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80,000 Acres of Wetlands Lost Every Year

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Four hundred years ago, in the area that would later

become the lower 48 United States, there were

approximately 220 million acres of wetlands. Today,

there is less than half that amount remaining. In fact,

we lose 80,000 acres of wetlands a year.

Protect these precious resources.


Wetlands are the link between land and water, where

the flow of water, the cycling of nutrients and the

energy of the sun combine to create a unique ecosystem

sometimes called a "nursery of life."

In addition, wetlands replenish and clean water. They

provide needed rest places for migratory birds, and

help reduce the risk of floods. They provide

opportunities to get away from our cities and get in

touch with the natural world.

We must keep our remaining wetlands safe, and can't

afford to lose more acres to human development. Please

act today, and help protect America's wetlands.


Thanks for taking action!




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