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John Wick Chapter 3

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Aside from my one big gripe and a small one where I was expecting them to just kill John Wick instead of talk, John Wick Chapter 3 has lots of amazing action moments.

Now for my one big gripe.



This entire movie is nothing more than an advertisement for John Wick Chapter 4.


Municipal Broadband > Title II Net Neutrality

Universal Broadband?

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I watched this movie last weekend. Holy shit that was awesome. :D That is hands down some of the best fight choreography I've seen since Into the Badlands, but its way more believable that Into the Badlands fights because it literally looks like real fighting, stabbing, knife throwing, etc. That knife fight alone was worth the price of the movie. :D So many knives. lol.


I thought this was supposed to be the last one.. John Wick 4. Damn.. I'll have to watch it too. :D



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