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    • DeathscytheX

      The new current event was amazing on GW2 because I got to rekt Trahearne . Riannoc was way more powerful than him. Trahearne couldn't even put a dent in my HP as I destroyed his break bar and melted him.
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    • Sledgstone

      I finally got the rarest tonic in Guild Wars 2. The Endless Fractal Tonic. That damn thing has such horrible RNG that I feel like I should go buy a lotto ticket right now. Its rarity is easily the same as having a precursor drop and after a year of trying to get it I gave up for 6 months. Then over the past month I started playing fractals again, finished my legendary back piece and then got this tonic.. I felt like I had a heart attack when I saw it in my inventory. I'll make a video of it later this week.
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    • DeathscytheX

      I used 56 Machetes on DS and still didn't get the charged horn and focus part. I can do DS 2 more times for a guaranteed part from the big chest, which is probably what I'll have to do because I can't afford to buy any machetes with this grind. What is funny is that I went to AB afterwards and it happened to be a finished map so I looted all the chests without helping the meta. It helped me finish up the machined staff and in turn I finished up the Druid staff collection.
      Now I'm wishing I bought all the mystic weapon skins back when they were 10g each. They're upwards of 50g each now because of Mystic Coin prices. I'll need one for each spec weapon... thankfully staff counts for DD's staff as well. I def want a free asc warhorn so next time I see that Trixi person doing an HoT run I'll take my Ele along because I'll never be able to bare it otherwise.
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    • Strider Hiryu

      Red Mage and now Samurai are confirmed as the two jobs for the upcoming FFXIV expansion Stormblood. I am completely hyped about this now and Samurai is going to be a DPS this time around (Sam was a tank in FFXI), god I can't wait. Finally a job I've been wanting since the game released (besides Ninja which I already play as). The only bad thing is I'm torn about which one I want to level first.
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    • DeathscytheX

      Mediacom sent us a new modem, apparently our service was upgraded and our modem was out of date, I now get 60mbps instead of 20. sweeet.
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    • , poor Sledge. Yea they come in Small, Medium, and Large and as I said cost a fortune just to buy the plot. All things said and done you could probably spend well over 100 million gil just to buy the plot and the materials to build your house.
    • There is different size housing options.... I just want 1.
    • I dunno. If they made an Arah themed legendary scepter, I'd be all over it.
    • I don't know on Ranger. I'm sure it does because the second press on 4 for guardian throws it.
    • She's a cat girl (damn anime and it's influencing my character design decisions), those ears are real (as is the tail you can't see).
      Apartments was SE's way of placating those of us that couldn't afford a housing plot (small plots cost 3 million gil while large plots cost over 52 million (on my server, bigger pop servers cost even more)) or didn't get a chance to buy one due to scarcity. I'd love a house but I can't afford one at the moment and my server has no small plots available.
      They're still somewhat expensive (300,000 gil) but it's better then nothing (even if the room is small). If I remember I'll take pictures of my Free Company's Medium sized mansion (our FC Master blew a lot of gil on it) to shoe the size.