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UnoCycle single-wheel bike just might be real

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You've seen the Noah, marveled at the Embrio — isn't it time you saw a one-wheeled motorcycle that might actually be real? Witness the UnoCycle, a single-wheel, single-rider (please don't test that limit) vehicle that appears to be based on gyroscopic tech similar to a Segway and, more importantly, has photographic evidence of its existence. Of guys riding it and everything.

Still in development, the Uno's top speed is 15 mph, but the inventor, Ben Gulak, suspects it could go as high as 40. That's no Harley, but it's faster than a Segway, and remember this is a battery-powered machine that you never need to fill up. Gulak says he's getting lots of interest lately — we hope he invests a little of his incoming finances into a less-skeletal website.

Its like something out of an anime. :P


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You can't look bad ass on that thing... I'm sticking to 2+ wheel vehicles.

Funny thought... I wonder what it's sidecar would look like...


Also this better be fake or that guy has a lot of balls not to wear a helmet.

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it looks like shit and uncomfortable to ride


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it's like half a crouch rocket. wtf is the point if it only gets 15mph? A kid's power wheel goes faster. lol j/k


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