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Ancient Clan

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If it had footfalls it would be better than Juggs IMO. Juggs just looks bland, and as you've said its effects (Which is what makes this legendary so awesome) get tarnished on the newer maps. I don't even take screen caps in BFS or Ember Bay because it gives off too much red and alters the dyes of my characters.

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I hate the lighting in all the new maps. My characters look horrible at the flax farm in verdant brink. So washed out looking. The place I like taking screenshots of my characters is only accessible with the captain's airship pass. I jump off the airship and glide down to one of the really tall hills. The light there is perfect. :D Except depending on the time of day you can see a visible line in the background where the cloud layer textures begin. I got some of those lines in the background of my ranger pics because I didn't notice them at first.

Juggernaut might look better to me now that I have max settings, but I haven't come across anyone using it to see and the footfalls are so crap they're almost unnoticeable. I think I'm going to get the ley line hammer skin and use that for my future engineer.

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