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    • I guess I've played too many Kojima games, I already gathered that from the last 2 trailers. XD

    • https://www.gamesradar.com/i-have-seen-death-stranding-at-gamescom-and-i-finally-understand-whats-going-on/

      The game is about walking across the country turning on communication towers and delivering mail. With a bunch of supernatural stuff and weird technology involved. At least we now have a rough idea of the concept of the game.

    • Ugh, and they got Ewan McGregor on for an Obi-Wan series. Too many streaming services, but I need this one. 

    • I'll preface this by stating that I've never been good at small tactical gameplay. Search and Destroy has always been my worst game mode, and I've never liked 1 life modes. But this 2v2 is pretty amazing. I guess if works for me because if you die, you get put back into the action fast so there is very little downtime like S&D if you're the first to go down. I played a few hours of this and had a blast even if I got my ass handed to me a bunch. The only things I don't like are shotguns wild inconsistency and the 5 second delay on tactical/lethal equipment. I mean if the other team is dumb enough to stand in the spawn, they deserve to get double KOed. Most matches never see any nades because the match is over before the cool down runs out. I think 2 seconds is fair.

      Here is a montage of my best matches. My friend doesn't have PS+ as he is more an Xbox guy, so we couldn't party chat and for some reason it only recorded his voice like he is talking to himself. XD  The M14 is a monster amongst men in this game. I wish I got to use it more, holy shit is fucking RIPS. Its like the second match in the montage. I'm pretty proud of my long range Deagle headshot as well.

      Footsteps are everything in this game. My turtles died today and I'm done with the company as a whole. They've regressed with some cost cutting measures over the years. the last 2 pair I bought were defective and then broke in a few months. Neither had optical input and sounded worse than the old ones that lasted me 5 years. I got some Astro A40s and its the best headset I've ever owned. (it better be with what I paid for them). They're crazy comfortable. But yeah the sounds in this game are phenomenal, the gun play is amazing too. This being only an alpha I have high hopes for the full game.

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    • Sledgstone

      I finished reading LoTR The Two Towers a couple weeks ago after taking a long long break on reading it. It felt like Frodo and Sam were walking forever to Mordor. That part was so long and boring.  I'm glad its over with. When they finally got attacked by the spider I was thankful something was actually happening. Now I'm reading Return of the King and my god this is moving at such a better pace. The attack on Gondor is happening now. After I'm done with this book I'm going to re-watch the entire movie trilogy again.
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    • DeathscytheX

      Muh feels! 😭 Fruits Basket has been so good, but ugh. Two eps on Uotani and Kyoko. Why'd Kyoko have to die? It's just a sad fact at first, but now that they gave her character so much depth with Uotani's recollection it hurts. The New Years ep would have been even worse if I knew her like I do now.
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    • Sledgstone

      And now my skyscale collection needs jumping puzzles. I knew it was coming but still... x_x
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    • Strider Hiryu

      So yea Fire Force is pretty fucking amazing and you should all be watching it. Not entirely sure what else to say about it outside of the fact its animated by the guys that did Soul Eater, it's out special teams of fire fighters that fight literal fire demons (well humans turned into infernals as they call them) using pyrokinetic powers (or none at all in the case of some of them), and it's everything I didn't know I ever wanted wrapped up in an anime. Yea, I'm extremely onboard with this show. I'm just sad episode 3 is delayed for a week but it's completely understandable considering the tragic loss of life this week with the KyoAni fire.
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    • Sledgstone

      I checked error logs but I couldn't find anything. So I changed a couple settings for the gallery and did a couple test uploads. One image loaded fine, the other upload was 3 images at once. Everything worked ok. One of the issues might have been a file size limitation. Anything around 4mb might have been timing out. I increased the upload size for all usergroups. If anyone wants to test some image uploads, go for it. 10 mb is now the largest image the forum will take at the moment. All of my test images were no bigger than 1.5 mb. We still might get an image upload timing out for large images but that might be a hard server setting I'd have to look for.
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    • I really wish GW2 would add this system. There is a "sexy stretch" in the hand on hip idle. Each idle stance has an animation that goes into it. That way people that bitch and moan about it never had to see it, but people that liked it can have it in that stance. I have more fun that I should messing around with poses in this game while I wait to be match made into a dungeon. /sit has different sitting positions, and you can sit in chairs or on boxes and have different sitting positions there too. I'm sure this is nothing to every other FFXIV player, but to me its so unique and fun. There is even a /pose where you do a little turn around over the shoulder look.
    • I miss sexy stretch. lol.
    • I didnt have access to bunny girl when I made her.
    • Bah, needs more Bunny girl. Looking good there sir, can't wait to see what she looks like come 50 and beyond.
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