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Cutting Emissions - A Bargain Compared to the Alternative

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Critics have said that a Cap and Trade program is too

expensive. But we have already spent billions on the

repercussions of global warming, and it will only get


Don't believe it? Consider that:

* We lost $1.3 billion as a result of crop loss from

Georgia's drought in 2007.

* It cost $300 million to repair rail transportation

after Hurricane Katrina.

* We spent $272 million in 2007 as a result of

increasing flood damage.

Ask Congress to pass a Cap and Trade system to

regulate greenhouse gases.


It's frightening to think that four global warming

impacts alone -- hurricane damage, real estate losses,

energy costs and water costs -- will come with a price

tag of 1.8 percent of U.S. GDP, or almost $1.9 trillion

annually by 2100.

Is the cost of a Cap and Trade system worth it? We

think so. Please take action today.


Thanks for taking action!



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