epic Games Store

    I feel like most of the big games that go exclusive are things I'll buy on console anyways. They're spending a lot of money to pull these exclusives I dunno how long they can keep that up. BL3 will be the big test. We'll see how many PC only people can actually wait 6 months to get it. If they spend a bunch of money and not enough people buy it, they'll be hurting. I honestly don't care either way. I've opened steam up maybe 5 times in the last year, all to play 1 game. lol

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