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    Finally got caught up on my backlog of Marvel movies over the last two weeks (well the backlog of ones I wanted to watch, the only one's I haven't seen are Thor 2, Homecoming (which I will watch eventually), Ant Man (no real interest in seeing it) and I've only seen half of the first Captain America). Will say things make a lot more sense now in the big picture after getting them watched, thoughts below: Winter Soldier: As much as I hat Cap I really enjoyed this movie and when my friend said shit hit the fan he wasn't kidding. I finally understand why Shield wasn't around in Avengers 2 (I really had no idea what was going on since I never watched the TV show and I really had no interest in watching Winter Soldier until recently) so a lot of my questions about certain things were finally answered. Really like how it played out more like a spy/action flick then a superhero flick, definitely one of my favorites in the the Marvel verse behind GoG 1 & 2 and Civil War. Civil War: Good god I really enjoyed this movie though I do feel like the whole movie focused more on Cap and Stark's underlying past issues (and personal issues) then it did on the real issues at hand (it really felt more like a Cap obsessing over Bucky and Stark reliving his daddy issues more then a flick about a superhuman civil war). Have to say I'm completely pumped to see the Black Panther flick, after seeing him in Civil War I'm sold on him (great actor choice and the character alone is really interesting). I have a ton of questions and theories now about how Infinity War is going to play out (can anyone say Nomad). Doctor Strange: I honestly didn't know about this one and based on the reviews I had seen about it I wasn't even sure if I'd like it. Glad to say I'm wrong. Though I really don't like Strange (his attitude rubs me the wrong way) I really enjoyed the movie (fucking trippy as hell). Considering I knew nothing of this character I thought it was a really good origin story for the character (yes I know the actual origin story but for the MCU this is actually a great introduction). I have some issues with the movie (like a lot of people) but I'm interested to see what his role is in the MCU going forward (especially considering the Infinity War movies are going to reset the MCU (or at least kill off quite a few heroes)). Guardians 2: Watched this last night and I absolutely loved it, tied for favorite Marvel movie with Guardians 1. Brought back all of the charm and humor from the first one and backed it up with a pretty serious story. Was great to see how the interactions between all the characters have evolved from the first one and yes Baby Groot was fucking adorable (the beginning of the movie was freaking cute with him dancing, yes I said cute (get over it)). Overall the movie was a fun ride and the ending, while sad, was a great way to send off such a great character (even if he was an ass). So yea, gotta say the Marvel movies are really impressing me considering my general distaste for superheroes (I'm sorry my heroes as a kid were the Ninja Turtles, Transformers, and G.I. Joe. Superheroes never realy interested me, men in tight spandex beating up other men in similar costumes just seemed wrong). As I said above I'm really looking forward to the Black Panther movie and after finally watching Civil War I'm really looking forward to seeing how things play out in the Infinity War movies.
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    I'm on ep 5 of season 3 and so far its the most boring. Although it seems to be getting more interesting. Daenerys has her army now and I like her character a lot more. Season 2 was pretty good IMO. Tyrion is by far my favorite character along with his escapades with Bronn. I'm pretty sad he's no longer Hand of the King. I loved his schemes. The wildfire boat bomb was pretty epic. But all before that, Tyrion getting KOed by the hill person's hammer and missing the whole battle was hilarious. All the conspiring between the Spider and Little Finger is probably my favorite angle going on, even though they are among the minor happenings. The thing I like about this show is how your opinion can change about certain characters from good to bad and bad to good. Everyone is relatively interesting. At first Daenerys story had me least interested, but now Snow's story is kinda eh right now. All of Night's Watch seems so ridiculous, and Snow just seems like a big fuck up in everything he does, its absurd how many bad decisions he's made consecutively, and so far he hasn't really had to pay any price for them. I haven't read the books, but it seems the show had written itself into a corner at times, and then decided they didn't like what they did and just did something else to do it, making the character impacted look out of character. Robb's decision to marry the medic girl is one of them. Stannis is a trainwreck and the fire priestess is such a weird and out of place character... the whole pregnant, shadow birth thing was bizarre and I bet it's the only time that is ever used.