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    I guess I got so use to them never being in costume that i didn't care. I mean they look like they're all wearing a party city Halloween consume of one of Jean Grey's comic variations. Sophie has a small frame and it looks like she's wearing football pads under her top in the top pic. Everyone else's outfit fits great except hers. Shes just a bad actor. Shes got the same facial expression and tone in everything she does. And when she does interviews shes a different person entirely so its not her personality. Shes just not good at acting.
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    Funimation put up Your Name. I remember all the hype behind this film and how it it became the highest grossing anime at the box office. After watching it, it was kinda a letdown. I mean it wasn't bad, but Spirited Away is immensely superior to this movie. Its worth watching, but I wouldn't grade it above a solid straight to Netflix feature.

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