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I'm surprised there isn't an updated MGS4 topic here.

Anyways, MGS4 bosses.


Pretty awesome looking, but I'm just hoping they aren't the originals.

Seeing as they all died, I highly doubt they are the original bosses, but you can expect them to resemble and have heavy influences from their counterparts that inspired them. Screaming Mantis... that sends chills down my spine.


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weather they're original or not would be odd, considering, Eva's comment, i thought screaming mantis was a woman, hard to tell on the wolf though. they're all awesome, and i hope will be quite the challenge, but..how will you defeat Screaming Mantis? in Mgs 1 you had to unplug the controller in to port 2, will it be the same? are will they figure something else out?

alos laughing octopus and raging raven are gonna be hard im guessing. at least raven will be annoying >_>

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