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House Passes Matthew Shepard Act. Next Step -> the Senate!

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Great news! Last week, the House of Representatives

voted 249-175 to pass federal hate crimes legislation.

Now tell the Senate to follow the House's lead!


Two years ago, right-wing groups and George W. Bush's

veto threat blocked the Matthew Shepard Act, a bill

that would outlaw hate crimes based on both sexual

orientation and gender identity. But now that President

Bush is out of office, the bill is back.

Yet as some of the arguments on Wednesday

demonstrated, the right-wing is doing everything it can

to undermine the bill. They're telling lawmakers that

this hate crimes law would subject pastors to criminal

penalties for preaching the gospel, endanger

Christianity and end free speech -- even though the

bill specifically protects speech, including sermons

and only applies to violent action.

Help us fight the lies and keep the momentum going by

telling the Senate to support the Matthew Shepard Act.


Thanks for taking action!



I wish it could shut some of these nut job preacher men the fuck up >.<

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                                               Look at the flowers

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