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Ancient Clan
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.:b{X}s:.MasterCQ Signature

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I'm not to good at this kinda stuff so I'm seekin' some help...I'm lookin for a signature based on my clan BioXSniper for UT99....


I would like it to be a greenish color, with my clan name of

.:b{X}s:.MasterCQ and my clan's name BioXsnipers.......I would like to have a few of the guns....Mainly the sniper rifle and the shock


And if you could...whoever makes this ........I would like to have a computer screen in the back of the sig that says something like something such as BioXSniper in green or something.........


if ya need any more info email me or MSN me....Thats my msn also....Whoever does my signature THANK YOU VERY MUCH and I will do anything thats not intimate or has to do with sending you something or Painting...........

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