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    • It's a shame they killed off jesus. He'd have had better potential to keep the show going as a leader. It feels like the show got bloated with characters with all the communities but they still kept a focus on the main group.. but now that there is no main group anymore I'm finding it hard to care for any character at this point. Daryl and Carol are the only decent characters left after michonne leaves which means they'll be pretty much unkillable without killing off the show. Alpha and Beta are just odd to me. Negan was an amazing character and the saviors made sense with how they lived and made others suffer. But the whisperers don't make sense to me. They have no quality of life, they never explain why any of them would actually want to live like they do. It's like they're all psycho but aside from alpha and beta there's no other characters in their group to relate with. At least with the saviors if you saw one of the lieutenants get killed you know it was some serious shit. But instead of having a hierarchy of characters as enemies it's all put on the shoulders of 2 characters alone. Alpha and Beta are just not strong enough of characters to keep that tension strong.

    • It wasn't rushed, its how it was in the comic minus the whole showing off her horde and what not.. its even less detailed.. she just shows up to the fair in disguise and the next scene is the heads on the spikes. Alpha came out as a mysterious but vicious character in the comic... on the show I cant take that accent seriously. Her and beta just don't match up well... shes suppose to be as scary as beta but instead shes just complaining about how everyone isn't living like animals. Lydia is Carls love interest, since Sophia doesn't die in the barn in the comic, Enid was suppose to fill the role in the love triangle... but Carl left and Henry sucked so they didn't need Enid anymore. Without Michonne, I don't know how they are going to keep going... Gabriel isn't main character material... Hilltop went through 3 leaders in half a season... the show is a wreck. In the comic Rosita is killed instead of Tara.. but she was also with Eugene instead of Gabe... and she was pregnant with another man's child.

    • I'm really surprised they built up Tara and Henry as much as they did this season only to kill them both off so abruptly. I didn't even realize their heads were on those spikes at first. And when they did the flash back it didn't even show their deaths. Seemed a bit rushed. I still don't understand why they are making a Rick trilogy movie. I could understand the actor wanted out... but then he signed up to do 3 tv movies based on wherever the hell that helicopter took him. This is the last season for Michonne to since Danai Gurira will be leaving.

    • My loyalty lies with Humble Bundle with Steam being a close 2nd & GOG being in 3rd. EA & Ubisoft for me are fighting for last place.

      Epic for me I guess is currently tied with every other online store that has yet to do business with Humble Bundle.

      Epic might also win last place as I've heard they use spyware.

    • Yeah this show is done. Without Rick and Maggie it went down fast. Tara has always been a horrible character no one cares about and now they're trying to make her important. I'd rather have had Sasha or Andrea still alive, at least I hated them... Tara I dont even care about. Henry is more annoying than Coral, and they ruined Alpha completely... in the comic shes a systematic killer.. instead we got trailer park trash with a fake horrible southern accent. Shes like one of those able bodied people you'd find in the mart kart at Wally world, complaining at the service desk.

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    • DeathscytheX

      I just discovered Hyouka and I'm hooked. The animation is stunningly beautiful... not Evergarden tier, but extremely good compared with most. The Chemistry between Hotaro and Chitanda is outstanding. Chitanda is super adorable and Hotaro's lack of enthusiasm for anything just makes their interactions great. Plus the "mysteries" are intriguing as they go about solving them.
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    • Sledgstone

      I've been a bit inactive lately. Lots of things going on with my personal life and work. There's a new big update for the forum software we use and it's finally been released which is also another reason why I didn't update the themes yet. Hopefully if I have the time this weekend I'll get that all updated.
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    • DeathscytheX

      Anthem isn't perfect. It probably should have been delayed another 6-8 months, but its a hell of a lot of fun. I just find it funny how Destiny can rack up big review scores with the similar issues and significantly less content. The popular thing to do right now is crap on EA, and its justified... but it'll be a shame if this game gets the plugged pulled on it early. There is a lot of potential here to fill the gap until the next gen consoles come. Arekkz has the most realistic take on the game, the rest of the YT community is just spitting out talking points which is kinda sad too see since they're suppose to be the alternate to big game sites.
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    • DeathscytheX

      Last Spring was an anime season of epicness. This season is of charm and adorableness. Meiji Tokyo Renka, My Roommate is a Cat, The Quintessential Quintuplets, and ENDRO have all captured my heart and they're not even my favorites this season. I'll def have my work cut out for me doing a full review at the end.
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    • Sledgstone

      I've been sick as hell for the last 5 days now. Damn sinus infection has wrecked me. At least I got some time in on God of War. Damn that game is amazing.
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