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Ancient Clan
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Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

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Has anyone played the demo for this? I was pretty pumped about this game and its interesting alternate history storyline... but the demo was atrocious, it would have been cool a few years ago, but after games like Resistance, Halo, Call of Duty, and such, its pretty pathetic.

You move insanely slow, the two weapons that are available to you are horrible, picking up ammo is a chore in itself, you actually have to look down at the ground and make sure you walk directly over it to pick it up. The AI is very lame duck. I guess this is to push the point that you can grapple with the enemy, which is innovative, but I rather shoot people than run up to someone with a gun and try to throw him off a building or knock him out. Overall it was a very disappointing experience. They'd have to fix a lot to convince me to give it another chance. The demo really hurt it in my opinion.



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