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Greetings, All! Been awhile since I've been around, but I'm glad to see the Clan is still about! I was hoping for a little more advice from my fellow homeowners...

The wife and I bought a place in the panhandle of our state, and happy we may be, the bats we've discovered bother the wife. I've seen a lot of stuff for deterring the little boogers, but I've been hearing the best results coming from installing bat-houses. Any one else out there have different advice, or things that have worked for you? Thanks in advance!

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I'd install some bat houses. We have bats all over the place here but never had any in the attic. There's way too many trees around here for them to nest in. Mostly because woodpeckers tear up the trees and make great spots for them. Bat houses could be a good alternative. And bats are great. They eat alot of mosquitoes. A pro pest remover could remove them and seal whatever holes they are getting in from too.


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