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Wings that actually have a function.

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Revelation Online

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Only when flying. But you can do that at any time. I think in the real the game you can't fly until level 29. But you can run dash jump to get places just as fast. I think there are sky fortresses in the game you'll need wings to get to. 

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There is areal attacks in the game to... I see where GW2 got the BSF stuff from. I wish they'd implement on more maps. Anet must have a team that goes and plays eastern MMO's expecting not to get caught XD. Its crazy how much they took from B&S... most notably the Wardrobe system.

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I think with MMO innovation it boils down to the chicken and the egg question.. instead of which came first, its more of who did it first? lol. So many MMOs have the same features that I don't even look up to see which game or developer started doing it first. Like minis.. I wonder what game had the first minis. I think it was runescape, but then guild wars 1 and WoW ripped them off. XD

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