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    • I started playing a bit of this for the skins... and 10 loot boxes in week 4. Plus if you log in between yesterday and May 22, you get 20 free heroes grouped into 4 bundles. Its a FTP hybrid MOBA/RTS game. I picked the Support/Specialist bundle because it had Lucio and Zarya... but man I blow at this game. XD I haven't played and RTS game since WarCraft III. I'm glad I only have to play 5 games a week instead of 5 wins.

    • As long as bullshit weapon supply drops stay in these games, they'll all be hot garbage. They still have a season pass, so I have no doubt they'll have a supply drop system. COD doesn't do anything that will make them less money besides making progressively shittier games year after year.

    • The Vehicle system needs to be a queue. This would prevent spawn screen camping, and it would be fair to everyone. You pick the vehicle you want and then go play on the battlefield. When your turn is up, you get a prompt that gives you 15 second to confirm before it moves to the next person in line. Instead of the same 2 people getting the vehicles over and over, it would be more like the same 5-10 that are interested in using them.

      Nothing pissed me off more than some asshat picking the light tank when there was a fucking behemoth in the sky. Everyone was so quick to get the tank just to have it and farm kills, they weren't picking the correct variant for the situation. This is why defense got steam rolled most the time after the defense nerfs. (Too many matches with Strider, where we got crushed on Iron Walls because the Behemoth stayed up and offered a constant waypoint for the attackers to parachute into the last point) Its bad enough dealing with piss poor team mates in a 6v6 game, but when something as simple as tank selection and make or break Operations, it becomes irritating that such a small part of the game can make or break the team.

      Hero and vehicle wasting was prevalent in the first battlefront, this new system does nothing to change it. The main reason Overwatch is my favorite MP game right now is because it has a high skill ceiling, and there is no coddling of n00bs. Either git gud, or go play something else. A year later the MP is still going on strong, match making is still under 1 min, while 3-4 months after Battlefront came out, I watched a friend's roommate wait over 5 min to find a match. The whole "we want to make it accessible for casual and hardcore players alike" Sorry, thats shit. The hardcore players are the ones that stick around if your content is good, the casuals are just that casual. They play and then don't stick around long because they're CASUAL. Developers are too chicken shit to make players have to learn to master the game, everything is watered down and made easy... then when skilled players find that one thing that gives them a skill based advantage, it gets nerfed.

    • The problem is Battlefront was always an arcade-style game (the original was so arcadey it wasn't even funny but that's why I loved it, never actually got a chance to play the second one) and DICE tried and failed to reinvent it. I honestly don't think any of the proposed changes (I didn't watch this vid but I watched an earlier vid Westie made about it) are going to make this game any better.

      Considering how much I actually hate the vehicle system in BF1 I really don't like this change. It was already hard enough to get vehicle pickups in Battlefront now you're just allowing people to stay on a spawn screen and wait for the vehicle to pop back up (something that is prevalent in BF1 and doesn't allow many people a chance to get any vehicle time). The class based system is an alright choice as it goes back to basic Battlefront but, outside of star cards (horrible system), I actually liked the new Battlefront's character system.

      Meh, I'm still not interested in this game. With DICE's fuck-ups in BF1 I honestly can't put much faith behind this title. I hope I'm wrong but I see this one going over about as well as Battlefront did after the first month it was out.

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    • Meh, until I see multiplayer footage I'm not making any judgements (honestly COD campaigns have never been spectacular (exception being COD4 for me as it was the first one I played and it was a damn good campaign)). It's just sad Activision is trying to jump on the nostalgia train and taking a page from the DICE playbook (though it was inevitable with the lacking sales numbers on the last few COD titles).

      For COD's and Activision's sake I hope this game is as good as WaW was (might be hard considering Treyarch made it) because I don't think even the diehard COD fanboys will put up with another shit title.

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    • Sledgstone

      I watched "Dragon Blade" this weekend. A great Jackie Chan movie, mostly subtitled. Really depressing and really good. The pacing of the movie was amazing to me. So much happened in 2 hours that it felt like some epic trilogy condensed down to 1 movie with all the boring parts removed.
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    • DeathscytheX

      I'm starting to get really good with Genji. I got gold in eliminations several times tonight, and carried at 51% kill participation in one of my matches. And with a buff to his ult in the pipeline, I won't have to worry about my fun getting nerfed for a while. There are few things that feel amazing in this game. Hooking airborne Phara with Roadhog, Hooking Tracer with Roadhog, Killing a good Zarya period, and deflecting an ult back at the enemy team with Genji... because I totally got McCree good.
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    • DeathscytheX

      That feeling soloing the boss with corpses cheering you on, because everyone else fell to their death on Thaumanova Reactor, and the boss has 30% HP left. I did it for the first time since the change. The heat room isn't that bad when done as a group. But having to do 4 rooms now makes it my least favorite even more so. I also had to do the Not So Secret JP again for Astralaria. WTF? Not So Secret and SW? The two worst JP in the game for this journey.  
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    • Sledgstone

      My car is screwed up. It has an overheating issue but it doesn't show it as an issue. The radiator fan wont turn on unless my AC or heater is on. No check engine light or anything. After a long diagnosis at a dealership, they've concluded that the computer in the car itself is failing and needs to be replaced. Never had that happen to a car before. Its a hefty bill to get that swapped out. I could go cheap and buy a used part off ebay for $30-100 but I don't see the point when theres no way to test the damn things accurately considering mine is reading as functioning normally. wtf. Instead of trading in the car, I'll foot the $1k bill next week when the get the part in. I really don't want another car payment at this point.
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    • DeathscytheX

      I feel sorry for anyone that wanted to buy a NES classic at retail price. The last of them will be shipped out til the end of the month. Never wanted one myself, but a lot of friends did. This is why emulators will always be a thing. 
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