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Hulk Vs .....

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OMFG awsome!!!!!!

vs wolverine was less of a fight between them, but was more accurate to his origin AKA how he got the adamantium. wolverine tore though people how he was ment to,

deadpool was really funny too ;p

Vs Thor, i didnt think this would have been good, as i assumed good vs evil, thor being the good, and the usual outcome, but this wasnt predictable at all

what i dont get is wolverine seemed to do better against hulk then a god ;p

wolverine is tough, but he gets to much writer love.


really good animation, voiceing, and story

both are 35-40 mins, no filler moments, great pace and really enjoyable

id say 10/10 for enjoyment



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I ordered this movie online the day after preorders ended. Arrived last Tuesday. And now... Now I got to wait till I have enough money for a PS3 because I purposely bought the Blu-Ray version.


Glad with the online reviews I've seen about Deadpool (almost) steeling the show! Obviously cause I typed in Hulk & Deadpool while looking in Google News.

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OMG, finally watched this last night. I loved it!!! The Hulk vs. Wolverine was the best!

When Deadpool talked about those babies, it went something like:

"How about after we're done here, we shoot these floating babies?"

"I hate babies"

"Rock'a'bye, bang!"

rotflmao X'D

Wolverine kicked ass, and I have never seen so much blood in a marvel animated movie. It was a big improvement compared to what they've previously released. :goodjob:


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