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Cartoon Network announced during its programming last Saturday that it was ending the last vestiges of the action animation block Toonami, its Saturday night two-hour block. Naruto was the only anime series airing in that slot, which also included Spider-Man.

Toonami was once the flagship of Cartoon Network programming in the key weekday after school hours. It was relegated to a five hour block on Saturday nights, targeting an older audience (see “Toonomi Gets Saturday Night Fever”), in early 2004. It was replaced by the Miguzi block on weekday afternoons. Now, some four years later, the Miguzi block is gone and so is the last two hours of Toonomi.

Toonami had been a reliable venue for anime during all of its incarnations. The elimination of Toonami follows changes at Adult Swim earlier this year, see “Adult Swim Cuts Back on Anime”).

Toonami Jetstream, the streaming service jointly owned by Cartoon Network and Viz (see “Viz and Cartoon Network Stream Together”), is expected to continue.

Farewell Toonami. I remember it back in the old Moltar days and then when Tom came along and DBZ and Gundam Wing hit the channel. Everything was right in the world. :P But now everything has turned to crap with re-runs, edited shows and horrible time frames. Remember when they aired Gundam Wing uncut around midnight? Then why couldn't they air uncut Naruto or One Piece? bah. Poor toonami, you were screwed by the corporate pigs and censors. RIP.


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Over the past couple years cartoon network's toonami and adult swim has all turn to shit in regards to anime. They always seemed to favor humor over anime. And when they did play anime they moved it to rediculous time slots if the ratings dipped in the slightest. I remember when gundam seed got moved to a 5 am slot and Inuyasha (maybe I'm thinking of another show I watched) was moved to 2 am. I have to work in the mornings which means I have to sleep at a decent time, so in my opinion, I'd rather watch subtitled downloaded anime on my own time as opposed to forcing myself to stay awake to read assinine black text boxes from the adult swim staff. Even if I had dvr, I'd rather not waste my time watching all their edited crap anyway. Poor toonami turned to shit ever since they moved most of the anime to adult swim.

Come to think of it, the only anime on adult swim now is Naruto. They cut back anime on adult swim to one hour or something like that. I read it in another article, but I don't feel like looking it up now.

*listens to White Reflection for the old memories of good days*


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I remember when the cable went out right before the episode when Vegeta was going to beat down on Zarbon. There was a massive uproar and the cable company was flooded with calls, I've never seen cable service get fixed so quickly. X'D

Good times. Skipping homework to watch DBZ and Gundam Wing.



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