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Ghost Hunters International

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Has anyone else seen this show? I honestly don't like the cast. Its like they took the most annoying people from the original show and shipped them overseas so they wouldn't keep bothering them to go on ghost hunts. :P The international casts its alot more squirmish and they jump to conclusions on audio and video to fast. Out of the 4 eps I watched before stopping I swear everything they found would have been disregarded or debunked by the current Ghost Hunters crew.

Whats everyone else's opinion on this show compared to the Ghost Hunters?


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Andy jumps too quickly to assume a haunting. I justed watched an old episode of Ghost Hunters that I never saw that had Andy and Grant expertly debunking a site. Why couldn't Andy be more like that.

The leader guy seams to be a dry version of Jason and Grant which at least keeps the group semi-grounded.

I agree, though, all the cast members that I didn't like were there and they're not living up to my expectations of Jason and Grant. If only Jason and Grant were there. <sigh> Shame they couldn't take the pagan's with them. I'm really interested in the alternative religion theories of ghosts, but those ladies just come off like bitchy old nags. Bring back the Rami (Energy) Master, at least she looked decent even if they didn't really show her much or explain what she did well.

Kelene's screening the episodes for me, so I'm only watching the half-way decent episodes. I'm not impressed with their results compared to the Ghost Hunters visit to Europe. Oh, those were good shows! It has to be the experience levels of the International group that's not producing the results as well as I would expect based on those original groups visit. C'est la vie. I suppose the spirits realized the same thing, to avoid bringing themselves for amateurs.

Sorry for going off a little. I may be disappointed with the results and crew, but do realize that I'm comparing to the indisputable experts of Taps. Compared to most other groups, they are still pretty solid and still at least attempt to debunk much of what they see.

Understand this lad, fate is a fickle lady. Work with the hand you're dealt and you may just be able to run your flag up the pole. Don't, and well, you may just find your mast cut down.

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