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any good tv

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at the moment im watching:

smallville s7, prison break s3, simpsons s19, american dad s3, family guy s6. bionic woman (remake), heroes, terminator

im waiting on lost, and the new knight rider, and am currently watching reaper to pass the time, reaper kinda sucks though.

can anyone suggest a good show.

24 is good but too many episodes to get into as ive only watched season 1

im asking because uk tv sucks, and i download once here released in he usa. but being in the uk, i dont get any information on new shows, let alone if there good or bad.

thank you for any suggestions


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There was a show I saw sometime last year ... Dr. 90210 or something about plastic surgery and breast enhancement for people at Beverly Hills. Purrtty educational X'D

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Now that I think of it, Nip/Tuck is lacking in quality this year. So is Law & Order: SVU. History Detectives is a good show (if you can figure out when it's on). Hmmmm, thinking. . . Project Runway sucks this year as well. I can't stand all the shows that are popular right now. I guess this has been a crappy year for TV.

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