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Does anyone play Yugioh, TCG? With current rulings and banlists and all that jive. If so mind telling me what deck you run etc. I run a Harpie Deck.


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oooh boy... hold on.


Swift Gaia The Fierce Knight x1

Jinzo x1

Freed the Matchless General x2

Cyber Dragon x1

Total Defense Shogun x2

Obnoxious Celtic Guardian x1 (need more)

Geafried the Iron Knightx1 (dumpable card)

Marauding Captain x3

Mystic Swordsman Lv2 x1

Mystic Swordsman Lv4 x1

Mystic Swordsman Lv6 x1

Command Knight x3

Blade Knight x3

Exiled Force x3

D.D. Assailant x3

D.D Warior Lady x1

Marshmallon x1

Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke x1 (dumpable card)


Premature Burial x1

The A. Forces x3

Lightning Vortex x3

Swords of Revealing Light x1

Giant Trunadex1

Monster Reincarnation x1 (need to swap for Monster Reborn)

Mystical Space Typhoon x1

The Warrior Returning Alive x2

Reinforcements of the Army x2

Heavy Storm x1


Mirror Force x1

Negate Attack x2

Magic Cylinder x1

Life tastes like kittens. I like kittens!

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Aww.... No Gilford the Lightning? Mirror Force and Jinzo:drool:

Here's my deck


1x Raiza the storm monarch

2x Swift Birdman Joe

2x Harpie Queen (need another)

3x Garuda the wind spirit

2x Harpie Lady 1

1x Harpie Lady 3

2x Flying Kamakiri

3x Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon

1x Birdface

1x Spirit Reaper

1x Morphing Jar

total = 19


2x Shrink(need another)

2x Book of moon

2x Harpie's Hunting Ground

1x Mystical Space typhoon

1x Elegant egotist

1x Swords of Revealing Light

1x Lightning Vortex

total= 10


3x Icarus Attack

3x Hysteric Party

1x Rivalry of Warlords

1x Mirror Wall

1x Ordeal of A Traveler

1x Spiritual Wind Art- Miyabi

1x Aqua Chorus

total= 11


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