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Deadliest Warrior

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I've been watching the hell out of this show for the past month. Its pretty damn entertaining. They pick two different classes of warriors or groups, pick 5 main weapons for each side and compare their killing potential. Then in the end, they run a bunch of simulations in a computer and show the end battle of who wins. If you haven't watched the show before, give it a try. Its probably the best show I've seen on spike tv in a long time. Theres going to be a marathon of it this sunday followed by a new episode. Usually the episodes are on tuesday nights tho.

My only gripe with the show is that I don't think they give enough credit to a non-lethal weapon. Some weapons are designed to disarm, immobilize or stun an enemy, etc. But to me it seems like they don't care for a non-lethal weapon's ability to increase the deadliness of the accompanying weapons.

I loved the William Wallace episode, that claymore would decapitate at least three people in a single swing. Damn! X'D


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i've seen that couple times before.

i remember it was pirate vs knight and they were comparing "defense" of each other and i'm like O_O seriously? armor plate vs bare skin? do you really need to compete that one? anyway musket ball couldn't penetrate and one of them failed to fire at all. it's pretty cool show though


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