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Banana Attack

Iron Photochef 2007 Open

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Welcome to the Iron Photoshop 2007 Open! In this battle of wit and pure skill, we will see who see who can make the best signatures. Here are the rules.



For every round there will be three images you must incorporate into the signature. These may either be specific images, or they may just be keywords. There will also be a random word or phrase that must be incorporated into the sig, you may use this as you would a name, or you can put your own name or anyone elses in there for that matter.

Image dimensions may not be larger than 46750 px total. (multiply height and width)

Rounds will last one week each, unless less than 4 or 5 entries don't become submitted.

When the next round starts, previous voting for the prior round starts as well. Anyone may vote, and anyone may submit entries at any time. Voting is limited to one person per vote. While you may vote for yourself, if there is a tie situation and one person voted for themselves while the other didn't, the latter would win the tie.

You may submit as many entries as you like. However, you may want to see the below rule..

Voting is done by the image, not the user. While yes, the user will win by getting the most votes on one of his / her images, votes for other submitted signatures will not compound! I.e. if Joe submits two signatures, each getting 3 and 4 votes, and Bob submits one that gets 5, Bob wins. The proper way to vote is to quote the image.

The winners of the voting will accumulate points per round much like a tournament in Mario Kart. 1st place will receive 5 points, 2nd place will receive 3 points, 3rd place will receive 1 point; these points will accumulate until the end of the game, whoever has 1st most points, 2nd most, etc. will be the winners.


Lastly, ... I have no idea what we're going to do for rewards. Maybe with time I'll come up with something, maybe the admins can offer some sort of reward. Then again, maybe all you'll be getting is a big ol' heaping of ego. (and I know for a fact that this is the last thing some people need :P)



For round one, you must create a signature incorporating the following elements!


a green john deere tractor


an elephant seal




this is the land of confusion

Good luck, have fun, let the games begin!

I am the voice of reason. And the voice of reason decrees that you need more potassium.


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This kind of makes me wish I had Photoshop. Too bad today is Friday, and there's no submissions yet.


Fooly Cooly is when you do this with your hands...:la:

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