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    • Overwatch - Trailers

      She was one shot sniping me without freezing me in one match, it was about the only time I got really frustrated. I don't mind the ice wall and ultimate, but her range on both gun modes need nerfs. From what I gather she was buffed in the closed beta when McCree was nerfed and she essentially took his place as the OP character. It's gotta be worse on the pc because of accuracy. That would be like Reinhardt one shotting people with his hammer throw while his hammer had triple the distance per swing. She's def not as pop on console because she doesn't look cool like Reaper, she looks like a nerd. XD If she looked sexy like Widowmaker or badass like Genji she'd probably be overly popular. 

      I would like to see a quick play no duplicates mode, but if it's ever a rule on Weekly Brawl I'll play that exclusively all week.

    • Overwatch - Trailers

      I know this they're going to have to re-balance the whole same hero picking system because PC players are starting to complain and I honestly see why. JackFrags and his group ran into a group that had 5 Mei's and a Lucio on the defending side. They still won the match but it's safe to say it took them almost 4 minutes to capture the first point due to every Mei rotating out their Ice Wall on the entrance points (they countered it with a 4 Pharah rush from above but this shouldn't be a necessary tactic just to play the game). Multiple of the same hero shouldn't be a thing and was my major complaint when I first started playing the beta (I honestly see no reason for repeat heroes on teams, though I will admit it's hilarious to see teams troll other teams with the tactic). I don't know how prevalent this is on console however because I mainly watch PC streamers.

      Mei does need to be reworked and that was evident in the beta. She's the best hero for crowd control if you play her right, her attacks are devastating (the ability to freeze other heroes and then one shot them with the icicle shot is a little to overpowered), her ultimate is the ultimate objective cleaner if your team works together, and she's extremely hard to kill with her ability to wrap herself in ice. While I admit she's a nice counter to certain heroes she shouldn't be the ultimate counter to every hero. Considering how popular she is (on PC at least) I don't really see any major nerfs coming down for her until either Blizzard finds a way to do it without pissing people off or they bring in a new hero to play (as of right now I've not seen an effective counter for her).

      Genji has a steep learning curve (he's extremely agile, the only hero that can double jump, wields both ranged and melee weapons, his Ult is hard to use effectively, and he's extremely squishy). While he's not that hard to play he's hard to master. I thought I did pretty well playing him in the beta but even I admit I'm no where near that good at playing him (his main two attacks are weird and extremely hard to land and his sword attack, while effective, is hard to properly wield).

      Battleborn, while I loved the game while I played the beta, suffers from not enough advertising (hell I never heard of it until the beta went live). It's no real surprise they dropped the price for it when Overwatch launched because they knew they were going to lose quite a bit of their player base once Overwatch fully launched (and like DX said they're player numbers are low). Gearbox should of put more into advertising the game and generating more hype for it (something Blizzard did extremely well for the game having multiple closed betas, plenty of press, and those amazing Animated Shorts).

    • Warcraft

      After watching this I can honestly say I feel a little better about this movie considering one of them is a huge Warcraft fan and the other isn't but they both liked the film (plus I trust their reviews, they're generally more level headed then most other reviewers).

      Heh, I honestly didn't know most of those names I mentioned until I played WoW (I hardly remember playing the original Warcraft outside of Medivh's death and a few other points of interest, everything I know about it now was from reading up on it). WoW introduced me to the overarching plot that connected the first three games and got me extremely interested in what caused the events that lead to WoW's original starting point (4 years after the end of The Frozen Throne). I remembered the majority of WC2 from having played the hell out of it on my original Playstation (back when they used to port RTS games onto consoles, wasn't the greatest port but the game was still fun as hell) and WC3 was still fresh in my memory since I had only recently finished another play through a month or two before WoW's release. It's funny how a game that spent more time rewriting this established lore made me and many other players go seek out and read all the established lore (plus the game itself contains a lot of this lore if you know where to look).

    • Overwatch - Trailers

      I'm terrible with Genji, deflects is about the only way I can get kills with him. I totally wrecked a Bastion player today with Widow. I know he had to be getting frustrated because I was corner popping him hard. I also kept killing a guy playing McCree to the point he was coming after me. XD I stopped his ultimate twice. It was awkward playing widow in attack escort but we won some how. I was reinhardt first but the bastion keep killing me by triple teaming with Reaper and D.Va. People are countering Reinhardt hard to where I don't play him as much anymore. 

      Mei is super OP. But no one likes to play her as much so it's not a community complaint. She needs a nerf in one of 3 ways. HP reduction, range reduction, or that ice spike damage nerf. That ice spike can kill as good as hanzo or widow and her freeze ray range is absurd to where there is nothing you can do about it mid range beside die. She's not very squishy and she has that temp invulnerability as well. She's way too strong offensively and defensively. She has area denial that shields to top it all off. One side of her needs to be toned down alot. She's too mobile to be that powerful where only snipers can kill her effectively.

      I tried to play Mercy tonight and just swapped to Zenyatta so I could discord Mei. You just get targeted too hard now. She needs more HP or more mobility to get away. Hell I was catching her with slow ass Reinhardt tonight.

      My highly screen has 5 slots for Torb XD. If they ever nerf him it will probably be his gun rather than the turret. I was destroying Reinhardt, D.VA, and Roadhog with his ult fire. Pop his ultimate and it's like reaper shooting as fast as Soldier 76. XD

      Battleborn reduced their price because their population is really low. On PC they only have 6000 players at any given time. Paragon was $20 early access (now down to  $10) and it's F2P. There might not be much of a community by the time black Friday hits. BF1 and COD are going to take away players from every game. They just came out at a bad time, and didn't advertise enough.

    • Mighty No. 9

      A year after they said it would come out in September of 2015, we now have this promotional video:


      “And make the bad guys cry like an anime fan on prom night”

      With the amount of money this game got from kickstarter, I'm really surprised the graphics quality isn't far more impressive than this. And it looks like they went overboard with the dashing. If 95% of the game is having to stare at that dashing animation and endless explosions caused by that dashing animation, I won't be rushing to buy this.

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    • DeathscytheX

      Finished Linebarrels of Iron. It was an enjoyable Mecha anime. Although I feel the trend of a main character tapping into a incredible power, only to look weak in a fight unless they have an emotionally traumatic moment is getting old. It seems to be the most overused cliche in all of anime.
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    • Sledgstone

      I played the original Uncharted on PS3 and I'm playing the remaster now on PS4 so I can refresh my memory before I jump into Uncharted 2 and then 3. I found something out last night. If you shoot an enemy a couple times and then punch them to finish them off you get 1 of 3 unique kill animations. 1 is a roundhouse punch to the face that knocks the guy on his ass, another is a drop kick kill and my favorite and most frequent kill is a slide between / under the enemy's legs and punch them in the balls while sliding. I love killing people by punching them in the balls now. I never knew this was a thing the first time I played the game. Oh.. and hip firing while running auto targets enemies. This is so much easier my second time playing this. And grenades seem way easier to get kills with now. I'm going to have to try to dick punch people in the other uncharted games next.
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    • Strider Hiryu

      Sigh, after watching so many live streams of Total War: Warhammer over the last two days I totally want to buy it (even though I've never had any interest in Warhammer before). Sadly my laptop would probably kill itself (which is why I never bought Shogun 2) and I can't afford it due to that whole being jobless thing going on.
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    • DeathscytheX

      Since I used my last Citizen Eco-Drive for 12-13 years before the band broke and I left it in the dark for too long, I ordered myself another one. Got a killer deal off jomashop.com. the watch is $725 MSRP and I paid $349. Considering amazon had it listed for $540 I feel I got an unreal price for a titanium timepeice.
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    • DeathscytheX

      The new overtime law takes effect 12/1/16. It would require my company to give many of us  $10k raises. I highly doubt that will happen. They'll probably make us all hourly instead. 
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