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US pastor opens church to guns

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A pastor in the US state of Kentucky has told his flock to bring handguns to church in what he says is an effort to promote safe gun ownership.

Pastor Ken Pagano told parishioners to bring their unloaded guns to New Bethel Church in Louisville for a service celebrating the right to bear arms.

He said he acted after church members voiced fears the Obama administration could tighten gun control laws.

When the service began, some 200 people were present, AP news agency said.

"We are wanting to send a message that there are legal, civil, intelligent and law-abiding citizens who also own guns," Mr Pagano told the congregation.

"If it were not for a deep-seated belief in the right to bear arms, this country would not be here today," he said.

The pastor was also planning a handgun raffle, as well as providing information on gun safety.

In the US, the right to bear arms is enshrined in the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, and there are thought to be more than 200 million firearms in private hands.

But some gun owners fear that the new administration in the White House could try to challenge or amend some gun ownership laws.

Critics of the laws, meanwhile, link high levels of gun crime with high levels of gun ownership.


I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do.

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Completely ignoring the story, Gun control is statistically linked to higher crime rates. The only thing gun control does is keep firearms out of obeying citizens hands... the people the laws were intended for, will still, and always will obtain firearms.

You just have to be foolish, naive, and ignorant to believe otherwise.



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i believe in Chirs rocks bullet control idea

brief over view, if each bullet cos t $10,000 then who every gets shot probably deserved it,

but seriously guns + church, Just as God intended i guess


Bruce Campbell: '' This place has more security then the Batcave ''

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