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ATTN: E3 Posting Rules ***MUST READ***

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Ok, everyone is going to post what they are most interested in. Quite frankly, I'm sick if every good thread being degraded to console vs. console, game vs. game, market vs. market debate. Unless its the topic of the thread, it's gotta stop.

This is how it goes: If someone posts about a game, a console feature, or new hardware, talk about that particular object, or don't talk about anything. Don't mouth of about how its going to destroy its competitor, or how one is now better than the other. If it factors into your choice of what next-gen console to buy, that's great, you can mention that. No snide remarks about why would anyone buy anything. You don't have to stay 100% on topic, but the fanboyism ends here.

We're all excited about anticipated games being announced, emotions run high around E3, just keep it real.

I will remove anything that interferes with the progress of a topic as I do not wish to close a topic about an E3 announcement before everyone that wanted to comment on it, gets a chance to do so.


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