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    Vikings Final Season

    I just caught up after getting 3 weeks behind. Now that I'm wiping my eyes dry. The best character of this series is gone. Kinda F'ed up how they did it, but she was already dying from an epic fight. Hvitserk got his addictive nature from Ragnar clearly but now he'll freak out more that he's taken the one thing Ivar wants, that is if Bjorn doesn't find out what hes done first. What a masterful acting by Bjorn by the way, the monologue was excellent. I can't even get into King Harald and Ivar parts which are equally interesting. I've been kinda cruising through this season with half interest since it started out slow, but its coming together midway through. The last 2 weeks have been pretty good. Since netflix is going to do a spinoff I wonder if its going to be based on Erik the Red who I assume just debuted.
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    Myk JL

    2020 Predictions?

    I didn't think Elizabeth Warren was nuts until Elizabeth Warren recently declared that Bernie Sanders said that a woman couldn't win about a year ago behind closed doors. If what Elizabeth Warren was saying is true why didn't Elizabeth Warren bring this up in the first debate back in 2019? And even then why would Bernie Sanders have to remind Elizabeth Warren that Bernie Sanders has for decades publicly stated a woman can become president, that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 3 Million in 2016, AND that Bernie Sanders wanted Elizabeth Warren to run in 2016 instead of Bernie Sanders. What Elizabeth Warren has done to herself is so insane that she has donors who want a refund using #refundwarren on twitter.
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    Playstation 5

    If they announce this event I'll ask off just so I can preorder. Otherwise I'll get in trouble at work for refreshing the amazon search. πŸ™„Fucking Ebay scalpers are going to be in full force. One touch amazon purchasing is the best thing ever. I remember the days of frantically typing in your credit card number hoping to get one before the bots purchased everything.
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    Looks like hundreds of users are browsing AC in waves.. the ip#s are all almost the same, coming out of Singapore. It started like 3 days ago. Either somebody posted something very popular in Singapore, or theres some weird Singapore search engine that just wont be content until it searches through every single page on the site. Search engine bots running through the site:
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    Deep into my one and only mobile game, Facebook caught wind. πŸ™„ I've spent the past 2 weeks grinding out on Azur Lane. I've pretty much fallen in love with the simple little game. I enjoy the collecting, retrofitting, gearing, dorm managing and commissioning more than the actual missions. But now I get every shit shovelware ad for mobile games on my facebook feed. Kiss of War, Raid Shadow Legends, Epic Seven, Iron Saga. I wonder how much they actually add to their playerbase/funds from these? I don't choose to hide the ads because the comments section are gold with the mockery. Of course I only get these ads on my phone while on my PC i get FFXIV ads which I already have a sub too, and some anime crate which I allow to keep showing because I've hid every other possible ad in the algorithm from showing up. I rather just keep that one around because they have nice promo art most the time.
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    Myk JL


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    Random Anime Thoughts

    Mother's Basement had Promised Neverland, I just picked Arkada's list for more bias reasons since I've seen most of what he has on there even though I wouldn't put some of them in my top of the decade despite enjoying them thoroughly. Both had Mob Psycho which I adore, and A Place Further than the Universe which I guess I need to watch now. Plus I knew he'd have Evergarden which would absolutely be on my list. Death Parade is criminally underrated. I'll raise an eyebrow at JoJo's though, I could only make it through 2 seasons before It got a bit too wacky for my liking And I watch A LOT of garbage. My top 10-25 list would be all over the place since my anime pallet is not as refined I'll leave this here since it's what I was originally coming to post. πŸ˜›
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    Strider Hiryu

    Random Anime Thoughts

    Gah, I get this is his own personal favorites of the decade list but by god putting A Silent Voice in the honorable mentions category is a fucking crime. That movie alone deserves a fucking spot in the top 10 of any anime of the decade list and deserves Your Name's place on that list (hey, I'll shill for Shinkai until the day I die and I fucking adore Your Name ranking it up there as his best film to date and as one of my all time favorite anime movies but it's a travesty not to place A Silent Voice in that list. The raw emotion, excellent story telling, and wonderful animation beats out Your Name any day). My name is Strider and thank you for attending my TED talk today. Other then that and the fact A Promised Neverland isn't on there (it's still my anime of the year, nothing has kicked it out of that spot yet) and I haven't seen quite a few of those shows I have to say from the ones that did line up with what I watched we have similar ideas on what constitutes good anime (it's surprising how much my tastes in anime line up with Arkada's. If it wasn't for him I'd of never watched Laid-Back Camp, which is up there as one of my all-time favorite shows to date (such a lovely show and so relaxing)).
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    Horizon Zero Dawn

    I beat Horizon Zero Dawn yesterday and I'm about 1/4 through the Frozen Wilds DLC. Without getting into too much detail I gotta say this game was really good. Everything is explained.. Literally just about everything (robots, humanity, culture, technology, etc.) and the plot is amazing. With this plot, it could be made into a movie. I focused way too much on the side quests initially. I did so many side quests that once I started playing the main mission again I kind of steamrolled the enemies because I was so leveled up. The only real negatives to the game is the lack of direction. Without spoiling anything, what the game should have done was force you to play the initial hunting grounds instead of skipping them. The game doesn't say it but all the hunting grounds are basically tutorials for how to destroy the different robots. It would have been extremely useful knowledge if I didn't skip them entirely, get frustrated on some enemies, watched a few youtube videos on how to kill them, when I could have jumped into the hunting grounds and actually learned in the game. The same applies to cauldrons and bandit camps, aside from the initial two, you don't have to do anymore and the game doesn't direct you to any. You stumble across them on the map and the map is so huge and filled with icons I didn't realize thats what the icons stood for until I got to a point in the game where I had to fast travel everywhere because quests make you travel hundreds of miles all over the place. This game alone made my wish I upgraded my PS4 to a SSD hard drive. Halfway through the game I found myself fast traveling all over the place to save time traveling, but that meant loading screens constantly. Ropecaster is the the best weapon in the game. I wish the game would have emphasized this. Every enemy in this game will leap 40 feet directly into your face destroying half your life bar. Not too difficult when its just one or two small robots, but you get some big ass ones in there and you try to run away, draw your bow, get slapped to the ground and then the next one hits you right after and then a third enemy spews fire at you.. it becomes straight up infuriating. But then you bust out the ropecaster that does no damage.. shoot 3-5 binding ropes at an enemy and they get anchored to the ground... and they'll stay anchored to the ground for like a solid minute unless they take a good chunk of damage. And theres no limitation to how many enemies can be ropecasted.. Got 3 enemies? Ropecaster them in different spots then run up to one and focus your attacks on it. As long as you have enough wire in your inventory to keep making ammo for it, you can keep almost every enemy in the game locked down. And the ropecaster is one of the very first weapons you can buy in the game. You just have to buy stronger versions of it as the game progresses. Also, there is an unlimited fast travel pack you can buy for incredibly cheap, like an animal skin and a few shards. No more having to make fast travel packs. But the game doesn't emphasize that its a thing, its simply sold by merchants near a specific city at the bottom of the same generic list of stuff every merchant in the game sells. Mounts are fun, but it can be annoying as they give away your location to enemies, but they are also great for not caring about that and just running past everything to open up more of the map. Theres alot of skills that seem pointless to unlock, but the best ones are shooting additional arrows, tinker, initial mount skills, hoarder and increased slow down time while aiming weapons. Modifications are amazing and the game doesn't even have a tutorial for them. Equip mods. Don't worry about using them you will be swimming in them by the end of the game. Except for purples. Got a bow, and the damage feels weak.. equip a mod that does +38% damage. Thats significant and the game doesn't even emphasize it. wtf. By the end game all my weapons had 3 mod slots each and all had things like like "+48 damage" +42 damage +15% fire damage" "+41 damage +15 tear".. It makes the weapons significantly stronger. Anyway, its a great game. A bit too many side quests, but props for the developer for having every character fully voiced considering the large amount of characters in every side quest introduced. The DLC is interesting so far, but god damn these enemies are ridiculous. Its like every other enemy is as strong as a major boss fight from the initial game. wtf. Overall I've had a fun time but I was eventually getting bored with the sidequests. Like I said before I focused too much on doing those, my OCD kicked in whenever I saw them on the map. lol. I forgot to say, the sidequests are basically for leveling up. You could technically run through the entire main quest line, but as the main quest line continues it'll show the recommended level to continue. Basically thats where the sidequests come into play. You're only level 15 and the next main quest is recommended 20, do some side quests. I think theres as many side quests as there are but to give the game more diversity and fill in the map. The map is huge and its really interesting to explore. I had a great time and the plot was amazing. I'm looking forward to a sequel.
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    Myk JL

    PS Plus Games

    I now have the urge to buy Goat Simulator for Xbox 360.
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    2020 Predictions?

    Politics When he got elected I figured he'd only be a 1 term deal because the Dems would come up with a credible candidate. But as Sledge pointed out, Trump will win reelection. The media will continue to lose more credibility as they put up a bunch of polls leading up to election day showing he'll lose. Not only do they give him free air time, they continually discredit themselves as they can't come to terms that the internet is a bigger source of information than they are. They give him more fuel to self promote each time they mess up. On top of that, watching the news is just as utterly pointless as a newspaper subscription. These channels, ALL of them, are only about ratings. Remember when that Malaysia flight went down? CNN covered it for a month and even threw around a theory that it got sucked into a time space continuum for a second. But anything you see on the news, you've already read hours prior to it being talked about unless its a California car chase or terrorist attack. Anyways, on the surface the economy is doing way better. For the average person there are more jobs to choose from rather than taking anything available. I've noticed this trend on a personal level as now its become increasingly hard to find qualified people to hire at my work. the applicant pool is smaller and poor, as in years pass it was easy to find someone, and they were probably overqualified trying to make ends meet. I've also seen a lot more people switch jobs/find a new job while previously everyone was holding on to their miserable job, and the only way they were leaving is if they got fired or laid off. When it comes down to it, a lot of people have more money in their pocket today than they did a few years ago. When this happens they give less of a fuck about anyone else but themselves. They don't care if you can't get married or go use a different public restroom. It doesn't concern them, they're doing great. That's how Trump wins. Fired up base, unenthusiastic opposing base, and complacent independents that are good with their current situation in life. The deficit will never be fixed until the whole thing collapses. Republicans stopped being fiscally conservative long ago, and democrats will only cut spending where it hurts the people that work hard for a living, the military, or some other type of budget that leads to innovation. They say "wErE gOnNa TaX tHe tOp 1%" but they don't tell you, they're gonna lump you in with them because the top 1% alone can't pay for all the spending they want to do". You get told you gotta take one for the team and face your new reality, sorta like Obama said all them jobs weren't coming back unless Trump had a magic wand to bring them back. Well... I guess he had a magic wand. No, he didn't but here is the reality of it: entitlement spending needs to be cut and neither side is willing to do it. Dems will cut out everything but entitlements, and Repubs will come back in and restore them all, without cutting entitlements to balance it out. Instead of taking the issue serious its political football of one side saying the other hate poor people, and one side saying the other is just trying to pay for votes with the government purse while we give out money we don't have, and haven't had for a decade now. Also we need better review of all these federal departments that waste money because they had excess and just spent it all on dumb shit so the budget committee doesn't see that they had excess and feel like they can trim the fat from them. Why are we just looking at numbers like this? End of year reviews should be made, purchases restricted and excess should go into somewhere else or be saved for the next year and docked. Budgets should never keep increase automatically like it some type of cost of living raise... Either way, politics have been changed forever. Maybe for the better, maybe for the worse. After Trump, I can see more people that aren't government lifers getting nominated. Congress is where the real rot is. Most these fuckers have been in there for 40+ years, and anything they say you can go back 20 years and find where they said the exact opposite. Plus they waste even more money by stuffing a bunch of unrelated shit into critical bills that have to be passed. If both sides could come together on a grassroots/state level and call an Article V to impose term limits on congress it would do us a lot of good. Lets face it, they'll never vote term limits for themselves. But not enough people have the drive or care because at the end of the day, politics currently doesn't effect the common person on a daily basis. Politics is shit, and being a keyboard warrior about it does nothing but get you a few likes from your friends that agree, while changing no one else's mind. People can swap bias articles with cherry picked data all day, but I've noticed the fatigue on that is starting to settle in... right up until the election cycle fires up in full force. Enjoy the calm while it lasts. Whew rant over.... on to other predictions. Gaming PS5 vs. XBSX will be a closer one this gen. PS4 completely dominated this last generation because MS miscalculated how powerful the Sony launch console would be and ended up with a weaker console filled with forced features no one wanted. The whole thing was a debacle. PS4 not only had the more powerful system, they had the better first party titles and none of the silly features getting in the way of playing games. The poor UI and lesser online service was a minor inconvenience lost in it all. This go around it looks like XBSX will have more processing power by more than 3 teraflops. MS will still struggle with their 1st party exclusives. They bought up a bunch of financially marred 3rd party studios and I feel like all they'll do is release sequels to old series that use to be cross-platform. While Sony will continues to launch beloved series sequels and create new IPs. The One X is more powerful than the Pro and it hasn't done anything to play catch up this gen. so power is a thing that continues to diminish in relevance as long as it doesn't impact 3rd party title availability. In the end, I don't think anyone really wins this gen now that Sony has caved into cross play. I expect full cross play for all 3rd party multiplayer titles. People can buy the console with the 1st parties they want and play with their friends either way. So in reality the gamers win the console wars... aside from having to sign up a new account for every developer to enable cross play, and have 30 new passwords to remember, data breaches to worry about, and an inbox full of even more spam. Internet YouTube will be different by the end of 2020. It seems like they're cracking down on all the hatebate videos. Commentators will be thinned out as corporations are probably pouring money YTs way to get rid of the negative press they get from big YT talking heads like Jim Sterling. This will hurt YT in the end, as just as much good comes from YT as bad for some of these companies. Hypemen for stagnate franchises like COD and new titles like Apex will have a harder time making money without some type of official endorsement form the company of the game they cover. This in turn will cost them credibility with their viewers as a shill. Expect a few new social media/stream platforms to come to light this coming year if YT does indeed head down this path. Internet in the US will be just a shit as it has been the past decade. Marginal increases in some places. Fiber internet will still not be in enough places at affordable rates. Entertainment At least 10 new streaming services will debut this coming year. Netflix's financial woes will start to really affect the product as their content gets stretched even more thin along with everyone else's. Disney fired the first shots for a stream bundle with Hulu and ESPN. They own all of that, but expect to start seeing others "team up" for bundles. We're headed towards cable packages 2.0 just like I felt we were earlier this year. Hollywood will continue to struggle with more pointless and horrible movies from shitty actors that are really just wannabe activists trying to make your escape from every day life about every day life. Marvel Phase whatever we're in will start to struggle at the box office as well because they don't hold the weight of interest as the Avenger's group. We'll all get called racists and sexist for not wanting to watch it. They'll have to rely on D+ shows as well but I don't think they'll be as popular as where they could go with Star Wars.
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    2020 Predictions?

    I think it'll be Biden/Sanders and Trump will win re-election. Democrats seem to hate old white men unless its someone who is running on their values. Warren is too nuts to actually get the primary but she'll probably run with Biden as VP. I'm a democrat and I have no enthusiasm for either of them. Trump will win because of the same singular reason as last time. Television and endless free publicity. Ever since he ran for office, MSNBC, Fox News and CNN have all become "Trump TV". He has 3 dedicated channels reporting on everything about him and constantly broadcasting sound bites of him every 5-8 minutes 24 hours a day. MSNBC will have everyone hate watching him because they are pro democrat, Fox News will have everyone love watching him because they are pro republican, CNN gets all the viewers from both sides because MSNBC people want to see what CNN has to say about it, and Fox News people will hate watch CNN because Trump labels it as "fake news". Regardless, its 24/7 media coverage on 3 channels. Put any one of those channels on right now and within 5-8 minutes you will see Trump talk. And these 3 stations alone will want him to be president again because it gives them ratings. Meanwhile democrats running for president are pandering to the ultra minority and want to focus on stupid crap like give illegal immigrants health insurance or make sure LGBT groups get bathroom rights or some shit. Focusing on things like that will never get them elected. And when they lose they'll blame the electoral college because they won the popular vote from hugely democratic states like NY and CA. Its just excuses. The electoral college has been in existence before we were even born. Its what needs to be won to become president and democrats are unwilling to go to swing states and actually reach across the aisle and compensate on their actual running points. Democrats need to run on making jobs, improving infrastructure, reducing medical expenses, reducing health care costs (health care and prescription costs was an issue for me before and after Obama care). And if democrats really want to win they could run on legalizing marijuana and classify it like alcohol. I personally don't care for marijuana, but if the states can sell it and tax the hell out of it to reduce the tax burden on property taxes then hell yes. The people already using are going to keep using regardless, might as well let the states take a chunk out of those profits. "Oh but its a gateway drug!" But oxycotin is given away for free by the federal government through medicare and medicaid prescriptions and then resold on the street for $50 a pill, but marijuana is the bad drug. Bernie Sanders needs to stop already. Hes never going to be president and he needs to stop taking up everyone's time. The US deficit will soar past the nearly 1.5 trillion it peaked at during the Obama years (its heading there now but never talked about in the news because it doesn't give them ratings). Republicans still wont care because its a republican in the office. But if a democrat wins, we'll hear nothing but the deficit and the need to reduce spending drastically for 4 years and that will be the entire legacy of a democrat president. And onto other things.. I think the PS5 will sell huge if it has digital backwards compatibility and a 4k bluray player. Xbox Series X will be a big contender because of its game pass & backwards compatibility. Nintendo will announce a Switch 2. Death Stranding 2 will be announced and will star some more Walking Dead cast. lmao. I dunno.. maybe. I woke up not too long ago, but I switched over to the light theme to read your post easier. Or maybe I just need some eye drops.
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    The Mandalorian

    This is the future of Star Wars. The Mandalorian was a blast and there is very little I can complain about without being nitpicky. The characters were good, each ep may not have been coherently connected, but each was a blast in its own way. The finale was very satisfying, and the not so subtle jab at storm trooper accuracy was amazing. . I think a big part of what gave this series its own feel is its diversion away from the classical John Williams atmosphere. Its own unique OST is probably overlooked. I hope Gina Carano and Carl Weathers return next season. This def worth signing up for the free trial and binging.
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    Lost in Space - Netflix

    The second season was better, but not really "lost in space". The family is still a bunch of annoying fuck ups. The Dad is constantly getting injured the first half of the series like a buffoon. The added a massive cast and diluting the insufferable Robinson family amongst them made them less annoying than the first season.
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    Myk JL


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    Ah so where do I begin. From what I gathered after digesting this film for a week is that J.J. Abrams was truly unhappy with TLJ and basically tried to retcon it and cram everything he wanted it to be in that movie along with this movie in the time span of a single movie. What you have is a nonsensical film that moves insanely fast without much logic. There are a bunch of new characters that you have zero investment in. They started their plotlines too late in the game. This is where I believe Abrams crammed stuff in that was too late to be added. These characters probably would have been pretty good if they debuted in the last film and developed naturally. Instead they're just tossed in and given sizable roles for such minor characters. Now on to the spoilery stuff
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    I'm going to take a moment to say that out of all the games I've played throughout my time as a gamer Nier: Automata is probably one of the best games I've had the pleasure of playing in a very long time. By saying this I have just beaten it (well I beat it last night but I went through to get ending D today (I cheated so I didn't have to do the whole tower section again and reloaded at my save right before the final two fights). I'll most likely be redoing the whole Tower chapter again tomorrow so I can get D on my main save file so I can get ending E, the true ending. Wish me luck because I hear the final section to get E is a nightmare) and yes it took me forever but I'm glad it did. I've played many games that have great stories, great characters, great world building, great gameplay, and yes even great soundtracks (you'd be lying to yourself if you didn't think the OST for Nier was a major component of it) but none of them have ever encapsulated me this much (I say this having a complete obsession over the Suikoden series of games, by far my all time favorites when it comes to world building/story/characters). I've never come to care for characters so much as I have with 2B, Pascal, and A2 (screw 9S, sorry to everyone that likes him but I do not like his character and don't get me started on actually having to use him in combat. Worst parts of the game for me even with his story being so damn good). Everything they go through and everything they experience from the minor gains to the major losses all resonated with me (and in some cases absolutely gutted me, I'm looking at you Pascal). I won't be ruining anything about their stories here or giving a major plot developments but DX will definitely understand where I'm coming from. You really grow attached to these characters in ways you don't notice until something major happens. Hell I've never been attached to a character as much as I am to 2B. Watching her grow throughout the entirety of her play through (and 9S's), watching as she struggles with the things she had to do before the events of this game, watching as she gradually opens up more to those around her, and watching her become more accepting of the new truths around her was amazing. Most main characters never get this treatment with all these minor nuances and most are lucky if they get the character growth she did. A2 is similar in a lot of ways but her growth comes a lot faster and it's harder to get really attached to her since you don't spend as much time with her (but damn do I love her sassy personality, her interactions with Pod 42 are gold). I really wish she'd of gotten more attention than she did (and you really don't even understand the depth of her backstory and character unless you read about the stage play Yoko Taro did that tells it (it's briefly mentioned in game but not much is said)). I won't get into Pascal other than he's a very well written character, lovable, and gets the shaft hard and it really sucks because he's so lovable. Story wise it's really just your typical sci-fi plot and while good is nothing really to write home about as it's the characters that make this game so good (not trying to undermine it by any means but it's certainly not Tolkien levels of epic). It also pays, while not necessary, to have prior knowledge of both the original Nier's story and Drakengard's story as it actually helps you understand a lot of the what happened in the past to lead to where this game is at storyline wise (hell three of the NPC characters are directly from the original Nier). I'm really glad I went and read up on them before beating the game, it really helped me understand a lot of what I was seeing toward the end and helped elaborate on a bunch of the in-game text documents you find. Though it might be easier to get that backstory soon as rumor has it we might be getting a remake/remaster of the original Nier or maybe we'll get a brand new game. The OST is where this game truly shines (so much so I bought it, a rarity for me as I usually don't buy game soundtracks (the only other exception being the Journey OST)). As I said above it's a major component of the game and a major factor behind why I love this game so much. Hell I can't even listen to Weight of the World anymore without getting teary eyed (such a great song, don't think I'll be able to do the Nier raid in FFXIV anymore with the music on. Might end up ugly crying (and they won't be manly tears)). It really sets up all the pieces quite well and adds a lot of the emotional undertone to the game. As for gameplay I'm not the biggest hack and slash fan. Never really have been as I've always gravitated toward RPG's and Strategy games while only playing the occasional hack and slash (I mean before this my only real forays into the genre were the Dynasty and Samurai Warriors games) but I gotta say I really enjoyed the combat in Nier. After getting used to it (which did take awhile) I started to really enjoy dashing in, slashing like a mad man, evading when needed, and rotating in Pod Programs (I'm a big fan of Mirage, so OP with fully leveled weapons). Bosses are a blast as well if not somewhat annoying depending on which one you're fighting (I'm looking at you eyeball of death). My only two complaints about combat are the Pods (outside of programs they're practically useless (and I say this knowing full well how many times the missile pod saved my ass)) and the 9S hacking mini-game (god was this one of the most annoying parts of the game for me and it sucks that its so fucking powerful. I just hate the randomness of what you'll get every time you hack into an enemy). I really don't know what else I can say about this other than I finally understand why everyone has been praising it since it came out, it really is that good. I can't recommend this game enough and it's definitely worth the money (I only wish I'd of waited on buying it until they released the Game of the YoRHa Edition so I could get that damn dynamic theme and avatars). I also need to thank Platinum Games for making it and Yoko Taro for creating such a wonderful world (he's a mad lad and I love it, I really hope we're getting a remake/remaster of Nier or another Nier game in the future as this man needs to be at the helm again). This truly has been one of my best gaming experiences in a long time (outside of Detroit, which is still a masterpiece imo). Now to move on to other games finally. Maybe now I can finally get Horizon beaten or maybe not as I did get Pokemon Sword for Christmas and that will probably eat up my free time until Cyberpunk (hey don't judge me, I actually still like the Pokemon franchise and this one, from what little I've played, is really fun and I'm liking a lot of the new editions to the main game play loop).
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    5 years since I made this post I finally got around to watching Star Wars Rebels on Disney+. I only watched the first 3-4 episodes of season 1 when it first came out and I lost interest at the time. Turns out I needed to stick with it. This show is solid. I'm on season 4 now. This is honestly a must watch for Star Wars Fans and is easily on par with the Clone Wars series. Its basically a sequel to Clone Wars. The first season is a bit kiddish, especially the first handful of eps which is why I must have dropped it initially, but it grew up fast. The multiple plot lines fill in alot of gaps created by the prequel movies and the clone wars series. Maul is in this too and we get to see what happens with him after the events of the clone wars series. Hell.. everyone is in this show at some point. Season 2 had a Vader battle that was epic. If you haven't watched Clone Wars you'll be at a disadvantage because of the characters that are referenced in it, or are straight up in this series... Like Ashoka and Rex from the 501st. Leia, Mon Mothma, and others all show up at some point. Saul from the Rogue Squadron movie is in this. And all the voice acting is great with many celebrity voices and VAs from clone wars reprising their roles. And the best part.. Thrawn is in this. And interdictor cruisers are cannon. Why the f*ck didn't the first order have these in the movie? It would have completely prevented the Holdo suicide attack. I could go on about this series, I'm that impressed. This show is great. Alot of mandalorian content too since quite a few eps take place on Mandalor. If you have Disney+ watch Clone Wars first and then Rebels.. amazing series. Both start off slow, but become epic.
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    So just found out Spotify has all of the My Hero Soundtracks (I now have epic music to game to) and all the music from Zombie Land Saga on it (even the insert songs, I get to listen to Saki's song legally now. Fucking yay!). Completely lost my shit when I found out. Glad to see Spotify is starting to get more Japanese music streaming rights and is finally getting all those anime OPs/EDs that I love. Makes listening to them so much easier now (instead of rummaging through my 191 gigs of music). Now if only they'd get there hands on Myth & Roid's shit (outside of the one album) so I can listen to some Shadowgraph (they're extremely protective of their stuff as it all used to be up on Spotify then it was all removed suddenly).
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    Oof. I can't defend this one. Awesome special effects and action galore... plot is fucking terrible, story went totally off the rails. Defies all logic even in the Star Wars universe. Forced nostalgia, and technological inconsistencies. Hot Take Key Words/Phrases: Shang Tsung, Fairy Tail Friendship Power, Power Level Over 9000, Star Forge without the Star Forge. I don't have time right now, but ill spoiler tag everything I found wrong with this film.
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    There is a lot to digest here. The current product Why wait to the end of the generation to make this? I have my thoughts on that later. Its interesting, but I have questions about it's ergonomics. That being said, this is a step in the right direction. Xbox has had its elite controller for years now. A $30 add on is nice rather than a $200 controller. Scuf and Cinch are great concepts but the quality is notorious. These 3rd party companies take a controller and mod it for you. Its not original hardware, its stuff compiled on top of the DS4's hardware, making it do things it wasn't originally intended to do. The paddles and buttons fail after less than a year. For the price you pay its unacceptable, but for the convenience it provides, people pay up. Nacon and Astro makes controllers but they're not faithful to the DS4 design, and are often large, clunky, and cheap feeling. With something made by Sony for their product I'd hope this lasts. But I have a feeling this will drain your battery even faster. Again, why? I have a feeling this is just a test run, or a preview. Maybe this OLED screen on the back is what is actually on the front of the DS5? Maybe the DS5 has programmable back buttons? Maybe they're trying to perfect the DS5 version by putting this out there? Scuf isn't exactly competition right now, They're paying Sony for a licenses to be the official "pro" controller of PS4. But Sony could make way more money with this accessory if its a success, or moreso with their official controller next gen. Should you get this? It depends. This is a niche accessory. If you're playing mostly single player games don't bother. If you like to play FPS and want to be super sweaty? I couldn't recommend looking into this enough. Having back buttons is a huge advantage. Being able to reload and jump without ever taking your thumb off the right stick is something you won't be able to live without once you taste it for the first time. And if you're the ultimate MLG pro try hard, this thing has 3 profiles that you can swap on the fly. Scuf will charge you an extra $15 for a similar feature that you need a weird tool to adjust and can't be done on the fly mid game. This is the evolution of the controller we need. Not motion sensors, game functional screens, touch pads, or light bars. More buttons that can be programmed the way you want them to be.
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    YT thread

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    So long as they never put a joy stick at the bottom center.
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    Myk JL

    Dualshock 4 Back Button Attachment

    It looks like the PlayStation controller's shape is slowly metamorphosing into an N64 controller.

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