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Season 4 theories....

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*warning huge post* :P

.. all this has happened before....

The Final 5 and the Significant 7 cylons .

Its repeatedly hinted that the F5 are far older, wiser, and have seen much more (indicating extensive life/travel) then the S7. They are not the same age ie not created during the same period in history; they predate all colonial times cylon models. Incidentally this explains how Saul Tigh fought in the first cylon war, his model had been around way longer then the current skin jobs.

The F5 are not assigned a number 1-12 like the Significant skin jobs; they have names and even after 'awakening' none of them say 'oh crap I'm a 9'. I doubt they will. I don't think they're part of the current 12 that identify themselves by model number.

The S7 are likely down to seven (well 6 after they box the 3's) because of boxing "problem" models, production and resources. No multiple bodies to d/l into for flawed, inferior creations. From the very first attack on the colonies #'s 7, 9, 10, 11, and 12 are missing in action and then the 3's are boxed too. I'd venture to guess the missing numbers were those opposed to the inhibiting of higher functions in centurions and the genocide of the human race and thus were boxed before the war against the colonies began. I'd further guess the near destruction of the human race prompted deeper programing in some models to kick on including centurians and raiders. This deeper programing seems to appear out of nowhere, is in violation of known programing and illogical thus some cylons attribute it to physical and spiritual evolution rather then inconvenient flaws. These cylons come to realize they need humans around for their own continued evolution (Hera & Nicky) and wish to protect what's left of the human race via vi seeking out the final five for guidance. Its the raiders who wont harm their own and find the F5. After one single raider recognizes awakened Anders all raiders will no longer follow the orders to attack the colonial fleet; there can be no more war/destruction of humanity and thus the lobotomies begin. Keep in mind the raiders and the skin jobs are very much alike even down to d/l into new bodies.

Now we're down to six(getting closer to 5) little cylons sitting on a fence and from the end of Six of One we can gleam civil war amongst the remaining skin jobs. Will there be fighting and boxing until only 5 of these 12 remain...less then 5?

It's likely "he who's name cannot be spoken" is not an ethereal god just a different kind of cylon that created the current skin jobs basing them off the skin jobs from the previous cycle; of which only 5 survive to the present. Maybe it was one of the F5 that started up the mass manufacturing of skin jobs. Maybe s/he was lonely unable to find the 4 or maybe s/he was just following their programing to make what happened before happen again.

Cylons are machines that deal in facts. A machine's 'god' would have to be physically real. Your creator is real, your creator is god. Just as raiders and centurions develop and exercise free will so too do the current skin jobs 1-12. Basically all things cylon are programed to evolve to become more like humans (emotions/faith etc) up to and including being able to mate and merge with humans to create one race superior to humans or cylons alone; a race stronger smarter and more resistant to disease. They were designed to evolve and they do/are.

When all of this 'happened before' the F5 were the top cylon models of their era in which there were most likely 12. These cylons were created with free will and were the most human of all machines. Out of the 12 at least 5 were fiercely loyal to their god creators/programing and protective of humans knowing the creators plan for them since the exodus on Kobal. Out of those 12, 7 were boxed/destroyed by the creators, human tribes or each other, and/or they ran out of ways to reincarnate or what have you over the millennium(s) leaving only 5 models which over time become known as the Final Five.

The new 12 know of the existence of the F5 but can't speak about them. The 12 are even programed not to think about them, but some do because they're more willing to accept their evolutionary connection to F5 then the others in the 12. Was the 'don't think/don't speak openly about the F5' rule implemented because the current 12 weren't supposed to know what happened with the previous 12? Yes, absolutely. There is a massive cover up going on in the cylon fleet. Just like in the now in the distant past the previous 12 chose different sides; probably during the exodus from Kobal, something the new 12's creator didn't want to see happen again. The creator wanted 12 models in agreement, didn't get it and somebody (Cavil) boxed 5 that wouldn't get on board with the majority before the attacks on the colonies. The 8's splitting their vote was something else (like having babies and cylon on cylon violence) that has 'never happened' amongst the current 12, voting against your own model.

These cylons are a changin'

4 of the F5 aboard Galactica hear and react to "All Along the Watchtower" an old earth chantey from the 20th century. Chief and Anders both associate the song with something they heard in childhood ie a distant and clouded memory.

Childhood for a being that is perhaps immortal (undoubtedly long lived) could be hundreds or thousands of years; it could even be 20th century earth where at least some if not all of the F5 ended up listening to Hendrix and watching over humanity until [we killed ourselves and thus] the 5 split to the 12 colonies[to find other humans to repopulate the earth as was their primary directive] ....

The F5 obviously age physically. They remember things like I was born here, raised here, did this and that after their programing switches on unlike Boomer who realized on awakening that her life was a lie. The 4 are more like 'no, I've lived x number of years... ' Seeing as the F5 age its probable they don't incarnate into full grown adult bodies, they start out smaller.

Nature dictates survival; babies are cute and helpless so the the parents bond with and protect their offspring in many species; why not in cylons designed to integrate into a predominantly human population? When Lee has the talk with the old man 'what if it had been Zak that showed up instead of Kara' we are shown that even if Admiral Adama raised a cylon from birth he would love it as his son and the cylon~ness wouldn't matter.

Hera was the first of this cycle's cylon/human hybrids. A cylon conceived/birthed her. She was born 1/2 cylon and is in touch with her cylon side ie all cylons reincarnate; Hera has nightmares of a previous life/lives or the place between life and death that makes the hybrids that run the ships crazy. Take your pick I'm sure none are pleasant for a baby. Her fetal blood cured human cancer, a progressive step for the human species. Hera is immune to the old human disease that killed the cylons because of her 1/2 human side and naturally passes the immunity on to her cylon mother while in utero. The kid is a shield to both races against disease. Regardless, Hera is something in part cylon that is gestated and born indicating cylons can be born, they can be babies and grow up and old like humans. Cylons always always always reincarnate. Cylons that are thousands of years old would have figured out a way to do it that doesn't involve a download into a pre fab skin. Because Hera was literally born it is possible that other cylons can also be born.

If the F5 are ancient then I doubt they reincarnate/download like modern skin jobs. They would have had to evolve past that hang up to survive as long as they have. The F5 could even be able to chose their time of incarnation; so far everyone but Tigh (a watchdog?) snuck into the baby boom after the cylons took off and the first war was over (Tori Cheif and Anders are all under 40) perhaps knowing they had to be involved in this period of history.

They have a plan. From season 1 episode 1 they have a plan. The cylons have a plan laws yes.

If that plan has anything to do with evolution and prosperity of the cylon species then that plan intimately includes humans. The 12 cannot reproduce on their own; they cannot continue to evolve without humans.

If that plan is about control; humans will be eliminated, emotion and free will will be suppressed fleet wide via inhibitors lobotomies and boxing.

The cylons have a plan? Looks like 2 plans to me even amongst the current skin jobs. So which was the plan the 12 were following at the start because I know 4 of the F5 sure as hell didn't want to see humans wiped out.

Are the Galactica 4 separate from the one yet to be revealed? Did more then one of the F5 have a hand in the programing of the current 12? The 5th might not be in agreement with the 4; that would explain the sort of double programing (don't think about the 5 but I am) in the current 12. It was guys like Cavil, the 1's that presumably started and enforced stationary evolution in the centurions and raiders. Guys like Cavil who box models seeking truths and thus are flawed by design. There's no great agreement amongst what's left of the current 12; no reason to think all 5 of the F5 agree all the time either. It could just as easily be 4:1 dragging humans and cylons into another endless cycle.

...and will happen again...

There's my guess :happy: I doubt it will go quite that way but I think I'm close :P


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Who else is frakkin excited? Im actually holding a viewing party for it. Were watchin the last few eps in season three and then the premiere at 10. I thought this board would be lit up already

The series ended 6 months ago or so here. The final episodes were EPIC! :D


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