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Dante's Inferno

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Has anyone read Dante's inferno....some of the literature blows my mind

does anyone know any sites that teaches you some of the old english words they used around his time or even I think it was King james version of the bible some of the old english in there but basically the bible to.

I know about the skeletin outline and the sins there referring to with each circle.

But the time era and everything like julius cesar time about sub julio they mention in the first chapter and adding all the notes together really fries my brain

has anyone like just rewritten each word in lame term english for us to understand?

I have cliffnotes but it's not helping me understand the daRn thingy-ma-jig

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I love Dante's Inferno. True, the old english is difficult to understand, and I even have an english lit minor. The Inferno is the best of the three. Here are a few website that might help you understand what Dante is seeing and saying. Good luck with it.




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