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Wolverine Toy Attacked for Promoting Homosexuality

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A Wolverine blow-up toy with an unfortunately placed valve is being used by Marvel to encourage homosexuality, according to a post on Christwire.org. “I spit on you Marvel,” the post says, “for creating such filth and then trying to cover it up with lies.”

The same site says of the Watchmen online game, “This game is pure propaganda that will turn your child into a murderous, gay psycho stabkiller.”

The best part? The site appears to be supported, at least on pages where articles about homosexuality appear, by ads from gay dating sites. This over the top site is probably satire, but a very cleverly disguised one.

Thanks to The Beat for the link.

ROTFLMAO. Who in their right mind would put that valve there!? X'D


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why would marvel want to make peopl gay or promote homosexuality.

just a brain dead mistake from there factories in god knows where land


Bruce Campbell: '' This place has more security then the Batcave ''

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