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Thats a nice lineup. If it had any of the following it would have sold me: Castlevania Symphony of the Night, Legend of Dragoon, Parasite Eve, Any of the Breath of Fire games, Legend of Legaia, Xenogears, Chrono Cross.

I've played FF7 so many times I can't start it again, and I sucked ass at Wild Arms because I kept running out of carrots (they refill MP). I eventually raged at Wild Arms for never having carrots and I quite the game and never played it again.

MGS, Cool Borders 2, Syphon Filter and FF7 are all solid games for this though IMO. Its just a shame they don't have all the other classics I'd really want this system for.


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Sadly I was so hyped to pre-order this until I saw that list. Don't get me wrong, a solid lineup of games (I mean I'd buy it for Twisted Metal alone) but I was hoping we'd at least get Legend of Dragoon (by far one of the best RPG's ever created on the PS). It's not worth $100 for the three games I'd play.


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The list is kinda meh for me. MGS, Syphon Filter, Battle Arena Toshinden, and Ridge Racer Type 4 for my favorites out of it... I find it odd they picked the best Ridge Racer of the series, Tekken 3, but then chose Twisted Metal over TM2. Could have used Jet Moto, Warhawk, Tomb Raider, and Armored Core.



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