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Moon Doggie

Christmas Gift Ideas

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So it's almost christmas and i almost have all my gifts ready.

I've mad dolls for my neice and step sister http://doku.bimyo.jp/scd/ that's kinda what the doll looks like except my sister is getting one with blond hair and my neice is getting one with black hair

I crocheted my dad a hat (since he's balding he's going for the shaved head look to hide it XD)

My sister and I got our mom a martini set <.<

i got my sister 10 different scarfs (since she thinks she's bringing them back into style)

and my nephew grand theft auto for his psp

but the issue is idk what to get my step mom nor my boyfriend >.<

i'm trying to decide between the host club box sets or the manga OR rings for his piercings for my boyfriend

and for my step mom idk what to get her at all.

so guys i need ur help ;-;

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wow we dropped the ball on this :P

well, you know them better then us and I'm sure ya made the right choice :goodjob:


                                               Look at the flowers

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Yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaah it's fine i got my bf the box set and the rings since i still couldn't decide and I got my step mom money to do what ever with since I would of bought her clothes but i don't know how to shop for a pregger lady *flails* >.<

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