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There Will Be Blood

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I went and saw this movie over the weekend. Here is the trailer.

I have to say that I really liked it. It is almost 3 hours long let me warn you, but Daniel Day Lewis was incredible. The movie was very serious, and yet the only thing that critics could get out of it was the line " I drink your milkshake!". You have to see the movie to get it. I heard that when the movie opened you got a milkshake and a card that said "there will be blood". I didn't get anything like that, but I'm seeing t shirts with that line on it. Over all I liked the movie and would recommend it. I'm not a fan of seeing movies on the big screen if they are not something big like Spiderman. I would recommend waiting till it comes to DVD.


"Well, Toutousai...don't you think it's a pity for Tessaiga? All Inuyasha can do is wave about a sword with all his strength...it's the same whether it's a famous sword or a log."


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