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Fallout 3 is superb (no spoilers)

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Because I've put 45 hours into Fallout 3 in the past week, I feel the need to share its unbelievable awesomeness with other gamers. Simply put, it's amazing, no matter what type of gamer you are.

RPG fans will be pleased by its constant rewards and wide variety of skills and story paths. FPS fans will be treated to an action-packed world which seamlessly combines run 'n' gun with worthwhile character interaction. Sandbox gamers can run about the world all they like, doing quests in any order and finding new surprises across the vast wasteland. Linear players will have distinct objectives and paths to follow, taking them directly through the storyline and any subsequent events they wish to pursue. It's all-encompassing, utterly enjoyable, and unexplainably addictive.

If you haven't thought about picking this one up, I suggest you seriously consider it. I can't think of any genre of player who will not be satisfied in some regard--and I am utterly, entirely satisfied. Just writing about it is making my mouth water with Fallout anticipation. Play it. It will start a flame in your heart.


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