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The commercials for this movie made it look scary as hell, so I downloaded it and we watched it a couple days ago. What a disappointment. Did anyone else see it? I was expecting a good plot and some scary scenes, but nothing made me jump, nothing was even scary and when they revealed were the ghost/monsters were coming from I thought it was stupid. :\

A single room of servers was the doorway for the ghosts of dead humans that commited suicide? and they were able to attack all over the world because of wireless communications? and 'no service' areas for cellphones were safe deadzones? and everything I just mentioned was the total plot for the movie.. and no questions are ever answered in regards to just about everything. and on top of it all this was all caused by some college hacker busting into some "doctor's" computer and in the end the doctor was what, a grad student or something? guh.

Did anyone like this movie? :\ maybe I'm overlooking some good qualities of the film.


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when ya want horror........

bzzzzzzzzt wrong on this flick =/


                                               Look at the flowers

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