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    • Windows 10

      After researching a bunch of information on graphics cards over the last 6 months, I've read numerous articles about how Windows 10 will have much better support for games that utilize DX12. Heres just one link from Nvidia:


      The last day to upgrade is only a few days away.. and my laptop's windows 7 is having windows update errors like a bastard. -_-; If anyone reading this is planning on upgrading still, make sure you're still getting windows updates and that the little windows 10 icon doesn't have an exclamation point on it indicating a compatibility error. Resolve the issues now or you'll be scrambling like I have been for the last couple days trying to get a damn laptop to upgrade. I should have done this months ago. This is what I get for procrastinating. x_x

    • Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns

      That must be his longest video ever. x_x He made some great points about Ogden. I never understood why he wasn't traveling with us and Trahearne during these dragon fights.. He is literally immortal, incredibly strong and has been alive since Guild Wars 1 researching how to kill dragons. But he just stays in the Durmond Priory reading books. wtf. Hes the last Dwarf too that we know of.. on the surface that is. The rest of the dwarves that became immortal rock dwarves and survived the great destroyer battle are probably still alive deep underground fighting Primordus's minions for the last 250 years since Guild Wars 1 ended. I still hope that regular Dwarves escaped being put thru that rock ritual and have villages somewhere way up north.

      WP has so much speculation in that video. XD

    • Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns

      WTF, WP didn't care about Scruffy and his death scene? XD What an asshole.

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    • Newest Generation Graphics Cards - Nvidia Pascal

      Just a heads up for anyone using windows 10. I learned yesterday that you have to set Windows to not automatically install drivers and to then set windows to ignore specific windows updates to prevent driver installations. This link explains how to do it rather easily:


      After installing my new GPU, I installed the latest driver from Nvidia. Windows 10 however will still want to install the latest graphic driver for you. This could be helpful on devices like a laptop where you would be using an integrated GPU. Windows could install the newest drivers and everything will work fine, but for desktops the latest graphics driver is literally the latest one just released and hasn't gone through all the windows authentication crap to be included in a windows update. So to prevent windows from attempting to install a driver later on, follow these steps and set that specific update to hidden and windows 10 won't recommend installing it again:



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    • For Honor

      That combat is going to be fun. 

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