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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

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I have some faith since the God of War 3 lead took the helm of this along with the cofounder that brought us the MW1 and 2 campaigns. I didn't play Titanfall 2 but I heard the campaign was excellent. I watched the panel and the end of the very cringeworthy SW show and everything pointed to good things. 


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Is it me or does he run like he has something shoved up his ass? Also he doesn't act like a Jedi, some of those kills are pretty fucking brutal (sorry, Jedi lore nut here. That kind of pull toward and stab move is more of a Sith thing. Just a nit pick thing, don't mind me).

All kidding aside it looks good but still not getting hyped for it. I'll wait until after it releases to see if it's worth buying or not (not a dig on Respawn but I've been burned way to many times by EA to jump up in excitement for something being published by them).

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