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    • Sadly that's definitely not going to happen. Since they're going to solo dev and publish as a smaller studio, they'll need a constant stream of income off their singular project similar to how Epic made millions off Fortnite. They could make a better and more complete campaign, but their games will focus on cosmetics, and the way to show them off is multiplayer. The hottest trend right now is battle royale... even Ace Combat is going to have it. Its new and shiny and pretty much no one is going to take a chance on something else until it starts a declining trend possibly years from now.

      If they change up how they do things, they can be successful... but if they try on their own to stay with this same business model of $30-40 add ons, they'll be a 3rd party developer again really fast.


    • I remember Destiny was supposed to be this huge plot driven game that expanded into the universe but instead became a game focused on grinding gear and raids and never leaving the solar system. Meh. People can blame activision all they want for how Destiny turned out, but in the end its still a stain on Bungie's reputation. I'd like to see Destiny get completely rebooted with a focus on a single player campaign.

    • Sony would be their best option if they got a deal that gave them as much freedom as Kojima. EA is just walking into the same exact situation if not worse. Even if they just try to partner, they'll tank their games on purpose until they cant absorb them like they did to Respawn and Titanfall. But if they stay solo, I could see them becoming digital only... especially if they're going to continue with the always online, shared world games. I don't really know how else the could cut publishing costs.

    • I highly doubt Microsoft would buy them after their split (MS got everything they wanted out of the split with the Halo franchise (the only good thing Bungie did) and the half of the team that made Halo (which is now 343)) as it wasn't exactly amicable by what I've read.

      Honestly Bungie doesn't stand a chance on its own unless it can prove itself with the inevitable release of Destiny 3 and if the game they're developing is good enough. Bungie burned a lot of bridges when they left MS and now with them leaving Activision they burned even more (though lets face it, burning a bridge with Activision isn't exactly that bad). I forsee them either being bought out by Sony or Ubisoft (I wouldn't be surprised if EA started sniffing up that tree even if they have their own "Destiny" coming out next month) or completely collapsing in on themselves. They shot themselves in the foot when they left MS imo and dug their own grave with Destiny, it'll take a miracle for them to come out ahead after this.

      Blizzard can't afford to leave especially now that Activision has all but taken control of the company (most of the OG Blizzard staff have pretty much quit or been let go) and lets face it they're a sinking ship due to Activision's involvement as of late (and with the multiple Acti transplants taking key positions even more so). Plus, if I remember correctly, Activision owns the majority share in Blizzard when they merged meaning the name stays with Activision (as do the properties they've created). Bungie only had a partnership so it's not surprising they were able to keep the Destiny IP.

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