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world war hulk

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any one reading this series.

i really hoope hulk beats the heroes (not spiderman ofc) into a pulp then beats them stupid again and again,

does anyone know a place where i can download marvel comics as their released,. i really want to get the comics asap

for those who dont know what os happening,

Reed richards, ironman , dr strange and blackbolt tricked hulk into getting into a space craft (after he saved the world) and launched him into space to a deserted planet.

heres what actually happened: from planet hulk series

hulk landed on a planet wheer he was weakened, he could bleed and be killed. he was made into a gladiator, then he rose an army, killed the king, made peace with all the races of the planet. He married, and was expecting a child. the ship that took him there had a nuclear bomb in, killed his wife and unborn child and his capital city. hulks mad and wants revenge. i really want him to get it


Bruce Campbell: '' This place has more security then the Batcave ''

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